Lego Run

Lego Run

Lego Run

Posted by UNILAD May 12, 2018, 7:45 p.m.

I can actually feel their pain 😂😭

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  1. Massive thanks to for this amazing video! Be sure to check out their Youtube!

  2. You think stepping legos is bad, try stepping on dog chew bones in the middle of the night.😬😬😬

  3. Remember when natural selection killed off the stupidest members of a species.

    Social programs now keep them alive.

    What do these losers do for a living?

  4. Daniel Smith and Katie Smith you’ve gotta make him take the LEGO at 4am when you’ve had 3 hours of sleep not even in a row and your alarm goes off in 45 mins test

  5. It should be 1 at a time thrown on the thread mill. 😁😁 few of them together doesn't hurt as much😂😂😂😂😂

  6. You could also use those green plastic army men and sound books with no volume control or on off buttons.

  7. My pain was from "Weebles Wobble ". They were shaped like eggs but hurt like all hell when you stepped on them!!

  8. Leslie Coronado did you do this 🧐
    If not we have to get you on a treadmill so you can be ready by the time little Leo starts playing with legos

  9. David David dat moest ik ook meemaken... Oooow nee, het is nog steeds so. 🙄 ps. Duplo vond ik persoonlijk veel beter. Het beleef niet zo aan m'n sokken haken 🤔

  10. Gemma Louise show Marley this hell no what I’m on about😂😂😂’would you step on a peice off Lego for someone you love’ 😂😂😂xxxx

  11. This was me Lesley Bensteadwhen I was a kid. I left my Lego bricks all over the house for my dad to tread on when he got up for work 😂😂

  12. How has this bit become an internet breaking challenge like th e cinnamon challenge (stupid), the tide pod one (retarded), or ice bucket challenge

  13. Sara J York could you imagine doing this! This is the reason I don’t like Lego, that and I can’t build anything save my life 😩

  14. Tiffany I think Timothy has to do this. It's a real thing. Girls like Lego too I'm afraid and it comes in all shades of pink

  15. Valeska Madazio Malu Orlando eu vejo essas coisas engraçadas de criança, não tem como não lembrar de vocês! Hahahaha pisar no lego é a treeeeva

  16. Stood on r lasses hairbrush in early hours of morning. It was a part pain, part suprise stifled scream I let out

  17. Kirstie-Jay you gotta get ready cos im sure when the twins come it will be an excuse for Samuel to get the lego out

  18. I prepared for this by playing with legos...i still do...goddam the corner of a piece you didn’t see in carpet though.

  19. Molly Pritchard, please tell me I’m not crazy, the amount the one in black looks like a fatter, back in the day pierce is crippling me 😂😂😂

  20. Shelley Clews and Mark Clews- we should have done this for you guys before Thea arrived! Ps- happy Mother’s Day Shell! ❤️

  21. Nathan Dotson Scott W Masterton Mike Knoll... There should be a dad body race like this... Start of with a Lego run to your bikes, then boots and then off you go.

  22. Charmayne Milliken on the back of our previous lack of sleep conversation you and hubby need to start training for this lol

  23. Guckt ihr hier Janina Ries und De Autze. Ist zwar noch eine Weile Zeit, aber man kann ja nicht früh genug mit dem Training beginnen...

  24. Sam Higham-Richards maybe I should get you to do this...just so you can prepare yourself and understand why I can't stand it 🤣 xxx

  25. We suffered from a condition called "car foot" when you step on a small hotwheels car in a dark room.

  26. haha Michelle Woodham, we really need to do this for Joe Woodham. As no matter how much practice you have it never hurts any less lol 😂

  27. Luke Clarkson
    Yolandi Kriek
    Rachel Sarah Oxer
    Jared Horne
    This is hilarious! Ive stood on Lego afew times so I can relate to their pain lol x

  28. Aline Queiroz Danielle Vieira Julio Cesar quando eu chego em casa depois da escola e meus irmão estão brincando no chão

  29. Cole Justin,Alanna Whitford. All the toys I stepped on because of you two. Parenting 101, I didn't read about.

  30. Isn’t this appropriate! I don’t know how many Clay and I have stepped on 😡 Taylor Kendra Brandon Bryana

  31. James Hughes Nadine Hughes I know clodaghs a little young for lego but you should start prep right away!

  32. Meghan Ballinger Wade Tim Wade Think you need to do this. I am sure you already have some experience with it.

  33. Sharon Critcher.. you would have been a pro at this after we tipped out the big Lego box!
    Matt Critcher Ben Critcher

  34. I told my son your to old for these toys now you need to Lego

  35. Yeah, Lego, and Fucking Shopkins

  36. screw that...take the Florida Barefoot Challenge

  37. Barbie shoes are equally painful.

  38. Gem Mc get ready for this 😂😂😂😂 xx

  39. That's nothing. Starve them of sleep for months and broken sleep ☺ Lego run will he a breeze after

  40. Kaja Nina Blaž Anna k so lih debate o tem😂😂

  41. Bram Kim hebben jullie ter voorbereiding ook eerst ff de Lego Run gedaan? 😅

  42. Catharina gleich neben der Nummer mit dem ... ich sage meinen Eltern einfach dass ihr abhängig seid 😂😂😂😂

  43. Is that what you did Chris, about 7 years ago? 😂❤️

  44. Chelsea Thompson 😂 so true though, the amount of times I’ve trodden on a toy and cursed my kids 😂 xx

  45. Dean Smith more likely to be u playing wi the lego than standing on it

  46. Chelsea don't say we dint warn u eh Val 😂

  47. Joanne I need to do this for work never mind when I have children 😂

  48. Joshua Ruiz I think we should do this before the time comes 😆

  49. Zoe Ward this was me on brid beach last week! 😂😂😂😂

  50. Jeff Dostie. Screw parenthood. Randy needs to watch where she’s walking.

  51. Amy Thompson now that, is how a proper workout looks like 😉 xo

  52. Matty Shaun some thing to look forward to so get the training in now.

  53. So Aidan if your so hard why don't you have a go at this 😃

  54. Bib Charles 🤣 now all they need to do is get the vacuum out haha. Great pleasure 👌🏼

  55. Areliz Pabón ready? Ya yo pise un maldito batman😌 y sentí que me traspasó el maldito pie😍

  56. Alex Reekers als je deze test haalt dan ben je echt klaar voor het vaderschap 😂

  57.’ve got the joy of Lego to come, this is too true 😳😩

  58. Graham it’s the other way round in your household isn’t it 😂

  59. That's why I don't buy lego and when my sisters bring it over I take it back to them 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  60. Josh D-a this looks just about the worst thing ever

  61. This is my life, only with damn Kinder egg toys instead of Lego! 😫🤬

  62. Claire Campbell fair warning as soon as Reuben is old enough he is getting lego 😂

  63. Antoine 😂 faut inscrire Charlotte à ça ... parce que entre les tiens et ceux que Milo aura plus tard 😱😂

  64. Amita Pathinathan if the men were invited to Meeras baby shower, we would have organised this... ahahaha

  65. Jens Grambo Hansen så det bare om at komme i gang med at træne, du trænger efter det du lavede i dag😂😂😂😂🤗😘

  66. Simon Margie you two would be amazing at this with the amount of practice you've had ahahahha