Meat firm sold 'foreign beef as British'

Meat firm sold 'foreign beef as British'

Meat firm sold 'foreign beef as British'

Posted by ITV News Feb. 16, 2018, 6 p.m.

Is your "British beef" actually from Botswana?

ITV News discovers that one of the UK’s biggest meat suppliers is to be investigated for allegedly selling foreign beef as British:

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  1. Just goes to show.. buy from a local butcher..its worth paying a bit more!

  2. Say no to halal........fight to ban it in this country.

  3. I have no problem with beef from Botswana, but they should say we're it has come from. So that the customer can make the choice.

  4. I never buy beef but if I did I wouldn't care whether it was British or not. Same goes for any meat, or indeed any food at all.

  5. It nothing to do with nationality , its to do with how each country has rules about animal welfare and disease control. Some are more strict that others.

  6. Shop at your local butchers. It’s no more expensive really than what supermarkets are charging these days,it’s far better quality and they can tell you all you want to know about the animal. We know our butcher, we moved 55 miles away and still use that same butchers every couple of months to stock up

  7. This has been going on for years and years nothing surprising n sadly won't just be supermarket scandals

  8. At least when you buy from the butcher you now theirs meat has not been tampered with and you.know it's safe to eat

  9. Brexit still have to get your British beef from there after you leave as you can’t keep up with demand 🤪

  10. Here we go again - over and over.., greed over everything else, customer welfare & animal compassion stand for nothing.., criminal.

  11. Nothing would surprise me about this country

  12. Well well well yet another meat scandal its enough to turn you VEGAN or VEGETARIAN

  13. If it's from Botswana chances are it's Hippo !

  14. I stopped eating beef years ago. I'm a non halal, I only eat pork.

  15. We know this, selling Scottish beef as British too. 😈

  16. Sally Walker we should give up on meat altogether. Not Lola, clearly, but we could.

  17. hell all the pubs will have put there prices up now

  18. Is the problem here about the nationality of the animal or the nationality of the people managing the animals?

  19. That’s the end of their business swerve beefburgers from spoons!!!😜😝😏

  20. The WI has been campaigning about this for several years

  21. I don't eat beef anyway very often.

  22. They'd be lucky if the beef is imported from Alberta, Canada eh!

  23. This is just because somebody says so??

  24. You're so lucky to eat such meat. Best on the planet.

  25. That would be an ecumenical matter.

  26. Rosemary Alexander keep your eyes peeled, cant trust any of these butchers nowadays

  27. Don’t know, don’t care, got better things to worry about.

  28. And folk are shocked because.......🤔

  29. people should go more to local farm shops

  30. Rita Finn Ed N Sue Walsh Marie Delahunty this look familiar???