Jane and Friends: "It's just like my live show on telly, with some big guests."

Jane and Friends: "It's just like my live show on telly, with some big guests."
Image from: BBC Radio 2

It's now twenty years since she first cruised onto our screens! 🛳

Full Article: BBC Radio 2


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  1. Well I really like her ! Love her Cruise programme and think Jane has a great personality 😊

  2. Here we go again I see the keyboard warriors are out in force again today, 😬What is it with some of you on this Facebook page that seem to just love slagging everyone off? There’s plenty of people on here that do like Jane Macdonald like myself. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all!!! 👏👏

  3. Helen Fran Claire remember when this awful woman wouldn't help us with our degree project 🤔 the day I lost faith in reality TV stars...tough lesson 🤣

  4. Why are people so nasty? She is a bit cheesy, I always think she is a female Michael Ball! Sometimes we need an old style cheesy show :)

  5. Some horrible comments on here , not needed at all .

  6. Fake accent Victoria Plant? Aw yer mean like vos savverners?? That's Yorkshire love, you know, friendly!!

  7. She's a guilty pleasure! I remember when she first appeared on our screens... trying to get her Henrik to marry her...

  8. She’s such a lovely women and very funny 😂 I went to see her with my mum and her voice is outstanding!

  9. I bet all the trolls on here wish they were a quid behind her

  10. Vile Individual. Void of any talent or personality and a Fake accent.

  11. I bet she'd do a great Radio 2 show if given the chance.
    I think she would play a much better variety of music than we hear nowadays.
    Do we need drivel like "F R I E N D S that's how you spell friends", every other song?

  12. Love Jane, she has a great and warm personality.

  13. Jane has worked hard in Clubland in Yorkshire . I'm from Wakefield (Jane's home city). Her accent is 100% true to Wakefield Yorkshire. Jane is genuinely a kind compassionate woman with a great gift for singing.

  14. I think she is wonderful. So normal. She does Yorkshire proud x

  15. just ugh...vapid, end of pier, the very definition of the 'Selfie'

  16. I think she is great! No need for nasty remarks. Jane is a talented singers with a great personality.

  17. We've lost Stephen Hawkins, but I think we've still got Victoria.

  18. Why is she vile Victoria Plant

  19. Absolutely love this woman, so funny without trying and so self- deprecating. No big star syndrome.

  20. She's a good club singer at best. Usually on clubs that float.

  21. Fantastic on the cruise programme, so natural

  22. I like her and she can really sing a tune. Why are some people so nasty to her?

  23. Now...she should be the dollybird stand in on weekday shows.

  24. Jonathan Lloyd need to catch up on iPlayer xx

  25. Pity she hadn't been on the Titanic

  26. Jane Jane Jane. Fabulous beautiful lady xxxx

  27. Oh dear. Not many comments on this. Who is she again?

  28. cabaret act from phoenix nights.

  29. So why dont she sail off again then. Jeez

  30. Lisa Taylor Turner just for you x

  31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5fxcP9d6I4