Meat firm sold 'foreign beef as British'

Meat firm sold 'foreign beef as British'

Meat firm sold 'foreign beef as British'

Posted by ITV News Feb. 18, 2018, 1 p.m.

Is your "British beef" actually from Botswana?

ITV News discovers that one of the UK’s biggest meat suppliers is to be investigated for allegedly selling foreign beef as British:

Full Article: ITV News


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  1. Mine’s from a proper butchers locally produced meat
    Bring back local butchers to get British meat back ,also help our farmers

  2. whodve thought people trying to sell you murdered animal for profit would be liars - its not like their entire image is already a lie xD

  3. Botswana beef is great eaten stacks in my time, also in the old days Rhodesian beef was second to non would take Botswana beef over EU beef (could be horse from the EU) but agree country of origin should be mandatory we eat plenty of New Zealand lamb so why not Botswana beef

  4. It’s actually from Cows that don’t deserve to be slaughtered just to satisfy your taste buds.. but don’t worry about that, the fact that it’s from foreign countries is what’s the real issue obviously..🙄

  5. That is utterly disgusting. Definitely need better monitoring. Seriously hope something is done. I prefer to buy British 👌 🇬🇧 bring back the butcher shop 🙏 we have NONE where I live 😭

  6. Botswana is only down the road from me !

  7. Don't eat it.Where there's smoke there's usually a fire or a bbq.

  8. Here in the USA the meat industry is DISGUSTING & cruel. Save yours before it’s too late.

  9. Thankfully I have a proper butcher who sources locally

  10. another meat scandal wheres it all going to end

  11. I'm really glad I gave up eating meat, you never know what your eating 😕

  12. Switched to local butchers a while ago, much better quality and quantity

  13. My Botswanan beef was British so it evens it out.

  14. William King is this where dougie got all his from 😂

  15. I Don't Know What Inject In Meats For Size But I'm Always Sick After Eating Meat !...

  16. Crafty butchers taking their meat around the back entrance

  17. Don’t know, don’t care, got better things to worry about

  18. Bush meat , bit of old monkey .