Giant Cookie Dough Ball

Giant Cookie Dough Ball

Giant Cookie Dough Ball

Posted by UNILAD Grub Feb. 13, 2018, 1:04 p.m.

This giant cookie dough ball has a sweet centre 🍪 😍

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  1. Big thanks to Sophies Kitchen for this video! For more of their content check out their Instagram-

  2. Chantel McGurty this is your kind of food definitely worth a go 👌😎

  3. Tash Newman - could we count this as gym gains😂💪

  4. Josh Woods when shall we make this 😍

  5. Charlotte Lampard I know u love a bit of cookie dough 😏

  6. Tasmin-Ami Griffiths I should have come home with this last night! xxx

  7. Donna Newlin Katie Payne I don't know where this is but I want it.

  8. Ljubinka Golub found the loove of my life

  9. Chelsea Selina Watson I gained 5 pounds just watching this

  10. Mike Curtin cook this please 😂

  11. Omg Samuel Chaitanya... Look at this...😍

  12. That hurts my stomache looking at it. What's with the raw cookie dough recipes??? Just trying to give ppl gut rot and worms I swear lol yes ppl eat raw cookie dough large amounts it's so good for you.. lol

  13. And ppl wonder why they have health problems lol no raw cookie dough has nothing to do with that

  14. Paige Buzzard you and dean are cookie dough obsessed look at this 😍

  15. Sam Nix exterior is made up for by the interior

  16. Lexi Taylor for Valentine’s Day

  17. Why are you slicing with a serrated knife?

  18. Hahahahahahaha Mohammad Saad Khan Rehan Mujeeb ye dekhlo bhai issay kehty hy dough balls ..Zaid Nisar🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Andrea, esto es mejor k los putos pancakes

  20. Giulia Gruossoo mi stucca a guardarlo

  21. Mostafa Rady ha3melholak lama teegyyy

  22. Ziv Guetta מרגיש את החנק?

  23. Laura Coutts By the gods!!!

  24. Juanita Rogers Cookie Dough 🤤😋

  25. Olga Al-Issa this is love

  26. Tazkia Rashid Gwennan Evans Owain Tobias it has strawberries... healthy!

  27. Anna Louise Fleet I can't cope

  28. Marta De Prada Gómez Alejandra Martin Carabel may gudnessss

  29. Anna Maria Andri Antri Theo !!!!!!!!

  30. Edd Armstrong SWEET MOLEY

  31. Dominic Ellis I want it 😍

  32. Connie Fillingham wow yes

  33. C’est quoi ce délire Zoé Tardieux Salvatore

  34. Tom Pitfield Stephanie J Miller Emma Swinscoe