Meghan Markle's dad set to miss royal wedding due to heart surgery - US report

Meghan Markle's dad set to miss royal wedding due to heart surgery - US report
Image from: Sky News

Meghan's Markle's father will not walk her down the aisle

Full Article: Sky News


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  1. Let’s be honest Prince Harry’s father will not be there either. Will have to make do with Prince Charles 😂😂😂

  2. Can just imagine what the Queen and the Royals think of this outrageous Markle family , and bloody drama. It's a '''' very bad start'.

  3. If that’s the case if that was my dad the wedding would be rescheduled end of. Let’s see where the priorities are....

  4. He has just become overwhelmed and unable to cope with the media pressure. He will regret not attending later in life.

  5. What starts bad, continues bad and will end bad ?
    I have the feeling she’s going to give the next headlines on the newspapers to the Royal Family... hard times ahead ?

  6. Frankly, I believe that James Hewitt is Harrys' father. Which would lead me to believe is HOW he was granted the permission needed to marry this person.

  7. Media can you just stop all this now. Just do your coverage on Saturday and show bride some respect. Obviously if he got heart problem he can't travel so leave it be now.

  8. Who thinks this wedding will last? What a waste of taxs payers money
    It's a joke!!!

  9. 😂😂😂Oh the running commentary .. one minute he will.. next minute he won't .. then he might.. then he's definate not .. then he might... and now he's dedinately not!

  10. Her fathers side of the family are a bit trashy so it's better he doesn't attend as he'd likely embarrass her more than he has done already.

  11. Let's face it, her dad was never going to walk her down the isle anyway or he would have been here two months ago for prepping

  12. My hubby read that on Facebook 2 days ago about her father having a heart attack but the media kept going on about something different trying to drag the bottom of the pond again

  13. LOL.. It's all a farce.He said he wouldn,t attend, then decides he wants a heart op and uses that for an excuse .... It's all about HIM and milking the press money etc ... Well , the royals are still the funniest idiots on the planet

  14. It’s a drama series even before the wedding takes place

  15. can someone balance me here quickly, why is it a problem that Markle snr took photographs and let them be published? isnt within his rights to do what he want?

  16. She'll be walking down the aisle to 'dum dum dum dum dum' the theme tune to eastenders. It's turning into a soap opera!

  17. What an absolute farce this wedding is feel sorry for Harry I think he should of called it off.

  18. Poor Harry! I like him out of all of em but you gotta wonder on this one... #igiveitayear

  19. Harry is just the next idiot along the line.

  20. What a disaster!!! How will some of the British public cope with this news?

  21. Why are you marrying a z list actress with more baggage than a jumbo jet.

  22. .......but Harry will most definitely be taking her up the aisle

  23. What's all this fuss about Harry's father isn't going to the wedding either ;)

  24. Wonder if he'll be there for the divorce. Anyone who thinks this marriage will last is on crack.

  25. Is not first wedding and not the last one, he will have another chance .

  26. He will he won’t.. 70% of the public couldn’t give a fcuk about the wedding

  27. How did such an ugly bugger have such a hot daughter?

  28. Have the press broken down the stools of the royal nuptials yet.

  29. some shits are meant to stay in their hole...

  30. Sadly more like an episode of Eastenders than a royal wedding!

  31. So nothing to do with selling pictures to the press then?

  32. Thought it was due to #paparazzi?

  33. Poor women, so much stress on the run up to her wedding x

  34. Some moaning people out there today!

  35. Sadly this is what comes of marrying a commoner (in the royals eyes) I would expect.

  36. Who cares.Why make a big thing of this.So many more important things in the world going on.

  37. She as fake as dad get it dumped get nice British girl

  38. weddings a joke...ill give it a year..

  39. She’s a feminist, doesn’t need him to walk her anywhere.

  40. he is an embarrassment to Meghan :( Hope her Mum has the honour :)

  41. He will be thankful to have been able to avoid a day of extreme boredom.

  42. Great excuse. Who thought that one up?

  43. what next. this is turning into a circus

  44. Another so called Royal Circus.

  45. Not Royal enough ??? Commoner ?!;!

  46. This fabricated bs is brought to you by MI6