Mourinho's European defence

Mourinho's European defence

Mourinho's European defence

Posted by BBC Sport March 16, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

You will want the sound on for this.

Jose Mourinho has gone big!

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  1. Arsenal fans were really shitting their pants! Thank goodness Mourinho didn’t bring in their stats within the past 14 years!

  2. Nope, no sound and not a toss given. Sick of the Man United bias from the BBC. They're not even the biggest club in their own city

  3. This is truly embarrassing. None of what he said justified his approach to play matches so defensively and passively, week in, week out, given the amount he has used on the players and the attacking talents at his disposal. We knew the team were not performing well in the last few years and that's why we trusted in him, and he just used that to explain for his own faults.

  4. 😂😂😂 this is comedy at its finest, I'd be embarrassed watching this as a man utd fan, I hope they keep this guy for years

  5. Does anyone remember in 2012 vs Bilbao in the europa league.... sir Alex was the manager and we were played off the park in both legs! We were shite then too!

    Update.... in that season Bilbao finished 10th in la liga.

    I like muriniho.... he's trying to turn it round plus he's working with so called pros happy to pick up 250k+ and play aweful

  6. Not a Man U fan but the disrespect this guy has is astounding. Throw him out. Get someone who loves the clubs tradition, wears his heart on his sleeve, will never quit. Mourinho is a fake manager

  7. That was a message to the players. He is starting to lose the dressimg room like he did at chelsea. Didnt address the style he plays. Diversion tactics

  8. The Media deliver questions to this walloper like sugar-coated suppositories. The wrong fit for United since day one. Unfortunately the right man for the job is on the other side of Manchester...

  9. He has done it right by showing his feelings out to others ...I love Jose he can win the league next season and can make man utd champions of England

  10. So basically not your fault, it’s heritage’s fault. Yes because heritage played defensive with a team that is 6th in la liga

  11. Match forward boss. We are behind you.I support you fully Boss. I trust your commitment to making Man United great again. One match lost is not the end of the world. Carry on and give us your best, those greedy fans who don't like can go watch rugby. Kidding though we all love you and our beloved Man United. Sevila match is the past now lets look at the bigger games ahead.

  12. If you go on a 12-minute rant defending yourself, then it starts to look like you're guilty of whatever it is you claim to be not guilty of. Lol. This will join those legendary rants. Keegan's "I'd love it" rant and Rafa's "Facts" rant. Lol

  13. Well that was boring ... well done you read some facts on Wikipedia about the club you work at. How much did you make reading that?

  14. A Chelsea fan here. And also have huge respect for Mourinho. For what he has achieved in Chelsea, Madrid. So anyone lamenting Mourinho's tactics are people who are only spectators of the game or have just started watching the game recently or doesn't even watch every game that the team plays. Someone who understands or tries to understand the dynamics of a match, by match I mean everything happening during the game will not go on all-guns-blazing, critizing the manager if the team losses. And you really need to be able to appreciate football at a certain level to understand what I am trying to say here.

    Any of these criticizers watched the Chelsea-Barcelona game? Is there anyone who is being critical of the Barcelona team? If anyone saw the match, then I'm pretty sure he'll agree that Barcelona were compact, back in their half defending and ruthless when the chance came for them to score. Reminds me of someone. Guess who?

    Every manager has his approach, his playing style. As a fan, a supporter you should show your loyalty by sticking with your team. Not what almost every other Manchester United fan is doing right now.

    Whatever Mourinho has pointed out in this conference is absolutely true. You cannot ask for instant success. That is not possible. It will always be a slow process. You need a bit of luck for the instant success, take Leicester City for example.

  15. he is pathetic. the last seven years this and the last seven years that. Utd had a rich history and Fergie left a fantastic legacy but for Mourinho it is all about him. terrible what he is doing to Utd.

  16. Ian Donohoe don't have any sympathy for him for alot of reasons. But he did also hammer home a few truths, about the state of the team, the difficulty of the league and i also like his attituude towards the challenge. But not alot of sympathy because hes picking the team and has spent plenty of money.

  17. Whilst I loved Jose 1.0 at Chelsea and wasn't sorry to see Jose 2.0 go, this is classic, vintage, 'ERITAGE! Mourinho. Brilliant 👌🏻

  18. That’s it
    Shut up all the haters,
    Without mourinho not even European football... he is a top manager
    Just a few managers right now can show a cv like him

  19. As a United fan, I dont like the way United play or the fact that Jose used the word 'process' which was a buzz word for LVG. But I do agree with some of what he said. We need to be realistic about where we are as a club. We dont have players with experience of winning trophies and we haven't been a force in Europe for at leasf eight years. But we are in a better league position this season than we have been since Ferguson left. Lets face it, his job is to get us back to at least be in the conversation at the top table of English and European football and its not going to happen overnight.

  20. He's telling to truth but utd under you are still not worth watching your just boring. From a neutral I always used to look forward watching utd in the champs league now its city. YOU CITY IS BLUE YOUR CITY IS BLUE.

  21. Syed Matanat Rashid Syed Osama Najam
    Is he defending himself or the club? Can you guys please clarify me what is he talking about? Mentioned Matic and Lukaku instead of Pogba and Sanchez (who are far more superior then those two)
    Please lighten me up.

  22. Ellis to be fair think this has changed my mind on him slightly. Hope he makes us more attacking tho. 👍

  23. This is great for a neutral, it's almost a 'Rafa job' but towards his own fans- Christ this fella knows how to wind people up, not sure how wise it is to do it your own fans like !

  24. All sounds well and good Jose... but think you are forgetting the small matter of close to £1 billion spent on players in recent time.

    Loves a good excuse Mourinho

  25. There are Man U fans and then there are Mourinho Fans. Ask the fans who follow both of them. They don't complain. They observe. If you are expected to celebrate a win, it doesnt mean that you have to mourn a loss as well. Its his time, let him do the job. Thats what he wanted to clarify as a manager, unlike Rafa Benitez and Ancelotti who were not even given a second chance before getting sacked. He has the floor, he will own it while it lasts.

  26. Making no sense at all this guy should be sacked immediately he thinks himself is bigger than the club this is disrespect to MTD.

  27. 2010 I took charge of real Madrid won the league 2013 I lost my mind and blame everyone else and know of players didnt wanted to play for me 2013 I join Chelsea won the league 2015 I lost my mind and the players didn't want to play for me me 2016 join man utd spend 300 million on the team and still can't win the league or the champion league and players turning against me

  28. I'm Man Utd fan but this man is so arrogant.he doesn't respect the expectations of the club fans and seems lost in his career of coaching at the moment.should be sacked and new world class manager should be brought in in this mighty club where Moyes,Van gaal and now he himself is killing.

  29. Oh no, so the heritage of Man Utd is to get knocked out by the likes of Sevilla in round of 16 in the champions league.

    This is a recipe for mediocrity. I think Man United fans deserve some respect.

    The difference between united and Liverpool is the loyalty of the fans however

  30. No pair of expensive foreign legs can bring the magic a team effort and a winning mentality can bring.
    We need to groom our players and have that desire to win and the thirst for glory on the pitch we had In the fergie era..

  31. He talks shab ite sometimes but today is not one of those days..The man has reached out and grabbed the souls of the glory hunters...He should do all the so called big clubs...😂ERITIGE! !!...sit down

  32. Utd fans saying they want this man sacked are very silly! How did the last two managers you had go? You want entertaining football? Please take Wenger from Arsenal and play nice football but never win anything (as at Arsenal fan I would be delighted if you took him) Jose is a serial winner and I will take trophies over style every day! Be careful what you wish for

  33. It's not 'heritage.' He's referring to recent history. Man U's heritage goes back much further, and includes European Cup/Champions League victories he is anxious to deflect attention from, as he tries to make his record at Man U look better.

  34. The point he is missing is not the “heritage” of our club it’s the way we didn’t have a clue what our game plan was!!! The man is struggling to cope with the pressure of our great club like some of the players that have come and gone over the years have!!! My gut feeling his time may soon be up or he will resign!!!

  35. The most successful premiership team in football history.......history speaks volumes.......every team has a bad patch .....I'm sure every Liverpool are loving man Utds 'bad patch' but when was the last time you won a premier title??

  36. I believe if man city wasn't cruising it and playing the brilliant football they do Utd fans wouldn't be so pissed off, Utd are not having a bad season I'm a saints fan it could be worse.

  37. If you wana go to psg u can valuation your self mori dont make big story be honestly im sure you make play game thid time ....let roy kean talke the mission to the end of season after that you can reality united ..for example gatuzo whith milan ....

  38. Sorry I couldn’t keep watching after. ...
    “ Supporters are allowed their opinions “then a resounding BUT
    Arrogant person
    Sorry no time for you Moanio

  39. Most of what he said is probably true....but the problem is that his style of football for this type of club is going to get him sacked

  40. Well I think injuries and overwork are the main cause of the way that man utd plays. I think the worst thing managers do is to let go many young players to other clubs. Januzaj, Chicharito, Pogba! (he had bright future in ManU) many young players left and always they spend milions on players that stay max 2,3 years.

  41. Based on the Euro Club Index rank, here are the eight teams in order of their chance of wining the Champions League.

    Barcelona - 31%
    Real Madrid 20%
    Bayern Munich 17%
    Juventus 14%
    Manchester City 11%
    Liverpool 3%
    Roma 2%
    Sevilla 1%

  42. It’s funny how fans turn their back soon as the team lose and blame the manager for everything. Mou came to a dead team and gave it life after many years .last year he won the Europa league and now he’s second on the table . If you want blame the someone blame the weak players that not playing 100/100 and give the man time to do his job

  43. Good man Jose I believe he will rebuild a team and win more trophies in the coming years. Many clubs have been trying for decades to do this.

  44. It’s clear now Mourinho is having his midlife crisis at 55 years old. But sadly Man Utd fans do not have emotions to feel his pain!

  45. Well said, a Person that accept who they are, are strong, patience was always a winner. All the hate comments on this from so call fans are wicked and evil, it makes football ugly and weak. Look at your hand when you point your finger. Say no more. Come on united be with you in the good times and the bad.

  46. I like how he paused for dramatic effect after 2015 "no European football".....he's got charisma i'll give him that much.

  47. WoW Appreciating the way he defended n explained himself with class, pride n super mentality 👌👏 For the 1st time I could like him!

  48. This guy is useless ! Seriously !! He feels he is above this club ! Can’t believe how low has man uted become ! No excuse Mourinho!

  49. Yeah Jose u told them becoz they think united belong in the CL only 4 teams belongs there as u said

  50. What is Jose trying to prove with this speech, we all know uniteds past, we're worried about the present and the future..

  51. I dont understand his logic. He is basically arguing that man utd is no different under his management than at any time from 2011 onwards...

  52. This is like the sad attempt by a regional sales rep who has been summonsed by his area manager to discuss his poor sales.... he's dug up all the sales reports since 2011 to show that nobody has ever done it better than him so he doesn't get the sack

    Laughable... but also very sad

  53. This guy is hilarious! How long he will continue to coach this team?? This team used to play best football in the world. Today there's nothing spectacular, no consistency, nothing. Don't understand why english teams were seduced by this guy. His way of doing things just doesn't fit this championship.

  54. Fair play Jose. That is the kind of passion United is about. Let’s get he team playing with that passion. United have heritage that other teams can only dream of!!

  55. Enjoyed the words from the losing one. Although he isn't that wrong when he says that there is a process to handle he seems to be kind of a crying baby who is yelling for help..

  56. 4 new players coming in, clear a few out. We have some great young talent. Roll on next season... Onwards and upwards.

  57. To me this is guy saying there is problem, there are challenges but he also respects the past as sets the challenge for the future

  58. Someone is teaching stats now 😂 😂 😂 anyone who wants more stats who resides near old Trafford 😆 call Jose

  59. Funny thinking back when they had Jose scarfs when he wasn't even at the club and they were all buzzing lol.

  60. Am wondering what he's going to come up with if he gets eliminated from the Fa cup this weekend, Just maybe he's going to say.. Whatever, nothing is beyond this man really.

  61. when benetiz read a prepared statement of actual facts he was torn apart by football and the media...

  62. Yep...they last won it 10 years ago...a decade ago. They don't have a particularly geat record in it...they aren't Real M or AC Milan or even Liverpool. 3 times in their entire history they have won it so he has a point when he says it's not abnormal for them to go out. The nature of how they went out is a separate issue though.

  63. Man utd board is sleeping based on his comments he should be sacked no matter what!!!!

    This is dangerous for Man utd at large

  64. So what Jose is saying is despite £700m+ on players and doubling of wage bill, he still can't win the premier league or do well in champs league, that's sums it up 🤗

  65. Comedy gold, the muppet has spent over £300 million since he took over and he is blaming previous managers. Too funny.

  66. To be honest, he doesn't have a lot to work with ...
    Having said that, they could and should do better.