More people are buying a legal cannabis oil to ease pain

More people are buying a legal cannabis oil to ease pain
Image from: Wales Online

You can get it on the high street and people are buying it in droves.

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  1. I need two knee replacements and Evan though I’m on oramorph the pain is still unbearable I’ve been using CBD for a month and though I still have pain it’s know where near as bad and I can walk much better I’ve cut down on one of my oramorph does I use the CBD four times a day it’s honestly made my life bearable again plus you also get a good nights sleep

  2. The high street takes on a whole new meaning

  3. Sharon Mark maybe it'll work better than the cocktail of meds I'm on

  4. Uplands Vapours, swansea.. the range is brilliant 👍🏻

  5. Tried it doesn't work felt no different at all

  6. Sandra Richards you should get this for you and Dad.

  7. Steph Satchell in holland and Barretts x

  8. Hannah Russ we need some for Mamgu. Holland and Barrett xx

  9. Malcolm Smith wonder if this would work on your knee?

  10. Should be using this for cancer treatment.

  11. Ann Howells Holland and Barrett sell this, would it be any good for your arthritis?

  12. Steve Parkes uplands vapours itll help ur knee pain and mams

  13. Freddy Yates mum maybe this will sort out your pain!

  14. Jamie Michael as you were saying...

  15. Didn't work for me i'm afraid.

  16. That’s the oil we were on about Joy Jones 😂

  17. You can’t put a price on pain relief

  18. If it can erase jada. Lol

  19. Jack Stargatt will it heal my bad knee

  20. Jeff Carmody maybe you should try this

  21. Lucy Jane Matthews for your dad's knee

  22. Louisa Docherty for da 😁👍

  23. Cathy Haynes here you go x

  24. Joan Davies Gareth John Davies