Mother wins £9,000,000 for 'wrongful birth' to son who should not have been born

Mother wins £9,000,000 for 'wrongful birth' to son who should not have been born

It's a record payment.

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  1. That's just crazy. Hope the court made it clear a large percentage of that is for her to care for her son and not for her own selfish needs. What an awful thing for that child to know when he's older, that his mother claimed he was a wrongful birth and shouldnt have been born.

  2. Ps.. Autism is not "bad luck" I have the privilege of knowing many people with autism... Unique individuals everyone of them. The world would be a darker and less interesting place without them. One is even a paralympian....

  3. I think its disgusting! She shouldnt get a penny. A life is a life and conception is a gene lottery if you dont win you cant return the ticket! Think how that boy will feel when he finds out about this.

  4. It's unfortunate her child is born with haemophilia and Autism, but she should be grateful for the child she has, she has been given enough money to be able to care and provide the right care for her child for the rest of his life, for her to say she would of aborted her child if she knew about his conditions is just selfish.
    My eldest son has mental health issues which has effected him all of his life but I wouldn't change him for the world and I certainly wouldn't say something so cruel as to say that, love your children the best you can and provide them the right care the deserve.

  5. So sad i have two young sons with haemophilia A ( the most severe) and one also has adhd , autism and many problems on top of his bleeding disorder.
    The hospital messed up with the results i had and resulted in delay of being told my youngest son had haemophilia A i was over 20wks ( i felt i couldnt terminate) but did i go trying to vlaim money for all this .. no one knew my son would have more disabilities ( just like many other parents with their children).
    The care for haemophilia we are lucky to have treatment etc on nhs .
    She shouldnt had any money at all. She choose to have a baby and you are not always going to have a 100% healthy child...

  6. So they got her gene test wrong that resulted in her having a baby thinking she wasn't the carrier which then after her son's birth she found out she actually was and now her son's have it. How could they get that result so wrong. In that case she did deserve a pay out for their negligence and to help care for her son.

  7. Good. She was doing her best to be responsible. She would never have had the child if she knew it would be sick. She was horribley betrayed. She was doing the best and most sensible thing. Not wanting to have a child that would have a disability/s, for the child's own good. And she thought she was having a healthy child. She deserves all of it and more. Poor lady and boy.

  8. This is so sad, what a catastrophe I also hope this child never gets to read that he should have been an abortion. I hope 9 million is enough for his parents.

  9. I got pregnant with the coil, my GP did give me a list as long as your arm of possible disabilities that could affect the baby, I chose to abort... Had she not have warned me and I had a child with disabilities I too would of sued to help with the costs of looking after him/her.....

  10. I understand why she did it though-my sister has severe special needs due to trauma at birth and will need 24 hour care for the rest of her life. Whilst she is undoubtedly loved, her quality of life is not the same as others and it will take lots of resources to ensure she is well looked after. The doctors failed this woman when she wanted to ensure her offspring will have a good quality of life. Sad, but it's difficult raising a child with these issues and not everyone can cope.

  11. As long as mother uses that money to pay for his care is sensible but not turn round to NHS or Social services to take responsibility of him and use taxpayers money . £ 900 000 000. to be monitored and use on the boy.. Sad case and sorry for everyone.

  12. KA......CHING! Reeks of money grabbing to me

  13. And deserving of the money because of medical negligence.

  14. why not just put the child up for adoption?

  15. A life over money.
    Paper is more valuble than a life

  16. She herself should not have been born as she is a carrier so who is to blame for her birth?

  17. The world is becoming a horrible place.

  18. So she returned the son did she ?

  19. what?