Ketchup On Everything

Ketchup On Everything

Ketchup On Everything

Posted by UNILAD May 2, 2018, 9:27 a.m.

We all know this person 😂🍅

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  2. Comment if you do this... but with MAYO 🧐🧐

  3. It was okay unitil that guy put ketchup in fucking tea i lost my mind 😤😤😤

  4. 😷😷😷😷😷 ketchup is vile reminds me of dirty high chairs with ketchupy fingered minging kids 😂 my kids don’t even know what ketchup tastes like 😅

  5. I have serious concern for all the people who dip chocolate cookies into ketchup. Like, what planet were you born on?

  6. I am one of thos people who can not eat food without ketchup. Ketchup completes the taste of the food that why is common in every restuarent you can every table in every fast food restaurent there a huge full bottle of ketchup upper the table the person who invented the Idea of ketchup you got my full respect and love whether if you live or passed away.💙💚💛❤

  7. You forgot tomato sauce sandwiches!

  8. I dont really do ketchup or tomato sauce. Im more of a mayo fan on everything that is not sweet and definitely not weetbix lol

  9. Ketchup is OK on fish and chips ECT , but who in their right minds would dip chocolate biscuits in ketchup, and breakfast cereal and milk revolting these people must have the most unusual fast buds YUCK.

  10. When I was a kid & we had family friends over for a prime rib dinner my mom cooked. One of the guest kids asked my mom for ketchup!! Turns out he puts ketchup on everything. My mom handed the one requesting ketchup the bottle & said, "Gee Randy, if I knew you wanted ketchup with your prime rib, I would have made you a hamburger."

  11. Corey Cloke omg corza I seen people have tagged u lolll I just wanted to say I'm scarred from you putting tomato sauce on your tuna still to this day! 😂

  12. Jag såg att du blev taggad i samma tidigare, men jag bryr mig inte. Detta är sååå du att jag måste tagga dig igen, Alban. Som jag kokade inombords när jag hade lagat värsta köttbiten till dig och du drog fram ketchup, hahaha!

  13. Nicole I don’t know why this is on my news feed, but it’s painful to watch so I thought I’d show you too :)

  14. ever thought about it though :
    ketchup is made from tomatoes and that is in lots of stuff. Italians use it in lots of sacuses, Mexicans use it in dishes and salsa and sauces, Americans use it well a lot, and so forth and so forth.

  15. Here in New Zealand "Watties tomato sauce" is everything 😃
    Here in Hawke's Bay (Art Deco, the capital of the world) Fish'n chips we have all sauces on our hot chips.

  16. Gareth James remind you of anyone? Cute, about 4 foot something, would literally drink ketchup out of the bottle if you'd let him? Xxx

  17. Danni Camilleri that is so funny I was watching this going, oh there are a few good ideas !

    But even I have limitations.... 😘 tea & Tom sauce 😳

  18. Ty Jenkins do you still do this? I remember you was a toddler when you started off eating ketchup on EVERYTHING. 😀 . LMBO

  19. Caoimhín Ó Ceallaigh OK I was gonna tag you in this and say "ketchup is life" when I saw the first one but I feel a bit sick after seeing the rest ☹️

  20. Marcus Davidson you literally had your own bottle round tick tock and emeralds. And it was never a small one. Hahaha #ketchupaddict

  21. Lisa Quigley - it's the Cameron family approach! Is this something that Zara Cargill might enjoy? She can close her eyes with 5 seconds to go.

  22. Why is everyone concerned about the Sushi ? I’m more concerned about the bloody tea , or the bloody digestive chocolate biscuit .

  23. Ew just ew, sry. I don't even like ketchup.
    Except! Ketchup on fried chicken and gravy on fries. That could be ok👌(my taste)

  24. Iben Jensen uden pis, kunne finde på at komme ketchup på halvdelen af tingene. men har aldrig tænkt på den med saltskruer, men det vil jeg fremover #ketchup

  25. I personally like ketchup but this is extreme bro
    You might as well just drink
    the whole bottle instead 😂

  26. So much sugar in ketchup!
    Seriously though what kind of monster ruins a cup of tea and Weetabix like this 💔

  27. Rachel Fenn I'm pretty sure you are the complete opposite and Ryan Butchey you are banned after the Taco Bell incident! #DarknessBrothers

  28. Eetu mulle on jäänyt mieleen, että sä muksuna laitoit lähestulkoon kaikkeen ketsuppia. Muistanko oikein? :D

  29. Sadie I seem to recall you putting ketchup on pasta at a comp. This is what I imagine you live like

  30. I remember a very favourite cousin of mine (mentioning no names Laura Clancy) who would only eat ketchup on white bread. Imagine!

  31. Yes oh we know him so well 😳 might as well use a thick straw to the ketchup bottle An insult to good food 😖

  32. Karen Atkinson remember when you had to make super noodles without the flavour packet and then put ketchup on the plain noodles for Kat Atkinson

  33. Whenever I see ketchup I remember Fiona Bell throwing it all over her dad and her mums brand new kitchen!!

  34. Aaron Haynes this is what I think of when u put ur sauce all over ur food 🤮it’s meant to go on the side

  35. Who the fuck eats ketchup with sushi? Who the fuck eats ketchup at all? Doomsday is close, I’m telling you Faraz Khurshid

  36. Alexie, si on généralise En remplaçant "ketchup" par "dip", ce meme est une description si précise de ma vie, que je me sens stalké.

  37. Kleo CelaJake Brown whatever you northerners feel is necessary when you see that easy squeezy squeezy bottle in my cupboard

  38. Shanna Mackenzie Ashleigh Hope Caitlin Taylah - this is Ashleigh when we were about 10 and then she said I don’t like tomato sauce! Remember?!

  39. Know someone who always has a bit of food with their catsup
    Most times you cant tell what the food is its so covered but I agree with the one comment here.
    The tea is a bit much!

  40. The first one reminds me of this night: “better too much than not enough” 😂😂 Sarah MacMath Webster James Keevins

  41. Nico P. Isabella Macchiavello Olalla Daniela Dosal Desormeaux Ustedes! Jajaja
    Me acorde cuando le pagué una luca a la Vale para que se comiera una galleta con Ketchup jajajajaja 🤮 Valentina Suárez

  42. Josh McDowell Charl Vanner this entire video is joshs worst nightmare and then the last one is a step too far 😂😂😂

  43. Mandi Kaur Bally Chatha Sonia Kaur this is sonis she legit puts ketchup on everything cuz everything is "too spicy" lol

  44. See, I like ketchup but even I'm looking at this video in disgust right now.

  45. Murder is justified for the sushi one.

  46. Whoever made 😑 I hope u sit on a cactus for burning my eyes that coffee :c

  47. Ingelin Mathea tagger dere i forkant sånn at dere slipper å tagge meg

  48. Oh no they did NOT put ketchup on sushi!

  49. Vincent keep ur kinks off the internet pls

  50. Coffee and catsup, oh how fucked life is going to be.

  51. That’s me I even go far as putting katchup on spaghetti lol

  52. Titley Pryke none of this stressful af ‘can we have some more packets’ bullshit

  53. Rabiya Moin those days when ketchup. Was the most imp thing 😂😂😂

  54. Gaspar Busnel toi petit quand tu le mettais meme avec le poisson haha

  55. don't eat or drink anything just drink the ketchup

  56. Johnny Townsend, you know who needs to see this. I'll let you pick on her though🤣

  57. Simon Claire - thankfully Hayley isn’t this bad! 🤢

  58. Emma Murdock completely reminds me of you and how obsessed you were in maths in 5th year😭

  59. Reminds me of Tony when he put tomato sauce in your broccoli soup Carmen Gianino

  60. Kyle up at dads & how mortified old m8 was with me using it at breaky 🙄😂

  61. Wen Chia what kind of monster dips cookies and sushi in ketchup...

  62. Harry I’m tagging you before you get to tag me. I’m not this bad

  63. This is what happens when you elect Trump

  64. hahahahaha Carl ha mmut tiftakar meta ghedtli tihu sweet and sour bl istraw? maaa

  65. Is it just me who is getting accid reflux burning in they’re throat watching this

  66. Shienna tol ikaw naalala ko hahahahahahahahahaha missu bruh hahahahaha

  67. Sunanta remember who kept asking for sauce

  68. Hmm Mark reminds you of someone? 🤔🤔😂😂😂