Food Unwrapped: Kids Eating Vegetables

Food Unwrapped: Kids Eating Vegetables

Food Unwrapped: Kids Eating Vegetables

Posted by Channel 4 March 13, 2018, 6:18 p.m.

Could this be a way of getting kids to gobble their greens?

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fussiest eater, good variety, different veg, hungry mine,


  1. tell them they cant leave the table until they've eaten it, you know like our parents did back in the good old days, worked for us. Of course nowadays people will first have to buy a table first ..... lol

  2. Never had any problems with my kids eating veggies. They ate pureed veggies from babies and tried a good variety of veggies as they grew up. Let them pick a different veg to try when we went shopping e.g pumpkin, and we made something delicious out of them. We always have at least 3 different veggies on the plate at dinner time, chopped carrots for snacks etc. They even eat Brussel sprouts when in season!

  3. How about you eat it and if you dont you dont get up off the chair? Dont allow youre family to eww at veg in passing, they will LIKE e taste before they get into school and keep eating it.. if you occasionally put em into fancy shapes fair enough but not every day!

  4. Er no mine eat any thing served to them, peas carrot sweetcorn broccoli etc or else they loose their technology 🤣 harsh but it works.

  5. Easy to get them to eat veg. Like we had to; there's only one meal for everyone and you eat it or go without. See easy. Eat it or go hungry.

  6. what a load of whats the name,s, my day if you did not eat it was taken away,.....when you were hungry you ate anything,..

  7. I was the fussiest eater as a child, my poor mum, now I even eat the dreaded peas!!! You can't fool kids, but get them interested in the food and they'll eatvsomething!

  8. How about they just eat what's served. That's pretty much what happened to me when i was a kid. You ate what was on your plate or you didn't.

  9. Probably because the parents don't eat veges

  10. Its adults that create the problem my kids like greens one even put Brussel sprouts on pizza.

  11. How about just eating what you're told

  12. Maybe they were put off as there was a minion watching what they eat!

  13. Brussels are Mingin no matter what you make them look like...

  14. where has this indulgence come from. We ate everything that was put on our plate!

  15. Sarah
    imagine if Dah didn't eat her veg 😂 she'd be hungry

  16. Mine love veg and fruit. I don't have an issue with them eating it. The cost of it though.

  17. I had a deal with my son that he has to eat three colors from the plate. And it worked.

  18. Easy way to lose weight by Allen Carr. Check the 3 main food group mixes it's enlightening.

    Back in my day.....
    My son/daughter loves veg....

  20. Let them eat what they fucking want

  21. Richie Greene am I going to have to do this?😂

  22. Anna McGee For Sean and Elli Semelides loooool

  23. Samantha Lukah should try this