It is in Britain's national interest to welcome Turkey's president Erdogan | Telegraph View

It is in Britain's national interest to welcome Turkey's president Erdogan | Telegraph View
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"President Erdogan is not an easy man to defend. But it should not be necessary to defend his excesses in order to invite Mr Erdogan to Britain."

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  1. Britain is digging the bottom of the barrow and defrocking themselves by rubbing shoulders with Erdogan . They in my opinion will be tarnished for evermore .Morons to say the lest if they think that Turkey is the answer to Brexit in my opinion . I hope those who instigated this BS get to fall on their swords .

  2. We welcome all kinds of world leaders here - vile, not so vile and ok. They are their countries’ leaders for better or worse - whether it’s Erdogan or Trump or whoever. It’s a function of global politics. So any protest is basically pointless and tedious and achieves nothing apart from to stress an already over worked, under appreciated police force.

  3. Why are people so fond of shunning people they disagree with, these days? It's playground stuff. Better to invite him to the country, give him a nice slap up meal and then tell him exactly what we think of him and his regime. Maybe read him some poetry. If he doesn't like it he doesn't get any dessert.

  4. And u wanna protest over Trump.. why not over this visit....queue the triggered lot...grabs cuppa tea and sits back

  5. I thought we didn't want Turkish people over here, wasn't that one of the reasons for voting Brexit? I wish the Telegraph would get it's stories straight, my what a tangled Web we weave....

  6. Really ... we protest a man like Trump because he says stupid things yet welcome this genocidal monster

    Talk about double standards

  7. Is this the same Turkey that Leave said would swamp the EU with immigrants while at the same time Boris said they should join. Ha ha

  8. No its not. And how very hypocritical. This very paper has written highly critical pieces against erdogan in the past, mainly as way of advocating pro brexit. Now you want people to welcome the man you basically said was the boogeyman trying to get in the eu and thats (one of the reasons) we needed to get out of the eu

  9. Britain has to stick by the side of its allies among the war criminels. Otherwise, the British government will be exposed as a war criminal. So, it's "Britain's" interest to welcome Erdogan, Netanyahu, Mohamed Bin Salman, Trump and all sorts of war criminals.

  10. If britain welcomed Satanyahu..then they better welcome the rest even little rocket man..

  11. I notice the mayor of London isn't whipping up social unrest among the brainwashed over this ... very telling ...

  12. No it isn't. Stop telling us what is in our best interest, we have voices and can decide for ourselves. And whilst we focus on idiots who shouldn't be visiting us how about cancelling the Gump visit.... he's turning into a warmonger and will stop at nothing to dictate his ideas across the world

  13. A sweeping statement, in “Britain’s interest “ just for the record what would that be ?

  14. I anticipate that, as with India and China, trade deals with these countries will come with a price tag: allowing their nationals to come to the UK to live/work. And, if this is so, so much for 'controlling the boarders [sic]'

  15. Is the British sharing the stage with the murder?

  16. Prime Minister May makes press statement confirming British commitment to retaking Constantinople.

  17. It's in the UK's interest to have this Islamist put down and stop Turkey from murdering Kurds. I read Telegraph articles as a way of avoiding leftwing echo chambers...I thought your writers had better judgement than this?

  18. He ok but Trump Not, you must be trolling

  19. But inviting a democracy leader from a democratic country just seems to slip Theresa May by. She does like doing deals with despots and has the principles of a pedophile in a kindergarten.

  20. Any country invites Erdogan should never say a word about human rights.

  21. He said that Turks in Europe should have more children and conquer Europe through numbers. He is the enemy.

  22. He's currently using former IS fighters to attack Kurds. How is it possible to welcome him here?

  23. You “invited” tens of thousands of barbaric scumbags already. What’s one more?