Happy Birthday David Attenborough

Happy Birthday David Attenborough

Happy Birthday David Attenborough

Posted by BBC One May 8, 2018, 3:50 p.m.

David Attenborough - this is your life. Have a WONDERFUL 92nd Birthday! 🎁🎈🎂

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  1. My mother loved him, I love him, my children love him and so do my grand children. Not many people you can say that of. Happy birthday, Sir David.

  2. Happy birthday Sir. I could watch your programmes for 92 hours!

  3. This man is a legend. What an amazing life he’s lived.

  4. Oh the mesmerising voice...!!!!!
    It was always His voice that lure me in to The Planet Earth /Blue planet.....
    Have a blast Sir David Attenborough🎁🎂
    And live another 92 years...😃😃

  5. Me and my 8 year old son love all your series, we are both big fans😁. Happy birthday Sir David Attenborough, it's also my birthday today aswell.

  6. Love him...hate it that there is absolutely no one capable of carrying on his legacy. No one with his knowledge, who is known by millions, no one who cares as much about the planet as him.
    A great loss to our planet is inevitable, and that is what is so sad about this wonderful man, growing old.

  7. An amazing an inspirational gentleman whom has done so very much for wildlife and bringing our attention to issues affecting the planet.
    Happy birthday sir David Attenborough.

  8. Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough! You truly are an inspiration for entire generations and a living legend! For me you are one of the greatest persons in mankind history! Thank you for all your lessons! We salute you!

  9. Wow! Seems just yesterday we celebrated his 90th. Stay healthy, stay young and thanks for everything!😊❤️

  10. When it comes to natural history and wildlife in general, Sir David Attenborough is the Governor. And I also respect him for his devotion to environmental issues across this beautiful world of ours. I salute him.

  11. Happy Birthday !! Thank you for showing us so many wonderful things over the years. (and reminding us what we should really care about, protect and save)

  12. He is such an inspiration!! Hope he has many birthdays still to come! My 12 yr old son is a huge fan and he’s hoping the Queen gets to send Sir David Attenborough a letter on his 100th birthday! That would be amazing! 😊

  13. Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough, You have brought so much joy to so many generations. Bringing the wildlife into our sitting rooms for decades.
    You are an incredible, inspiring, and amazing man who has educated us all not just on the animals, mammals, insects etc but on how we should take more responsibility for the planet we cohabit with such a vibrant array of species and preserve their habitat.

    You are an Inspiration.

    Happy Birthday

  14. Sir No Words for Express your Life
    God Bless You and Thou spread shower of LOVE always on you.
    Happy Birthday Sir , Many Many Happy Returns of the DAY.

  15. Happy Birthday sir David Attenborough a wonderful human being 🍾🍾🍾🍾

  16. Can this man never die please. He is too wonderful and important. He has done so much for conservation and media. He has inspired thousands of natural historians and zoologists who continue to make amazing new discoveries daily and his programmes have brought the power and beauty of nature to millions of homes who might not ever have seen it otherwise. Happy birthday to my idol and inspiration.

  17. This man has taught us so much about our world. We should all be grateful David Attenborough decided to do documentaries about nature. Without him we would not know how our world has changed.

  18. Whatever you have to say about David Attenborough, chances are we will never see the likes of him again in our lifetime. He is truly unique and without doubt one of the greatest narrators of our time, if not certainly one of the greatest living narrators alive.

    Many thanks for being such an overwhelmingly positive influence and inspiring several generations to appreciate all that is truly astonishing and beautiful about our incredible world.

    Happy Birthday David!

  19. You have touched our lives and enriched them with your unwavering passion of the natural world... what a man ... happy birthday the legend that is David Attenborough 💕

  20. Happy Birthday to you, sir David Attenborough ! Everything the best, and more years in your incredible life ! 🎂🎂🎂

  21. Next to my parents, this man is responsible for my undying love of wildlife and this beautiful planet. What a wondrous gift to give to any child or child at heart. Happy Birthday sir david Attenborough

  22. Love this amazing, caring, human being. He has been in my life my whole life, through his incredible programmes. Could listen to him for hours. Thankyou for everything you have taught us about life on earth and mother nature at her finest. Happy 92nd birthday Sir David, i adore you, a true legend xxxxx 🎉🎁🎂🎈💞

  23. He’s a little less agile than when I first watched him almost sixty years ago but his enthusiasm is as catching as it always was. But as we celebrate his wonderful life with Sir David and wish him many more years we should not forget the darker side of his message. We should listen to him when he warns us how the future of all species is in our hands. There is no Planet B.

  24. Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough. 🎂 Thank you for sharing with all of us
    wildlife and how we can all make a difference in this most beautiful world.
    You are one FAB gentleman. God Bless you always. ❤

  25. Happy birthday Sir David May you have many more, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us, you have given us many memories as you travel the world. Bringing the natural world into our homes.

  26. Thank you for everything you thought and shared with us Sir David Attenborough. You are truly incredible and inspirational. 🙏🏻❣️Wishing you a healthy and peaceful birthday. 🕊🦋🎂🐨🐬🐾🎼🎉

  27. Science needs to find a way to keep this man alive forever.... TV will be soooo much poorer after his passing as he is one of the true greats and we will never see his like again. What an absolute legend

  28. Very happy he's come to a broadcasting end he has confused and lied to a whole generation with his theory that we have evolved from primeval soup never been proven and can't be. Why? Because it is not true. And Brian Cox is even worse

  29. A very Happy Birthday to a true legend who truly inspires generations. Not only this but you seem to be passing on a massage that really is understood. Please continue to do so and have a great 92nd Birthweek and many more to follow.

  30. I grew up watching some of these precious moments - our family always gathered to watch David's shows and I thank him for helping me develop my love and respect for Nature.

  31. Happy birthday sir David Attenborough
    You are one truly amazing passionate human and we love you and everything you do
    Have a wonderful day

  32. He must be the gentlest gentleman on the blue planet. I hug you David Attenborough! Thank you for sharing all your adventures with us.

  33. An incredible man who has enhanced all our lives. Happy birthday David Attenborough and wishing you many more adventures and

  34. Happy Birthday to a true gentlemen your an absolute legend have great pleasure watching your wildlife programmes hope you enjoy your day Sir David Attenborough

  35. Fantasztikus életút adatott neki, nekünk hatalmas ajándék, hogy mindezt átélhettük! Köszönöm a rengeteg tudást, és az életszemléletet, amit tőle tanulhattam! .... Such a wonderful life he has, and for us, he is a precious present and teacher we are given! Thank you for the wisdom and care we have learnt from him, thank you for being a part of this beautiful world, for which he opened a door....

  36. He is one of a favorite man in my life. Which I have less than 5 people and he is one of them. I been watching a lot of his program even tonight I watching Blue planet II. Happy birthday Sir David 🎂 🎉
    I wish you can live over 100 years because I want to see a documentary explain by you every year. 💗

  37. What a wonderful life he has lived and is living. Truly inspirational . A incomparable catalogue of memories and adventures! Happy Birthday :-)

  38. Who will tell us things when he is gone? No one knows as much as David Attenborough. He is the font of all knowledge 😍 x

  39. My son loves watching him. Blue planet is a fantastic programme. Happy birthday Sir David Attenborough 🥂🥂

  40. Happy Birthday Sir David 🥂 I’ve always loved you and all that you do to awaken awareness and love for Nature, for our beautiful Planet and life! You are one of my heroes 🙏🏻❤️🤗

  41. Happy Birthday Mr. Attenborough! You have really put the “wonder full” in having a wonderful life! Thank you so much for all the knowledge and experiences you have shared.

  42. I have some friends that are equally crushed out on on DA. We love to do our DA voices when we’re doing outdoorsy things, “I’m standing in primordial ooze...”

  43. Happy birthday to a most wonderful man. He has given us so much joy and information. My grandson and I have spent many hours watching his shows. It has inspired my grandson to want to work with animals when he is old enough

  44. There are so very few people who can truthfully be described as being able to change the world. This wonderful man is one of those few. A very happy birthday Sir David. Have the most glorious day.

  45. Happy Birthday to a great man who one day we may look back on as a true super hero. "He saved the oceans from plastic, without him, we may never have realised" x x

  46. Happy Birthday Sir. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventures. The education and joy you provide to us over the years is priceless. Wishing you health and happiness for many many years to come!

  47. Happy Birthday Dickie old chap. May you have many more and keep broadcasting. Your are the finest Ambassador to the Natural World On Planet Earth.

  48. What an absolute living foolish man, who never gives credit to God for all he has seen insted he gives credit and believes we all evolved from a mudskipper

  49. I grew up with the Life On Earth VHS set. It was one thing that set me apart from the other kids my age and helped improve my love it may and science. Happy Birthday Mr. Attenborough!! 🎉🎈🎂

  50. He really is the perfect man! Such a passion which has inspired generations. He is my absolute idol x

  51. Love him what an incrediable amazing inspirational lover of our world. Wish there more people that has his love for our world. Im 53 my son is 27 and my darling little friend WHITNEY is 5 and we absolutely love this gentleman. Wish I cld meet a man half/quarter of the man he is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR DAVID and may you continue for many more year ❤🎂

  52. Happy Birthaday Sir! Thank you so much for keeping the knowledge spark interesting and inspiring! Grateful to have been in some of your time on this beautiful planet!

  53. Good heavens. He s my absolute hero Al... after my dad of course xxx Happy Birthday David Attenborough.

  54. Absolutely amazing. Have watched his programmes since I was a child and still do. One of a kind. Happiest of birthdays to this legend

  55. What an incredible life. He’s adored in my household. My 9 year old daughter won’t watch nature documentaries unless she hears David’s voice. Haha. ❤️

  56. Happy birthday sir David Attenborough you share same birthday as my son and he loves animals just like you x

  57. Beth Comer and Rosie Horner I’m pretty certain it’s you guys that will appreciate this tribute the most out of all of my ex-pupils!

  58. Unequalled, and unequallable. Thank you for many hours of learning and pure enjoyment, and for always standing up for the natural world. Happy birthday, and many happy returns.

  59. Happy Birthday... Too one of the most amazing men on the planet. I grew up watching his wonderful programmes and still enjoy them today. Thank you

  60. Happy Birthday you AMAAAZING man and absolute genius in nature!! You bring me such joy watching your fascinating documentaries!!! Thankyou!!!!!

  61. Happy Birthday Sir David the whole family enjoys your programs so much! BBC Planet earth and Blue Planet are the most requested show to rewatch with our kids.

  62. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Sir! You are an inspiration to the world, thank you. Maybe a series on the importance of trees to us and all the other life they support?

  63. Wychowałem się na filmach przyrodniczych BBC , dzięki Sir Davidowi mogłem zaspokoić swoją ciekawość świata. Serdecznie za to dziękuję i życzę co najmniej 100 lat w zdrowiu!

  64. Happy birthday Sir David - you are an absolute legend, your programmes are wonderful, may you continue to inspire and make the difference this world needs

  65. Bless this man!! He is so admirable in every way! I honestly don't know a single person who doesn't have respect for this Sir! I hope he lives as long as he can. :)

  66. Happy Birthday! The life you have lived has been amazing. The places you've seen the experiences you've had. And you have shared so much of it with all of us. Thank you!

  67. Hey I dislike repeats! I'm certain THAT didn't have to occur! But he is fantastic delving into the animal kingdom for us.

  68. Jen Beattie Dave Steinbach Beth Montgomery 1925 was a pretty amazing year- David Attenborough, Queen Elizabeth, and of course, Robert Montgomery (Dad/Grandad) ❤️

  69. Absolutely love Sir David in our household. Our dog is even a huge fan. She insists we watch a show that he narrates at night especially. Happy Birthday to him