Internet divided over hearing the word YANNY or LAUREL in a recording

Internet divided over hearing the word YANNY or LAUREL in a recording
Image from: Daily Mail

It's like the dress all over again- so what do YOU hear?

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stupid hoax, male voice, hearing covfefe,


  1. I hear both. It sounds like yanny the first half overlapping and saying laurel during the second. Sounds like possibly two different voices too.

  2. I asked both my parents aged 50+ and they heard yanny but I can hear Laurel. It may be an age thing like dogs can hear certain pitched things same as humans of different ages hear different pitches and tones

  3. I don’t know about y’all but no matter how many times I’ve played it I keep hearing covfefe 🤷‍♂️

  4. It's so clearly laurel I don't understand how people can hear anything else

  5. I listened 3 times & all I hear is Yanny

  6. They play yanny half the time and laurel the other half to keep people fight about it

  7. It’s both 🙄 two voices I heard Yanny first in woman’s computerised voice then laurel in male voice

  8. It's Laurel! How on earth can anyone here Yanny!?

  9. I hear neither.... eyiy or something like that

  10. They’re changing it so different audiences hear different names.

  11. I have no idea what this is about so I only hear the voices in my head 😂

  12. The reality is how social media can alter anyone's perception.

  13. Satan loves you, but only if you play with his fire! Be sure to understand his designs!

  14. Too many ads, I did not find it

  15. I keep hearing Rick Grimes yelling KARRRRL

  16. Matthew Meehan Daud Ibrahim I hear laurrel