Nov. 10, 2017, 7:25 a.m.

London bus crashes into several cars as passengers beg driver to stop

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Stef Ring-Price

Maybe the driver became unwell or passed out, maybe he went into diabetic shock, that can come across as being drunk when it happens?! Thankfully no fatalities. Hope all involved mend fast.

Antony Dimitri James

I think everyone should wait untill they hear a verdict before jumping on the bandwagon

Herve Shango

sadiq khan is the boss of tfl, why doesn't take action to resolve issues with tfl bus drivers, why does he always seem to talk but doesn't want to take any action at all on the accidents that occur on our streets ( he's such a silly man).

Tabitha Jordan-perry

My daughter was there and now she very nervous about getting on a bus as she needs to get 2 just to get to college everyday I'm having to go with her to make her feel safe

John Mulvey

there have been many reports from drivers that these hybrid boris buses are not fit for pourpous and have had power serges, and brake fails.. But TFL don't want to admit there a problem with these.

Alanna Tierney

Click bait crap. The lady has her arms around the bus driver in what looks like comforting him. This doesn't look deliberate or malicious

Graham Fairbrother

Could be 2 possibilities. 1 the driver became unwell and unable to stop the bus. Or 2 the brakes had failed on the bus and this being a Boris master is a high possibility as they are known for having very unreliable braking systems

Zaac Spencer

Judging by the way the driver has an arm round him in comfort tends to suggest this wasn't a deliberate attack. Also the fact he wasn't immediately challenged by armed response also suggests this is nothing more than clickbait buses crash every day... but London + pay per click newspaper + small incident = big business

Kalpz Varsani

This doesn't look like he done it deliberately, if you look at the pictures a woman is confronting the driver, and he clearly looks upset, also if you watch the video, you can see the bus steering to the left to avoid collision with the coach which means it could have been a brake failure on the bus or accelerator stuck to the ground. Glad nobody was seriously injured.

Chris Williams

Now im running for mayor my name is woris I hate the new routemasters heres my statements the buses are dangerous they cant be stopped when they have there crashity wrash. The scrougers go through the back door and dont tappy tap there oyster and everyone vsncates the bus when they shout the code word ticket man. And we can buy 20 hybrid buses for the cost of one of theses road runner crashing fare evading beasts

Ashling Kelly-Wilds

Maybe there was an issue with the breaks and he tried to use the cars to slow the bus down, a lot of bus drivers drive those buses so fast and brake harshly I wouldn’t be surprised if he was flying along and the breaks suddenly went.

Darren Wilson

If you were on that bus fair enough but don’t go jumping to conclusions until you find out the full story this may not be the driver’s fault he could’ve been unwell or suffered a heart attack just wait…

Jasmine Heightley

No action taken against the driver despite hitting a car with a child inside... seems fair. I'm sure the mother would have something to say about that had the child suffered harm

Anna Parnell

I get this bus and have noticed that go extra fast and throw you around .With the lurching and fast braking we need to have this investigated quickly before there is a fatality . Don’t feel safe anymore.

Lorraine Stephens

As the driver wasn’t arrested I suspect mechanical failure or severe illness. Glad no one was hurt.

Meek Singh

The bus driver is clever. This is best exams he can say he has lost his eye sight or depression to get pension and benefitsfor good. On the job injury. Best timing.

Akash Nabik

The other day I saw a maniac bus driver trying to corner a car on a12...seems tfl is recruiting a lot of maniacs!

Daniel Gales

thay were warned not to park in a bus stop haha

Selma Catherine Abbasi

An accident, I would think. Glad no serious injuries. Spare a thought for the driver who may have been taken ill or blacked out. 🙏🙏

Dan Willis

Them buses are unsafe to be in service. I refused to drive one in service then got told if didn’t I would get the sack. So I took the sack

Christopher Sanders

Since he wasn't arrested, must have been some fault somewhere else. My money's on the bus itself.

Hope Griffiths Brown

They really shouldn't have been parked at a bus stop.

Rob Bucher

I think the fact that no arrests have been made shows that it was a medical incident or similar and not a purposeful/negligent act by the driver.

Osano Kevin

I do not want to speculate, he needs to come out clear why he never stopped.

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