Guy Feeds Raccoon

Guy Feeds Raccoon

Guy Feeds Raccoon

Posted by UNILAD March 3, 2018, 5:45 p.m.

I guess he brought friends 😳😳

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  1. Thanks to for this one!

  2. This is what would happen in the 90s and early 2000s when I had some gum at school and one person asks for a piece but then..

  3. You will live to regret feeding any raccoon.

  4. at dahil wala akong ma comment
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    <) )╯ i have a pen
    / \

    🍎<( )> I have an
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    ~ ( ) ~ uh!
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  5. My dude brought the whole squad like "I be getting free food straight from the humans.... no more garbage picking for us boys, let's pull up."

  6. Can someone please put the Aahhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhh from COD zombies on here and send it to me??? Pleeeaaaseeeee....will send bobs!!! Lmao

  7. Please don't feed wildlife by hand like that, as cute as it may accidental nip and they are supposed to be destroyed to test for rabies and you need expensive shots and then the whole county is up in arms to kill them's just not worth the risk to any of you. Also, as someone who was bitten by a rabid raccoon (it jumped out from behind the ice cooler at our rural convenience store during the daytime), they may act all friendly and then go berzerker on you when they get close enough to attack. It is best for everyone if you keep some distance.

  8. The scariest video I have ever seen Those rats behind who are going to attack the young man are so horror they are preparing to break down bone by bone organ by organ for this man who feeded only one single pregnant rat female mother

  9. Jonathan Houlders - my dream scenario....
    "there's enough for you all" I shout as I lob an entire bag of biscuits for them 😍😂

  10. Be very careful, my cousin was attacked by their pet and had over 50 puncture wounds in just moments.

  11. I have been feeding about 75 raccoons.and few skunks for 30 years at my house. Never had any problem. They don't attack. I am sure if someone stupid enough to grab one of them they won't ever do it again. I have never tried to make them pets even tho they are very comfortable around me but anyone else walks up they are gone

  12. I would love of that happened to me,because I actually adore raccoons i know there will be people who will be like "but raccoons are dangerous and have diseases" so don't bother if you think that but I personally love raccoons 😂

  13. Raccoons are cute but vicious. And they move in groups. When they find a good feeding ground, like your yard, they will attach themselves to your place. I know. We have 5 raccoons that visit all the time. I fed they come often. And they bite. Hard. My dog found out the hard way. No more food from me but they won't give up.

  14. I see what your plan is. Get them close whack em in the head with a hammer and have them for dinner tomorrow night. Genius plan!!

  15. Jamie Nickerson Kelly Widdoes Morgan Burdis every time they attacked....i just always knew those assholes had back up....just looming and get my ceviche. That scarred me convinced I have "PTRD".😲😢😈

  16. Actually John Reck, when the babies come, it's way more than those eyes you see. And you can walk right through them and they just continue doing what they are doing. I've banged pots and pans together in the middle of them and they just look at me. I'll try to get a picture for you. Give it about 6 more weeks or so.

  17. when I lived in the mountains they would come thru the doggie door bringing their whole family with babies to eat dry cat food---when I would hide it on top of a big bookcase, they would climb it and dump it on the floor so all could eat-----thank God my cats would just watch cause I hear they can be real nasty !

  18. That's the worst thing this guy could have done was feed that damn thing! Now he'll never get rid of it or his buddies.

  19. Gene I remember you telling me seeing a bunch of glowing eyes in the woods at a clients house. Maybe it was just these nice guys!!!

  20. Wild animals will become dependant on the free handouts, kinda like humans, should stop and make them work for it.🤔

  21. When someone in class asked you for a paper then you gave him one and then there's the whole class looking at you like the racoons hahaahaha

  22. Tracy Leland this brings me back to when I found all those raccoons in our kitchen before seminary

  23. My buddy says they are like gangsters frisking him and belongings for grub. I think they could be compared to the police .

  24. Damn homie you've got you many homies out there I don't got enough for everyone. Some of y'all need to bounce lol.

  25. See this is what’ll happen if you keep looking out for animals to rescue Abby....xx

  26. thats what it looked like that night at pondwood fisheries when i walked to the shitter Mick Holdaway with all the lose foxes

  27. Raquel lmao! I get attacked. Hahahaha i come back inside with my clothes torn and I’m all scratched up

  28. Shirley Burton this is gonna be Kenny coming home one day with his family of raccoons that took him in as one of their own

  29. Alicia Louise Robinson remember when we looked for shady in the woods near your old house and we saw eyes like these??????

  30. what did your teacher tell you ... if you did not bring enough for everyone can't have any ether LOLOLL

  31. Reminded of one time I saw a hot girl on the side of the highway showing legs and thumbing for a ride. I stopped and no sooner had I stopped when a whole bunch of other people came out of the bushes to hitch a ride too.

  32. Erin, Mitch, Kait Crowder, Jessica, Adrian Vizcaya Looks like I need to muster up a squad like this one here. 🤔

  33. Ya I get it, Racoons are cute but they will destroy your property and harm your pets with a big smile on their faces.

  34. Troy Dunbar Kari Ward Teresa Gonzales Davis Kevin. Steven Skrocki lets plan our weekend!!! Ohhhh Steve you have no idea the love Troy has for these animals❤😜

  35. When one of the bros scoops one of the bros a dab... Lmao Marcus Looney Justin Chiief Jerome Stanley Jr. Manny Totus Chad BrManny TotusiChad BrowneaglemElijah Ray Bevis right behind you awe💀

  36. Hugo Derici Rayan Motionless Darod Raisoir ok les gars ,moi je vois sa je cours , on dirais une armé de marsupilami mutant

  37. I love feeding animal but this is to much and they scary I would have run inside 😂 Juan Gonzalez Jenni Contreras

  38. Josephine van Diermen Jarno de Vries vroeger in van die tekenfilms als het dan donker was zag je alleen de ogen... het is dus echt

  39. Matt Huston Nicole Torres oh noooo, this is what’s gonna happen the next time a raccoon comes to my back door! 😂😂😂

  40. Those raccoons are cute to look at,, but they'll tear a cat to pieces... cute and mean.. remind you of Anybody? 🤔🤔🤔

  41. Actually feeding any wild animal is a really terrible idea . No matter how cute it may seem .

  42. Rachel Butler-Mallett, Chris Mallett and Ed Hill “oh dear, we appear to have dropped some on the floor”

  43. That's a good way to get attacked. Trash Pandas, while cute, are some of the meanest little SOBs around.

  44. I hope you gave some to the others ?

  45. Carlos thats why u dont feed them!!!

  46. You feed one, the rest of then comes. And now, there always going to be around your house. 😂😂😂

  47. Βάιος βρε δεν παει να σαι κτηνιατρος? Ψαλτης? Φανταρος? Μπασκετμπολιστας? Παντα θα εισαι υπουλο ρακουν χαχαχχαχαχα

  48. There all ways watching lol :) you had it now pal all want 1 if not they burgal ya house lol ;)

  49. This reminds me of when one kid would give another gum and everyone would just stare expecting one tbh. Katie Chrzanowski?

  50. Léa Manon Dimitri Adeline quand tu ouvrais un paquet de chewing-gum dans la cour de primaire

  51. How to contract rabies in 3 steps or less...

  52. Racoons are like potato chips. You can't have just one.

  53. Tommy Evy, jag släppte in dom andra katterna också! Att ni berättat att ni skaffat fler. Hungriga var dom också

  54. Why stop filming when it gets interesting.

  55. Cynthia look at all those trash pandas!!!

  56. You're in the wrong neighborhood. At a bad hour and trying to be friendly

  57. Wrong animal to feed good luck with that

  58. Andreas,Andreas&Kristian når man gir et stykke pizza nede i klubben

  59. Always bring "BACK UP" You just never know.

  60. Somebody put the You Die screen at the end of the video

  61. Vicky Duffy this would happen to me and then I'd have a clan of animals 😂😂😂

  62. And that's when you grab the 12 gage

  63. Alan
    Cuando le dan de comer a la ñaña y todos los perrillos atrás viéndolos con hambre

  64. Quando você mexe com uma gay mas ela nunca anda sozinha Rodrigo

  65. Chase Kalil me if we have friends near our house in AZ i will feed them all

  66. Omg omg omg omg Maddie. Over the Hedge!!!😂😂😂

  67. Andrea was it like this that day for you and Nicole on the bike trail that day? 😁

  68. Ronan Ball ‘ bang bang, grabbed his dick and ran off in to the dark’ 😂😭😂

  69. Tori Pearcy
    Is this what you were hoping for down the park? Haha x