Kenan and Kel are making a come back

Kenan and Kel are making a come back
Image from: BBC Three

Crack out the orange soda.

Full Article: BBC Three


  1. Good to see thundercats SMASHING it in the votes..... An absolute BEAST of a kids show! Wacking that themetune up load once again still gets the old goosebumps going!! 👌

  2. Rachael Mckay yaaaaaaassssssss who loves orange soda!

  3. Great, this shite again 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠, bring back Drake & Josh, much better show

  4. Chris Chandley didn't you like this show

  5. Ant Blackburn who loves orange soda!?

  6. Yaminah RM do you remember this lol x


  8. I dropped the screw in the TUNAAA

  9. Gem LOVES orange soda! <3

  10. Niki Tait who loves orange soda

  11. Tony S Smith do you remember this 🤣🤣

  12. Marc Burgess ‘who loves orange soda?!’

  13. Tom Bullock who loves orange soda

  14. Mark Cree Katy Cree-Tomlin who loves orange soda

  15. Russell Martin-Cook is it true?? Mhmmmm! 😂😂😂

  16. Louise Davie hell yeaaaaaaah

  17. Billy Alan Ellie-May Collings

  18. Liam Lockett Nicole Lockett oh nooooooo

  19. Natalie Rodriguez Whitehouse yes lad 👍

  20. Louise EM Natalie Jessica Morrison

  21. Luke Mitchell Thomas Mitchell

  22. Aiden Didcote Ali St Cye Hoare

  23. Tom Froggatt Hannah Froggatt

  24. Stewart Ivatt Graeme Coyi Ivatt Heather Elisabeth

  25. Chris Lenton Lauren Lenton Hannah Lentn