FBI director says the White House had FOUR warnings about aide Rob Porter

FBI director says the White House had FOUR warnings about aide Rob Porter
Image from: Daily Mail

He is subject to domestic violence accusations from his two ex-wives.

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  1. Nobody gave a crap about the folks Obama surrounded himself with. This is NONSENSE.
    it's the democrats that wanted to do away with criminal history on job applications.

  2. Trump puts loyalty above everything, including basic right and wrong.

  3. Well pumpkin head said that he choose the best ppl 🤷‍♂️

  4. Shock and horror!! Trump, Huckabee-Sanders and Kelly all lied about knowing of this? I can't believe any of them would lie, Oh that's right, I can't believe any of them would actually tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

  5. They had 3 decades of warnings about Hillary and Bill. Now THIS is a problem?!?!?!

  6. Interesting, as an executive appointment you must be approved by the FBI...

  7. They knew. They just didn’t care.

  8. The FBI also told the White House the Russia dossier is unreliable and then submitted as evidence to get a warrant. Not sure the FBI has credibility when it comes to informing people of anything.

  9. Whoever does the hiring for the tweeter in chief is an idiot.

    4 warnings about Rob Porter and the orange bamboozler still hires him? And when Porter was booted after the allegations came to light, the tweeter in chief still backed him?


  10. Yes four warnings but the FBI forgot.... the Orange Skinned Clown does not read and besides women haters stick together.

  11. Accusations. Accusations. Accusations. Where is the police report? What was the court's judgment? Accusations is all there is.

  12. FBI is so thorough, tell me again why they are so oppposed to accontability??!!!

  13. ---- Warnings --- Don't let him play by him self. ----

  14. Why is this coming from the UK? Is our media afraid?

  15. Get all the politicians together in Washington drop bomb start over.