Little Kid Sprays Himself With The Hose

Little Kid Sprays Himself With The Hose

Little Kid Sprays Himself With The Hose

Posted by UNILAD March 19, 2018, 4:45 p.m.

That reaction 😂😂

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  1. Here comes all the bad parenting comments 😂

  2. That water pressure could have cut that baby's face up. Clear child endangerment. What kind of parents would allow such harmful things.

  3. I hate guys who inbox girls, asking for their numbers. Ladies, if you agree with me, inbox me your numbers so we can discuss this matter in more details!!

  4. how does monday hit you out of nowhere?? They keep it in the same place every week...

  5. well he handled it well. normally they fall on their butts and throw a fit. good job little man!

  6. Sloane Moss Aimee Foster dunno about you guys but this is an accurate representation of what I looked like after the crash but my bottom lip was also sticking out

  7. Kim Carolina Eriksson omg har lyckats göra sådär en gång på jobbet, trodde vattnet skulle komma ur andra änden 😂😂 fyfan. Kollegan trodde jag hade stor tjutit då mascara å eyeliner rann längst kinderna dör

  8. Roisin Donnelly Émer McKenna Catriona Diamond una mc coy Mary-Louise Mc Bride Íde Glass when you get hit with the realisation that we can't drink for shite, weight on, ugly af or am I just speaking for myself here

  9. I remember when Melissa did that with the high pressure gun at the car wash right on Georg head his hair stayed up for hours Billy and I laughed so hard and George was so mad , he wanted us to hit her so bad but we couldn't stop laughing.

  10. Hannah me when I found out there wasn’t a month in between April and May and have a month less to do my disso that I haven’t started 🙃

  11. Linda Natasha Dechen Christina when u go to school the week b4 break n teachers hit u up with those tests

  12. If it’s the child who turned the water off immediately, he/ she is smart. I’d have been on the ground in shock + of the damage.

  13. Emma Raine Me today at mid morning biscuit time when I turned around and you weren’t there 💔 the reality hit me and I was in a mood all day 💔

  14. Pati Maravilla Sara Faria Sarah Hancock Jennifer Katehis The feeling when that first regular comes in in the morning and you’re in the queue all day

  15. Tooj PakFwm EexXiong EugeneTalatala BomnorngKhoun SimneejKhaab Jacques Jennings i know this has happen to ya at work dont deny it cause i did it lmao.

  16. Just about every day at work.. as I am a hard ass dishwasher.. I just wish someone (TURTLE) would be on my level..

  17. We have all been there, don't laugh, sucks .... But it is funny when it happens to someone else

  18. I remember the first time my son did this! Scared the crap out of him! But he eventually figured out how to squirt the other way!

  19. Fergy Ferg remember when you were standing on the picnic table using the hose as a mic and mike turned it on? Rude AF.

  20. Taine Jordan good luck tomorrow buddy 😘 and you too Oce Meecham Smith for swimming.... or whatever 🤷🏼‍♂️

  21. Zoe Sophie I am guessing this is phd life for you two LOL

  22. Ant could have done with this before the drive home

  23. He hasn't quite got the hang of it but he took it like a man !

  24. He just grew up a little bit right here , hahha

  25. Jamie Heffern the reaction 😂 not mad, nor upset, just like wtf happened 😂😂😂

  26. Marc Peter Dominic so schauts bei mir aus, wenn ich nach den RW schularbeit einen guten gefühl habe, dann kriegmas aber zurück 🤣🤣

  27. Exactly how I looked when I realized it was Monday 🤣

  28. Kai Driessen dae kin net zo good taege water in t gezicht as dig 😂

  29. Fatima en Janine 😂 Dat gezicht nadat hij water in zijn gezicht heeft gekregen 😍

  30. Malin Hanna sitter och asgarvar åt allt 😂😂😂 i hörnet av soffan😂

  31. Betty δε σου θυμίζει κάπως την έκφραση της Vera οταν βγαίνει μάθημα? 😂😂

  32. Sam Dina when i start in a game at BQC

  33. Marie Verdonck haha volgens mij is dit wanneer jij maandag ochtend in de klas komt, en vergeten was da je in 5a zat hahaha

  34. James Jenner I feel like we want kids purely for moments like this 😂😂😂

  35. Thony Mymii j’ai hâte de voir ça en vrai chez vous 👏🏼😂

  36. Laura Rebecca Conor today’s discussion over how close exams are🙃

  37. ommg pauvre petit 😂😂 sa face est trop drôle 😂❤️ Melanie Laurie Kelyanne

  38. Tonya Montella oh I see this coming soon, going to be a fun Summer and Grammies going to be camping closer

  39. Savannah Lam that time Tavi sprayed himself. I knew it would happen so i set the hose to a lower setting... just above mist. Lol 😂❤️

  40. That's exactly what I did by the portions in DC Robert lol

  41. Caitlin Amy Megan Meg I feel like this is me n Yannah with college work

  42. James Wealleans This reminds me. I need to smash you in the face with a baseball bat

  43. Bilal Anees when you think you can handle it but then it hits you like :P

  44. Marie c'est nous avec le tuyau de vidange a la cave !! 😨😨😨😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. He didn't even cry - tough little guy

  46. Romane Loriane Justine Morgane Moi quand je pense au concours qui se rapproche 😅

  47. Abbey Homan 😂😂 I can see you doing this for some reason 😂😂

  48. Echt een actie voor Dexx als hij grotet is Sanne en Ben

  49. KnifezNuttawut i guess you had ever got this experience !

  50. Na, era isso que eu tava com medo que acontecesse com os presentes ontem HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Natália

  51. Prashant my reaction when I found out everything's due at the same time

  52. Sonia Parra remember when grandma turned on the sprinkler and wet Alejandro 😂

  53. Viviane Mayer ich am dienstag wenn ich dier erdte seiter der klausur aufschlage

  54. Emma Brondel ce dont j'aurai eu besoin des le premier pas de da,nse de Justin <3

  55. Chio Gómez R hahahahah
    Espero que no pase asi mañana en el examen hahahaha

  56. Dani Xs Pyndiah and Vila Sha when I hear connasse smiling and talking. F*** that freaking hilarious.

  57. Zachary, yes you did this when you were little. And yes I laughed my ass off. 💗😘😂🤣

  58. Georgia it’s jax when he splashed himself swimming

  59. Poor little thing. Been there and got t shirt. But I'm pushing 50. He's only 2!

  60. Emily Elizabeth Wilczak this will be Ryder. Hahaha

  61. Josh Noyce I’m howlin 😭 this will be you tonight ahahahaha x

  62. Coral Philpott show this to Carter!! Tell him this is what might happen if he ever gets his hands on the hose!!!!! X