Five Finger Death Punch announce new album And Justice For None

Five Finger Death Punch announce new album And Justice For None
Image from: Metal Hammer

Here we go!

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  1. Will the songs be called Whitened, Two, Longest Straw, Harverster of Glee, and To Die is to Live?

  2. "Songs To Beat Your Wife To Volume 6: The Way of the Fists"

  3. I preferred the unreleased demo songs to the album they were going to release called "Weightlifting is my business and drinking monster is good"

  4. Let me guess, the bass is gonna be mixed too loud. Hmm....

  5. To think Metallica ripped FFDP off their album name...shame on you Metallica

  6. What fucking horrible album art. This band has been awful for years now.

  7. I love their old stuff and tolerate some of the new. I really hope they can get back to their old selves or at least get out of the rut they are in. Hopefully separate the melodic and the heavy and not have it all mashed into one song.

  8. Cover art looks like a cross between a PSOne game box and one of those t-shirts from Camden market. Love it! Edit Jamie, thoughts?!

  9. The ironic thing is there is a very good chance ffdp will headline download in the next few years. The criteria that matter - play big venues, draw a big crowd at the festival itself, have a die hard following and appeal to the masses to an extent - they aren't far off ticking all those boxes at all. Quality is irrelevant, and any band one may say deserves it more is probably smaller, and thereby can't do it, as size trumps quality or merit... So they will probably have the last laugh, despite all the silly renaming for a few laugh emojis :p

  10. This has to be an early April fools joke. Ffdp albums will soon be up there with getting Rick rolled

  11. Apparently, "tipping a hat to well known band" is frowned upon. Everyone is a judgemental, keyboard warrior online.

  12. Will this album have bass you can hear?? 😂😂

  13. Ian Ward Slipknot are writing again, now that’s news

  14. The tattoo shop I go to has that same exact cover as a poster other than the stupid added detail, this band is a fucking joke.

  15. I love five finger, but get rid of the word ‘and’. It’ll just be better that way

  16. Is everything on the album goingSound exactly like the last album and the album before that and the album before that

  17. So wait... they ripped off the cover image AND the name of the album? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not surprised... But fucking seriously?

  18. Do they always bring along Bad Wolves for Tommy Vext, in case Ivan goes AWOL?... xD

  19. Your bonus track opens the album? And it's already a previously released song?

  20. Woop! Tbh such a great band and mint live too! Happy about this!

  21. These guys really are the nickelback of "metal"

  22. Grant oh ripping off metallica again thats refreshing xD

  23. I would like to read that They split up...

  24. How many cover songs are they going to fill this one up with?

  25. Fabian Adamek Luke Sucke die Kommentare 😂

  26. Aaron Clark Max Fiyst Glynn Shane West

  27. Change you snare sound lol this isn't the 80s!!!!

  28. Zane Nelson FFDP breaking Benjamin nothing more and bad wolves we need to find out if they play so cal

  29. the artwork looks like a 13 year olds msn profile picture

  30. Kevin Fosnot what do you call them?

  31. David Proctor Luke Evans Rory Yeoman the fucken title of the album....

  32. Joe Bradshaw gonna be really stompy hahaha

  33. Alex Dunn Dylan Thompson really

  34. Clever band continues to be clever.

  35. Nicholas Mencel Gustavo Antunes

  36. Well this is a good sign... everyone on here is hateing the album already and they haven't even heard one song, so this album will be a good one and sell millions of dollars

  37. I just came here for the comments, keep it up guys!

  38. How original. Let me guess your number 1 single off the album is the song Two.

  39. Ryan look, your favourite band's back, and oh so original.

  40. Is this so called Tribute album?

  41. Even the song titles sound ripped off from Metallica. “ It doesn’t Matter” lol

  42. Jordan Carpenter Joe Norris what the hell is with this album title??

  43. I would have called it 'Darkened' or 'Slide the Frightening'.

  44. And its gonna be the same album they put out every other time so who cares. They're trash

  45. Its actually criminal calling an album that... And justice for none indeed

  46. Five flavored fruit punch 👊💥😄😅🙊

  47. I liked their first 3 cds but after that they began to be trash

  48. Oh now maybe not everyone is going to bring up Metallica with this

  49. You know they straight up, blatantly ripped off this artwork, right?