Man United fan 'scarred for life' after being hit with bottle during match

Man United fan 'scarred for life' after being hit with bottle during match

“My son’s face started streaming with blood and I realised the bottle had hit me and rebounded into his face."

Intero Articolo: Manchester Evening News


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  1. Thought the title was gonna read man United fan scarred for life after watching team performance against Newcastle

  2. I think it's time to ban football.

  3. How would he know hes been scarred for life if it only happened at weekend?

  4. There's a serious lesson your local team !

  5. Happened Just a few rows from us, seen the missile, but only the direction it came from, lad receiving treatment, over ten minutes after the incident and blood still streaming. Disgraceful from any supporter to another. Children in the area also. Recover quickly lad MUFC

  6. Bottles and glasses shudnt be

  7. Why are they selling stuff in glass bottles? They need to switch to plastic bottled stuff, which should reduce the amount that are thrown or that can cause injury. Also the stewards should be keeping a check on these things, especially if its a beer bottle as it is illegal to drink alcohol in sight of a football pitch during a football match.....

  8. Jon Butterworth grow up local team hero a father and son at a match together is what being a real fan is dosent matter how old you get also wasent a fan hit by a lighter at a city game last season by one of your Stockport blues

  9. A similar thing happened at the City Newcastle game but coins. My granddaughter ended up in A&E

  10. Pretty sad this. I remember seeing fireworks thrown by some fool at a Sheff Derby once. Kills the buzz for everyone.

  11. Why have some people posted the laughing emoji? Nothing funny about this.

  12. Absolutely disgusted. It's a soccer match not a fight

  13. Reason I wouldn't take my son to a game especially with these idiots spoiling it for every1

  14. Thought glass bottles weren't sold in grounds, the person must of sneaked it in etc many years ago you were you were patted down by the police, was told the other day man Utd fans were hitting Newcastle fans on the way back to central station supposed of been hitting anyone on their own etc .I remember the coin throwers and other objects they use to throw about in english grounds never goes away

  15. Terrible, this should not be happening

  16. Ban football and the wankers who watch. I mean everyone who watches football. Especially Bolton Wanderous fans

  17. What the hell is wrong with some people??

  18. They leave the caps on the bottles they sell making them more dangerous.

  19. Bert Lewis fella couple of rows in front of us

  20. Im an avid MCFC fan,i ask one question WHY,why do this mind of thing,haver banter,rivalry yes but to go out and mame someone in the name of football is disgusting and vile bad enough its an adult it could of been a child,the culprit needs to be caught,banned from football for life,and made to see actually what they have done,mindless idiotic fools who think its clever to cause disruption of someone's life.