Mother reveals how a $6 cream cleared her baby's eczema

Mother reveals how a $6 cream cleared her baby's eczema

It was so severe it looked as if she'd been BURNED

Intero Articolo: Daily Mail


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  1. Oil is the clue here. They are better suited to moisturising dry skin than say a cream which doesn't pentratrate skin layers deep enough.

  2. Becky Cook, didn't know if Colton still suffered, but Jason does sometimes. I've seen this a few times in news articles. I might give it a try! I get eczema during my pregnancies on my legs, but don't want to use the prescription ointments. I'm going to order it!

  3. Their soaps and lotions are AMAZING! My eczema has cleared up so much since I started using their products!

  4. It's good to clear my skin but it's not 100% gone. But works well for my baby boy although he hasn't shown signs of eczema yet

  5. Might give this a try on my hands and foot as I have very bad dry skin on 1 foot and very dry hands

  6. Becky Rogers this is what I was talking about the other day. Boots sell it xx

  7. In Sri Lanka, we apply a little bit of coconut oil and leave it overnight. It work most of the time

  8. Where can I get this from? I need it for my daughter because she’s suffering from eczema since birth... help please?

  9. Mim Ni Cassidy that cream I told u about in boots

  10. Jennifer Lovelock this is that other cream that I mentioned xx

  11. Jasmine Adnitt maybe worth a go ? Unless u already use it

  12. Blaire Hardin worth a shot to add to your regimen!

  13. Lynn Veverka this is the cream I was on about x

  14. Frances Stevens this is what I used on Charlie x

  15. Leanne Elliott could work for ted and Andrew x

  16. Jenna Worgan this is that one I was on about for baby x

  17. Julie Macgregor worth s look for Noa x

  18. Zoe Zoë Maskey this is the cream I recommended x

  19. My son had it when he was a baby

  20. Not clearing my little boys 😢 running out of things to try!!

  21. I brought this yesterday so hoping it works

  22. What do Fiona Murphy for zack??-no harm trying

  23. Megan Birch Ricky Brown wish they done this when India was like it

  24. Martine Marriott I use this on piper eczema.

  25. My perfect little princess ❤️

  26. Where can u get it from pls

  27. Charlotte have you tried this on Stan? x

  28. Rebecca Hilton made me think of you x

  29. Donna Gibb show min this xx

  30. Ildiko Zsebe ilyen van nálatok?

  31. Penny Leonidou worth a try??

  32. Leanne Fordyce try this x

  33. Dervla Duhig read this Del x

  34. Sarah Jane Miller the same cream xx

  35. Carla Mcintyre show ya mamx

  36. Suzanne Edgar Kerri Higham