Newborn puppies found dead after being dumped on top of bin

Newborn puppies found dead after being dumped on top of bin

"It wasn’t possible to save these innocent little pups."

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  1. How can folk live with themselves after doing this ? 😡

  2. Hope they find the creature that did this and publicly name.
    But most of all, I hope the mother dog can be found and rescued from it sick and twisted “owner”!

  3. How could they do that to puppies, that is awful, some sick people about.Why didn't they get help they could have been in touch with the RSPCA for help

  4. As a dog lover I am appalled that some horrible person could do this I am hoping the mum of these pups is ok. I hope they find who did this.x

  5. Hope the people are found and given the 5 year which is the maximum the can get .Personally I would give them more.

  6. Maybe people with learning difficulties and scared when dog had pups someone could of been called to handle them and mother they could of been alive and mother and pups in reduce place

  7. How can a person be so cruel. It makes me so angry that someone would do this. It would have taken no time to call the RSPCA and they would have taken them and giving them all the love and care in the world 😓😟😢

  8. Absolutely uncalled for a complete disgrace if u don't want puppies be responsible n get ur pet neutered 💔💔

  9. Maybe if all aminals were dna registered and licensed for about £60 a year we wouldnt have this happening because it would be traceable. And if people couldn’t afford the license then they probably can’t afford to look after an animal correctlt

  10. I wonder where the poor mama is 😢

  11. Thats so sad poor pups , why can't these people seek help instead of dumping these new born babies to die slowly makes me so angry

  12. Very sad how can anyone do this to poor innocent animals some people should not have pets the law should give tougher sentences to animal cruelty

  13. Well someone must know the person who did this please let the police and the rspca so that they can put them behind bars yes a prison sentence for a long time

  14. Must be CCTV that captured them on the way to dumping those pups ? Will the police be bothered to check ? This is absolutely heartbreaking. Poor pups 😰

  15. Just absolutely no need for this to happen, there are enough shelters that would take them in.
    Beyond vile.

  16. Unbelievable. How can anyone do something so heartless. I hope they are caught and punished and never allowed to have any animals ever again.

  17. how can people do this to animals it is disguising and crawl those poor puppies rest in peace and god bless little ones

  18. All they needed to do was contact the authorities, many people would have been so happy with a new member of the family. The one responsible must need help and is sick in the head. The Law is you can not Kill Dogs.

  19. Words fail me.....why not take them to a rescue centre 😭

  20. This makes me so angry 😡 what kind of person could do this?!?!?!

  21. Who does this 😓😓 I hate this world sometimes

  22. How can these people sleep at night just so wicked😡

  23. Poor pups and poor Mummy dog where ever she is ☹️.. not doubt looking for her pups and in need of veterinary attention herself .

  24. Hope they have a CCTV will get caught it! Coward 😠😠 poor beautiful puppies

  25. Surely there must be DNA on the bag or box 😡

  26. Why can't people get it into there heads that others will take in animals

  27. i hope the mom to these babies is ok and lets hope she is being looked after gets the help she needs

  28. The law needs to be tougher, the government DON'T care

  29. What is wrong with people 😡

  30. That's so sad, how can anyone be so cruel 😢

  31. That evil people .. why why, !!!
    RIP puppies..
    Where the mother! Someone know ..

  32. God help them, what a wicked cruel world we are living in. RIP little ones.

  33. Very cruel and unnecessary...cruel evil beings

  34. People are so cruel . There is no excuse there's lots of help out there

  35. If you don't want puppies get your pets spayed !! It 'aint rocket science

  36. How sad. I'm appalled by the behaviour of some so called humans

  37. RIP puppies and find who’s hold responsible for that

  38. This makes me ssooooo sad, and angry😢😢😡😡, how can label our selves as animal lovers,☹☹

  39. The government need to do more to protect animals. And abused animals to.
    This sickens me