Judge orders closed trial for Ahed Tamimi

Judge orders closed trial for Ahed Tamimi
Image from: Middle East Monitor

Close trial for Ahed Tamimi

#FreeAhed #PalChild

Full Article: Middle East Monitor


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  1. Dale, dale, if this balestine existed as you keep claiming, why are they asking the un, and other countries, to recognize them???
    No History book, ever mentioned, this virtual entity you call balestine, as an autonomous and independent country!!!
    Did you ever ask yourself, the question as to why, the Ottoman Empire who surely was Muslim, and ruled that region for hundreds of years, never offered or just suggested, giving your balestinians their autonomy!!!
    And why, because they knew History better than you, and that such a balestinian country ever existed!!!
    The same can be said of their first cousins, the Egyptians and Jordanians who were in control of these same territories, from 1948 to 1967, never offered that either.
    The problem is not territory, but religious, where the Muslims you so admire, are unable to accept the fact, that the Jews who were their Dhimis, Protégés, are now masters of their country and destiny, are much more advanced and successful, and are keeping them at bay!!!

  2. Aaron Joseph Graf this is what I was telling you before. Locking up children and not giving them human rights.

    Your Israeli friend before, the one arguing that they don’t deserve human rights because they aren’t citizens ironically was using the argument of Nazis at Nuremberg on why they could treat Jews that way...

  3. The greatest democracy in the world is afraid to try a young child in an open court. But the Universal Deity hears all, sees all...

  4. Apartheid terror state funded by Europe and USA with security outsourced to Palestinian Authority and neighbouring countries

  5. Terrosrists like this evil young female should be on prison for life and after should be burnt im hell

  6. The Nazis did their dirty work in secret also. Israhell has learned many lessons from them. May Allah (SWT) grant you victory today Ahed!

  7. Zionists don't care about her safety. They don't want facts that show the world zionist cruelty aired.

  8. Kangaroo court of lunatics who call themselves Imaginary God's chosen people ..

  9. If it was a legitimate trial Israel wouldn’t be hiding it.

  10. .....when will democracy replace apartheid in Israel?

  11. u dont slap unifomed forces coz they inforce the law

  12. Maybe that’s in order to stop the press showing pictures of an 18 year old terror inciting blonde, blue-eyed Slav pretending to be an Arab.......And those that she represents have the cheek to call the Israeli Jews ‘Europeans’.........😂😂

  13. Well no justice will take place behind closed doors.

  14. Israhell is a deceiver it function like a serpent 🐍 time will tell just wait and watch 👀👀

  15. As if we expected anything different...

  16. May Allah help this child

  17. Truly no justice in his 🌎

  18. Zionism is not compatible with humanity

  19. Israelis scared of children's.

  20. Dirtbags Israel = Nazis. she's a freedom fighter A true leader just like George Washington she will be Palestine's first president

  21. This vile terrorist excrement israel must and WILL be destroyed for the sake of all civilized people, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  22. Shame on Israel for their cruelty.

  23. Disgusting country!
    Why behind closed doors, you filthy pigs?!!!!

  24. That's apartheid court. What ashame to the so called israhell the terrorist state.

  25. Shame on you israel you are a big monster.killing jailling childrens freé tamimi free palestine
    You are not humain

  26. All land are holy! All people are chosen! End isreali occupation! Save the Palestinians from the terrorists Apartheid State! Racist fascist terrorist state! Shame on you!

  27. He is an uncouth

    He is a murderer

    He is corrupter

    He need white house voice to act criminally and undemocratically that is Netanyahu........supported by the country with faux democracy