Magnet Gear Sculpture

Magnet Gear Sculpture

Magnet Gear Sculpture

Posted by UNILAD Tech May 18, 2018, 11 p.m.

This is so satisfying to watch 😍


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  1. For more amazing videos like this, go to:

  2. I remember playing with something similar to these in like, 2006.

  3. I want these so very much. Any one thinking of a birthday gift? This would work. Wouldnt even mind multiple people getting me the same thing.

  4. ... Potential generator applications?

    Even if it *possibly* slows itself down and stops, just start it back up again? Taking a minimal amount of energy and multiplying it?

  5. Love it..old school yet sitting in front of a VR or first person shooter any day!! Who remembers their first Meccano set😉!

  6. How i'm I going to make money with this ?

  7. So can someone tell me again why we can't make magnets into free clean energy....?

  8. My kids love 5mm Crazeballs! You can get them on eBay. So much fun. Awesome!!

  9. Aaron Waters can you buy me this when I’m recovering from my knee op to play with in hospital

  10. Love it... It helps to study organic chemistry compounds😂😂❤️

  11. Wish more STEM toys like this were available than 60$ hatchables that chirp.

  12. Elvin Xaliq dersde ehtiyacimiz olan sey buduye bas qatmaga

  13. Rania Beibars ماعرفش تتجاب منين ولا بكام... بس عيني هتطلع عليها😭😭😭😭

  14. Kuaya Dag necesito ese juego ....

  15. it's like world of goo with solid objects!

  16. Magnets are not safe around small children..

  17. Josue Murillo Peralta está más satisfactorio que los vídeos del que funde metal y eso

  18. Does anybody have any idea how could I get a set of that

  19. Rohin Akash did we used to play with this?

  20. Aaron Lang watch this your head will fall off

  21. Nikita Leah I didn't watch the whole thing but it reminded me of you

  22. Not sure which was more calming - watching the assembly or the music.

  23. Alex Wilson why weren’t Chem modelling kits like this

  24. I want an infinite amount of these. So many activities!!

  25. Used to have so many of these i loved playing with them so much

  26. Alex Raco the end result as actually really cool

  27. why a infinity moviment machine doesent exist yet?

  28. Liam Pulford this is how someone created atoms and materials

  29. Philippa Baliman OMG OMG my soul is at peace now. I can go to heaven

  30. Ben Hulkes didn’t we have something like this ?

  31. Michael Rodrigues aaaaah que coisa maravilhosa, eu quero 😍😍😍

  32. Diego Roberto Flores Inge esto sería más útil para las zeolitas jaja

  33. Genine Marie Kenny

    Couldn't stop watching 🤤 xxx

  34. Abdullah Ahmed get you some of them. They look fun

  35. Natalie Louisa can you get me that?

  36. Wyatt idk I felt like you might appreciate this

  37. Tracey Trounce our kids would love this

  38. Allaa Abdelsaid new project ideas? Also u got some of these already

  39. Rick Henry next level magnetting...

  40. Alina wir brauchen auch son bastel set 🤔

  41. Cynthia Lira pierde el tiempo un rato jaja

  42. Vicky Xue this looks so cooool

  43. I have a similar set and its AWESOME

  44. Fernanda S Fischer preciso de um desses... dois!

  45. has un proyecto asi Ilse Ili Zadi

  46. What sorcery is this? Burn him, Burn It. lol

  47. Quiero!! Donde se puede conseguir