How Meghan is reinventing royal dressing in all-black outfits and flared trousers

How Meghan is reinventing royal dressing in all-black outfits and flared trousers
Image from: Daily Mail

No clutches and court shoes here!

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  1. Meghan is Meghan.
    Kate is kate.
    You are you.
    Everyones different!
    It would be a boring world if we were all the same 😊

  2. I smell a royal divorce brewing even before the wedding.Trolls need not reply.

  3. for gods sake let her have her own identity why do they all need to look the same, its good to see someone who looks so natural and comfortable off their backs people

  4. This is another way to define what a woman should wear, it's the middle of winter for crying out loud, there not in line to the big chair her and harry are the casual couple of the royals

  5. These are a lovely, more laid back couple than Wills and Kate. Kate is following lessons in how a future queen needs to act/dress etc. Meghan will never be queen so can be more of her own person. She always looks lovely. She has her own identity whereas Kate won't as such. Both beautiful in their own way :-)

  6. She proves the point of Americans being far to casual in attire and manners. At least she can be excused away for having an immigrant parent.

  7. What a complete waste of digital space and anybody with the slightest bit of common sense’s time. If this is the type of info and “news” important to you, do everyone a favor and go take a nap in the middle of a well traveled interstate highway

  8. Give me a break....Only you Britts think the Royals are so HIGH and MIGHTY ;)


  10. Nasty nasty comments on here. How sad to see,cruel people.

  11. She’s human. She can wear what she wants. Imagine having to dress by what the public want you to wear!

  12. The bottom of her flares must have been soaked after that walkabout

  13. The daily fail think they're high and mighty. Well they are sycophants after all.

  14. She's a part of the new world order skull and bones that's why ok

  15. English folks whine about nothing.

  16. Oh don't be so silly at the moment she is a commoner, she certainly isn't reinventing anything to do with the Royal Family not being a member of it.

  17. Soon as there married she will have to do as shes told

  18. WTF is an Androgynous coat? 🤔

  19. Daily mail is going'nt it.