Nothing says I want to break up with you like Poundland's £7 three-course Valentine's Day dinner for two

Nothing says I want to break up with you like Poundland's £7 three-course Valentine's Day dinner for two
Image from: The Poke

Poundland is selling a three-course Valentine’s Day dinner for two for just £7.

Look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT.

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nom nom nom, poundland cuz, boom night,


  1. I can't decide what is more romantic, a Valentine's meal from Poundland, a Valentine's table for two at Greggs or a wedding in Weatherspoons?

  2. £7?!
    I can't even shop at Poundland now not everything's a pound. It should change its name to "Land".

  3. Clagnuts on a bed of warm sawdust, with garlic bread lumps and ferrero rochers to wash down the taste.

  4. Time to change it's name from Poundland.To several pounds.

  5. That main looks more like loose horse droppings on straw...

  6. Valentines day is a load of commercial rubbish anyway!

  7. Can't be poundland cuz it's £7, if it was poundland it would be £1

  8. The crab bruchetta and chocolates look OK, at least.

  9. Being from Essex we are happy with chips which we drop when we orgasm! Thus is why the streets are riddled with discarded fries ;)

  10. I have no one to get this for.
    Hang on... Me.
    The night is sorted.

  11. I would ask "WTF is that?!?" But I'm not sure I want to know...

  12. Are they actually horse apples???

  13. That's where all crabs dream of ending up one day.

  14. So bath sponge for starter, cat litter for main and then petrol station chocs for pud. Classy.

  15. There is a cheaper alternative: never respond to their calls and texts again

  16. lmao Penny Lea this does look bad

  17. Lindsay Randall your budget should stretch to this for V day 😉

  18. Ugh! So sad. Better to stay home alone and order pizza. 😘

  19. Dan that’s the surprise ruined 🙄🤭

  20. Looks okay until you get a closer look

  21. Nom nom nom nom . . . Belinda 😍

  22. Zoe Marshall boom! Night sorted😂😂😂

  23. Lucy Turner all we can afford

  24. Dawn Wakefield raising my game now!

  25. Laura Woloschuk, shall I treat you?

  26. Charlotte E White bought this the other day Gillian Bond

  27. Naomi Burrows dinner is sorted

  28. Judith 'Claudia' Whitehouse

  29. Scott Robertson Paul McInally