Guy Perfects Fishing Skills In The Gym

Guy Perfects Fishing Skills In The Gym

Guy Perfects Fishing Skills In The Gym

Posted by UNILAD May 9, 2018, 12:18 p.m.

The gym isn't for everyone... 😂💪

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  1. I think this guy is actually practicing reeling in a big ass fish

  2. This guy wants to be the best marlin catcher, is muscles gonna feed the table when ur faced with a giant fish at sea!?! 😂

  3. yea but next time he is out there taking down the big one he will be happy he did this six times a week for 3 months

  4. Nico, Conrad, Dimitri, Kenny, Tim, Stijn, Jonas! Allemaal samen naar de fitness voor den dag da gijle nekeer echte vis vangt 🙈🤪

  5. Georgy Gechkov през целия си живот съм използвал долният скрипец грешно... Сложи едно упътване и за останалите незапознати 😁

  6. Monika Kornet also an Max Stelle wuerd ich mir langsam gedanken machen... so oft kann man ja gar nicht gefilmt werden :D

  7. Nico, Conrad, Dimitri, Kenny, Tim, Stijn, Jonas! Allemaal samen naar de fitness voor den dag da gijle nekeer echte vis vangt 🙈🤪

  8. Look Wayne you CAN go to the gym for fishing practice when you arent able to do the real thing 😂😂😂 ive added a few extra exercises below!! Daniel next time you take him fishing make sure he keeps up with his routine 🤣🤣

  9. Matt Bautz, Rick Wilson, Joe Seta...I'm going to get you guys on my workout routine for the Keys!🤣

  10. Lisa, Adrianne, Stephanie, Peter who do we know that would do this???? Ummm...maybe Cory!

  11. Tom Best this is you practice fishing at the gym 😂

  12. Sal don't ever ask Eric to go to the Gym...haha

  13. Ellie Rudd shame we never pulled this move out at the gym

  14. Jack practice your fishing skills in the gym

  15. Kyle Jeffrey if you went to the gym you would be on the fishing machine.

  16. Sammy Irwin you at the gym getting fishing withdraws 😂😂😂 hah

  17. Is this what you do at the gym Chris?

  18. Shane, pretty sure this is what you’re doing at the gym.

  19. Ben Nutley cab imagine you at the gym doing this 😂😂😂 always fishing

  20. Mark Pilkington do you like fishing? There’s a new use for the rower in the gym 😂😂😂

  21. Alan Lynch this is actually what I'm up to when we go our separate ways at the gym

  22. Any Dowling 🤣🤣 I didn’t realise jay signed up to the gym!!

  23. Yufei probably what Benjamin does at the gym why he doesnt make any gainzzz

  24. Brendan Mitchell So this is what you ment by saying you have been working out at the gym??

  25. Greg Tunnock this is what I imagine you doing at the gym

  26. Chris Pesek is this a good enough reason to go to the gym? 😂

  27. Harvey Rob this is what you guys do in the gym? 😂😂😂👌🏼

  28. I can see Josh doing this when he goes to the gym Kaitlin!

  29. Haha Chris Lincoln I’d go to the gym if I could turn stuff into fishing

  30. Jake David if I took you to the gym that would 100% be you😂

  31. Heather.. show this to your husband. The gym is possible, look how this guy does it 😂

  32. Danielle Smiley this is probably what gerrick does at the gym

  33. Brian Rosene what you doing at the gym? 😂😂

  34. Jason Verney at the gym trying to get healthy

  35. Caleb Martell looks like we gotta hit the gym lol

  36. Dennis Klane is this how you work out at the gym 😛

  37. Ashlene Mac Anulty me before I started going to the gym with you

  38. Heather Aspenberg is this what Brian is doing at the gym?

  39. Wayne Evans is this you in the gym 😂

  40. Tahlia Van Der Eerden this what ur dad does in the gym out the back? Lol

  41. Is this why you go to the gym so much Phil Wockner...

  42. Scott Wilson when big tam goes to the gym

  43. Inna Nechacov some call it fishing at the gym😂😂😂

  44. Veronica Briones, show luis. We need to hit the gym lol

  45. Danni is this what Dave does at the gym? 😂😂😂

  46. Hahaha Cody James Odom let's go to the gym

  47. Wade Poulos time to him the gym?

  48. Paul Jinks when you hit the gym?

  49. This is what I do at the gym Steve Al-Anazi 🤣🤣

  50. Dragancho Blazeski this is why you joined the gym ay 🤣🤣🤣

  51. Kyranne Mena if ur dad went to the gym

  52. Amber Rebekah Barratt I now know what Marc does in the gym ! 😂

  53. Sierra Hoth me at the gym practicing for bear lake haha

  54. Schaylyn Passino makes me want to go to the gym

  55. I can imagine when sam went to the gym Sam Book Alex Mercier

  56. Cody Hart this is you at the gym lol

  57. Thang Nguyen found out what you actually do at the gym bro