Posted by Classic FM June 12, 2018, 10:31 p.m.

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  1. É pianista seminua, flautistas com bambolê, etc. Se são necessárias essas apelações, isso é sintoma de que a música em si já não desperta interesse suficiente.

  2. Carol Tom, what a hoot,!! Thank you! I want to hear and see the perform the rest of the piece. Sure do miss you in orchestra! Hope all is good. This video is terrific.

  3. Mel - why did I immediately think of you and the Festive Flute girls when I saw this?! 😂😂

  4. Now I know why I could never do this (the hoolahoop) it's not wiggle the hips, it's alternating with the knees!

  5. Ha Anne Henderson Lafferty! Good one! And I know someone who could help me reinact this...Sarah Lightfoot Cooley 🤩🤩🤩

  6. This is the whitest thing I have ever seen

  7. Ellen If only we played the flute

  8. Someone help me out... What piece are they playing?

  9. Why.....? Only as a stunt to raise money...

  10. Aubrey Sacop dapat nung recital mo ganito kayo ni Clarizze hahahahaa

  11. Aimée Maria - if we start hula hooping post run ? Oh and I'd need to learn the flute 😂

  12. Katie Howard clearly we needed to step up our game back then 😂😂

  13. Joseph Hall Learn to play the flute so that we can do this please

  14. Emily Kasparek with some peach schnapps, this could be us this summer! 😂❤️

  15. Anna... you have a talented teacher! #goals

  16. No puedo respirar y emitir una nota decente, imagínate si voy a bailar el hulla hulla 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. Allison & Scottie this is what I'm teaching the girls next.

  18. Elly Sophie should’ve done this for contemporary!! 😂

  19. Katie Mueller let’s do this next year @ solo ensemble

  20. Kitty Melissa next gig I’m bringing Hula hoops!

  21. Jessica Stein can you imagine doing this!?! 😂🎶

  22. can this be a Yuxiao and Clara collab

  23. Sean Hammond & Lauren Lucente I expect a Hulu hoop flute concert from you guys now!!

  24. Uh...is there a reason for this?

  25. Crystal Bueno I think Adams foot-tapping is excellent compared to this! He should show his teacher.

  26. I better be seeing this at our first Sigma Alpha Iota musicale Shelby Renee Starkebaum Caitlin Stanford

  27. waiting for those two hula-hoop crashed to each other😜😜😅😅, not happening lol,

  28. Danielle Tormala we have to learn an instrument now to be hula relevant 😂😂.

  29. Deborah Biggs 😂
    Think I can only manage one or the other!

  30. Unmmm... I appreciate your confidence in me but I'm not that coordinated

  31. Daniel Blomdahl I need to see that you can do this while playing violin before I’ll call you accomplished lol

  32. Hanako Ichii-Jones you want me to play the cello at your wedding ? You're going to have to crack this out for mine!

  33. Taya - you could do this in next years talent show at school

  34. Milica Ivetic you should've done this for the talent show

  35. Dominika Czausz dorzucamy do naszej oferty? Może więcej zgłoszeń będzie

  36. Emily Graetz get this happening at women’s

  37. Goodness, all thes talented people. I never could even hula-hoop!

  38. Michelle- something for the girls to practice this summer 😀

  39. Robert Catney you could do this for your project?

  40. Lol certainly wouldn't have the breath even if I could keep it up longer than 65 seconds😂

  41. It looks like it would be hard to do both at the same time

  42. So now cirques du soleil does musicals too

  43. Amanda Lacanilao I think you should get your horn and hoops out

  44. Helen Hodson I feel like.... this is my brain

  45. Jonathan Lane I found a new goal for you

  46. Eda Tang invest in a hula hoop

  47. Alice Zhou what is this witch craft

  48. Never could Hula Hoop, so def couldn't play an instrument while doing so. Talented!

  49. LilyHalward we will do this one day 😂😂

  50. Kathrin Weinberger Challenge?
    Du mit da Flötn und i mit der Tubsn😂

  51. Leanne, Suzanne entertainment contest next year? Lol 😂

  52. Pra VC q acha q é difícil tocar imagina assim.. Isabella Batista

  53. You need to play the flute Christine Evans 😂 xx

  54. Alexa Zammit lmao this is what you should do on Saturday

  55. Line, Karl og Christina - Wow.. næste gang vi spiller Rørfløjternes Dans er det måske sådan her? 😂

  56. Mirysa Henning lmao I can’t even That’s you 😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Makayla Higgins this is how we will earn money to go to Disney after graduation!😂

  58. Isabelle Ferreira ja vai treinando haushaushuahsuashaush
    coordenação motora buga certamente kkkkkkk

  59. Kelly Moorcroft Richardson could have amped up the entertainment value at our wedding 😂

  60. Carlos Cuxim Tuz hagamos eso, obvio tú con tu trompeta

  61. Issie Brown & Rhoslyn Carney please can you do this when performing my piece 😂❤

  62. That is great. U guys need to try this.

  63. Caitlin Bergervoet it's Anna's solo song! Isn't it?

  64. Li Guan-Mei Timpson we should've reached this level 😆

  65. Is this our future Jingwen Ding

  66. Megan Dawes your next challenge

  67. Katie M Huck Loosbrock Brianna's next talent show entry?😁

  68. Sasha Brooksby something we would do

  69. Suzana Huang this would be miss dixons nightmare