LIVE: US, UK and France launch strikes on Syria

LIVE: US, UK and France launch strikes on Syria
Image from: Sky News

Follow all the updates and reaction on the co-ordinated airstrikes on Syria.

Full Article: Sky News


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  1. All these anger emojis are from Leftty wishy washy fannies that would rather sit back and do nothing. Let them get away with carrying out chemical attacks. The tea and cake brigade, The wussy left

  2. When Corbyn talks about funding students, NHS, police, state pension, etc etc, he is told there is no money and is asked where will the money come from....

    But when Therrorism Mayhem says she is bombing Syria no one says there is no money and no one asks where the money came from. 😱

  3. the so called super powers at it again.expressing their anger towards each other in another peoples country.if you think Russia is Supporting the use of chemical weapons i think france.britain and US should attack Russia direct not taking their problems to fight in another mans land

  4. Sky why did you cut a guy off today while he was telling the truth about fake chemical attack it was a false flag the people seen yous cutting him off because he was telling the truth 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  5. Yeay. Another war because America told us to.

  6. So this has nothing to do with the oil and gas fields? Nothing to do with the fact they don't have a Rothschild banking system? It's been proven our governments have lied time and time again to get us to go to war....yet this time you believe them without evidence....because you saw it on sky news? Lol....

  7. we'd rather protect dictators that use chemical weapons against babies,than try and take out the chemical factories making them.welcome to the rise and fanatical left.i don't think any labour supporter should be so quick to judge this government after the farce in iraq under liebour.and yes......that bad decision went through parliament

  8. So disgusting Trump says and as usual the puppets follow 😡, this is all to do with oil.

    And then you don’t want refugies coming to your country???? Don’t put your nose where you don’t belong.

  9. Precise Targetted and Limited air strikes against Assads chemical weapons infrastucture leaving The Allies room to do more should Assad continue use of chemical attacks. This was the right response for now so let's not have people get over excited and make out we've started World War 3

  10. do you not find it very suspect the strike occurs just hours before inspectors are due to examine the alleged chemical attack site? This was a deliberate attempt to draw Russian response and create a battle destroying the investigation and all evidence. Russia is showing strength and intelligence in their restraint. The western actions show their desperation.

  11. Threasa May condemns all use of chemical weapons, that does not include CS Gas used on a Dail basis by British police sprayed directly at British citizens faces.

  12. After the Saudi Prince visit these countries as in the UK and France as well as striking Syria hours before the OPCW could be used to prove if chemical weapons were used or not last week. Trump. May and Macron are just puppets of the Saudi Prince and the princes sectarian agenda towards Shias.

  13. That's right blow those chemical facilities up....and if you could gather all the lefties into a stadium or something then blow them up too

  14. Russian military base in Syria has confirmed that all the targeted places in Syria are empty. Of course it’s empty, who wants to strike won’t tell anyone. The Syrians now will pay more price by ASSad and Russians in revenge operations. Well done Trump....

  15. The Kurds were bombed and killed for months by Turkey and there was no outrage !!!! The Kurds were the only ones that helped the world to get rid of ISIS !!!!!

  16. Now the only hope for a non-attack solution is to forcing Syria to ban or throwing away chemical weapons and ammunitions immediately.

  17. may did it with no aprovel where was the democratic vote, this is a breach of international law , no consultation what ever, even churchill dident go that far because they where a coalition then it had to have a crosd party vote, she might now be classed as a war criminal. and u know what makes me sick all u torys said blair was wrong to do it, but its ok for may to do the same

  18. Cold war is back, not so cold after all, 30 missilles inbound, 2 on targets, still a success for us army, in fact first 500 milllion dollar spent for us citizens, time to give satisfaction to the war industries guys, the best supporters of last election

  19. OPCW team were on their ways for the investigation of the alleged Chemical attack. your so called white freaking helmets lies are on the verge of being exposed, is that why you decided to attack #Syria before it is even proven to be true?

  20. all I see in the news is talking heads, all old white men, brought up on colonialism and imperialism and the superiority of the white race, us, uk france, white countries with grandiose perceptions of their place in the world....does it occur to them with every enemy they make they have one less friend for the future....these same white mens action cause the refugees to flow into there own countries.....truly all these talking heads, theyre really intelligent, but theyre not smart at all, part of the machine

  21. Every life is precious ..yours, theirs or mine .
    For God sake ,don't go round killing people at will.

  22. In 2016 the UK spent over £13bn on foreign aid as well as another £1bn from its EU membership fee going on foreign aid. Why is this acceptable and yet the £1bn annual Conflict, Stability and Security fund overseen by the national security Council specifically for dealing with conflict and instability abroad is a waste of money? We are happy spending over 14 times on foreign aid what we spend on trying to prevent humanitarian crises in the first place? Does not compute

  23. Once again the vicious cycle of the blame game! "This one did this and that one did that!" Hate will never conquer hate...only love can conquer hate.

  24. Min. the defense published a testimony of two Syrian rescuers in Dume who were falsifying a chemical attack, White helmets shooting a chemical attack that had no symptoms of a chemical attack

  25. And this is the part Joe public turn into world leaders . Stick to your day jobs and stop trying to figure it out your not on that pay scale. 👍

  26. Oh look, we’re getting jewed into yet another Middle Eastern war that has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Israel’s hegemony in the region 🙄

  27. Syria "neighbor" is Russia and Iran ,I do not understand why America must intervened in Syria ?! Honestly ...this is offenses to the Russia and Arabic region. I do not think Donald Trump intervened in Syria from mercy ,no is something else . He want something else.
    Anyway ,in politics nothing is what it seem to be . God have mercy of Syria.
    In spatele tuturor relelor sunt A. God bless Romania. Weekend frumos ,conaționalilor 😍😍


    Just to make you understand a bit and still this criminals are allowed to continue with the legal terrorism? 🤔

  29. แค่เด็กๆ
    อยากดูปฎิกริยาตอนที่สหรัฐหนุนหลังไอซิส และหนุนกบฎมากกว่า

    ซีเรียชนะกบฎราบคาบจนหยดสุดท้ายแล้วจะใช้อาวุธเคมีทำไม?? ฝ่ายสหรัฐและกบฎต่งหากที่ได้ประโยชน์นี้อย่างที่เห็นๆ


  30. The chemical attack launched by the al qaeeda rebels trained by the cia how to handle and use deadly chemicals attacks on civilian and then blame syria to justify the nato attacks..

  31. Only the Almighty can give life and take away lives man or Kings or President s can do that ..NO ONE .

  32. they start distribition private interest and killing thousands of civilians in the name of protection

  33. Britain, France and the US are the main arms dealers to the harshest regimes in the Middle East who use it on defenseless people, yet they’re now going to war because someone they don’t like has allegedly used chemical weapons.

  34. We all said it before as a joke. But Donald Trump actually landed us into a war.

    War is business and the President of the Free world is a businessman.

  35. The people these strikes benefit is Isis and US backed head chopping ‘moderate rebels’.

    There’s no reliable evidence for Dr Assad gassing his own people for seemingly no reason.
    It was logically most US and Saudi backed wahhabi Islamist rebels that are losing to the secular Syrian government and want an excuse for back up from war mongers in American government.

  36. Can we concretely establish that the chemical bombing came from Assad?

  37. Well if you don't want our military to bomb the hell out of you then don't use Chemical Weapons.

  38. Maybe the uk should stop poking its nose in other countries and sort its own out first

  39. US, UK, and France just obstructed an OPCW investigation hours before it was to start.

    One only begs to question why? Clearly the motive was to cover up a lie.

  40. Fukin stupidity at its finest..let’s be realistic and admit it’s all happening cus of oil in Syria👎 shame

  41. ISIS made use of the American aggression to attack the Syrian army in Damascus

  42. this war the barbaric savages of the west have been perpetrating since 2011

  43. Britain sold them chemical weapons.

  44. Factories......manufactures... need to be hunted down and destroyed !!!!!!!!! Asap

  45. Who are they bombing nothing standing in Syria??

  46. Alot of soldiers will never made it home from Syria.waiting on Russian

  47. Not just black lives matter, BUT, ALL LIVES MATTER........

  48. Disgusting, and just hours before the OPCW were due to go. Making sure they didn't find no evidence.

  49. i don't like the looks of this.

  50. LOL all the assorted Morons who have lapped up the kremlns usual disinformation and маскировка .

  51. God save the lives of the innocent who have power and power but your Lord, God and the agent😓

  52. the only thing I will lake to see happene in UK is mass shouting so that wu

  53. What do you expect from ruthless people's who beheading theirs people's who gas theirs own people's

  54. so they are risking war with no shred of evidence that assad was behind it

  55. The USA targets : 1 - Republican Guard Brigade 105 , Damascus 2 - Air defense base, Jabal Qaseen Damascus 3 - Mezze military airport 4- Military airport al Midar 5- Scientific Research , Damascus 6 - Scientific Research , Jaramana, Damascus 7. Brigade 41 Special Forces, Damascus 8- Military sites near Al-Rahiba in Qalamoun Al-Sharqi - Damascus coutryside 9. Locations in the area of ​​Al kaswa ,Damascus countryside

  56. And that’s how you mass produce terrorists

  57. Theses false pictures conducted by white helmet terrorist supported by western countries

  58. Apparently it was staged. Which doesn’t surprise one

  59. Oh another blood shedding and more refugees

  60. After the ISIS And DAESH failure which were belong to US and there alley .they started attack by himself

  61. Another cowardly attack, another fake excuse, same modus operandi as in Irak... Who do they think they are fooling? Please!

  62. UN inspection was supposed to start tomorrow. But no, the US, the UK, and France were too worried about the results of the inspections. Their lies, deciept, and fake news would've been revealed.

  63. Ohhh what a wonderful world we live...sarcasm

  64. Sky News are eager to publish the fake fotos by the white helmets sponsored by thundercunt May.

  65. Just wait until Putin retaliates WW3