'Everyone's ancestors were immigrants at some point'

'Everyone's ancestors were immigrants at some point'

'Everyone's ancestors were immigrants at some point'

Posted by Channel 4 News Feb. 13, 2018, 12:49 p.m.

“Everyone’s ancestors were immigrants at some point.”

The groundbreaking discovery that early Britons could have had dark skin proves “the idea that there’s this indigenous British person who is white…is a fiction” says author Afua Hirsch.

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  1. Is there any concrete evidence to prove anything other than the fact that he died here. How do they know he was from here. Born and bred. How do they know he represents the native population of the time? Making such a gigantic conclusion defining a genetic origin of a population seems incredibly unscientific to me

  2. Err, people moved here after the last ice age approximately ten thousand years ago, roughly eight thousand years ago their skin started to lighten. If they came here 10,000 years ago & were here generations later with lighter skin, those light skinned people would be indigenous... Right?

  3. this woman is on a one woman crusade to create racism simple she has more chips on her shoulder than a harry ramsdens

  4. Yet more recycled news from C4!

    And it's not ground breaking it has been widely known for decades that the original humans were dark skinned and that movement and evolution has changed skin tone over the centuries. It's nothing new!

  5. I really appreciate this scientific discovery for what it is. It is another page of our history that has been uncovered, and that's great! 😃

    But to wield it as a political weapon is ruining what should be a victory for natural history.

  6. It's not ground-breaking.... the science has indicated that white skin is a relatively new evolution.
    Depending on the research white skin has been dated back six thousand to ten thousand years.
    This data falls right into the already existing data of 10 to 6 thousand years.

    Don't understand why people are making a big deal out of it.

  7. Now I can be much more relaxed about being subsumed by a 7th century ideology founded by a genocidal paedophile... Let’s just open our doors to the entire 3rd world and every failed state, while we’re at it. Why not eh? Thanks “science” for making me more tolerant.

  8. Too right, British have bred with all sorts of nationalities, even the royal family.
    Their outrage at anybody who is foreign, and not British, is so totally hilarious!

  9. Those immigrant were homogenous and didn’t come in their millions to a developed society with public services, neither did they displace generations old communities and have values that were incompatible.

  10. They found a fossil. Then magically, with Marxist money, backing a Marxist 'scientist', they say we were all once black! Even if this is not Marxist propaganda (which it so obviously is), who cares what colour the guys skin was? It does not justify England being turned into a multicultural hellhole (which is what this is so clearly going to promote).

  11. This is s pointless narration. Just because a country was made up of or established by immigrants, does not give license to ILLEGAL immigration or to over populate a country with immigrants, especially ones offering little to the growth of a country, other than in population.

  12. In Cheddar Cave, they also found a well preserved Bowler Hat, Brief Case and an umbrella which are now safely locked away in a vault at the British Museum for fear of upsetting irrationally held beliefs of Britishness.

  13. This is a modern instance of anthropology being used for political ends. If another finding were unearthed which has opposite ideological implications, would it be featured as much?

  14. Not stopped laughing since I read this all the little pale people running around trying to dispel this your very actions and arguments show how totally moronic you and your "white" superiority complex are so intrenched, it's the funniest thing I've witnessed in years. I really don't care to me all people are equal and colour is just that a colour chill out and deal with it.

  15. i think people hate aggression or laziness, taking advantage of the system or just being unpleasant. if we see it in another race, it's easier to just pick on their race or colour.

  16. just who is obsessed with race in Britain today? this woman seems to think it is the biggest issue around! get over it and live together without the need for petty point scoring. Pathetic

  17. what a lot of fuss over nuffin!!! this geeza minced about 10000 years ago there were no boarders,country's it was just land so what???, all these bods bumping their gums saying you should be gratefull to us black folk after all we got here!! so what the majority NOW are not black so the geezas friends probably thought sod this its too cold im offsky, personaly i dont care its just evolution and 10000 years oh come on get it in to perspective its part of history so what??

  18. Of course we are a nation of immigrants. Just about every country in the world is. Before times of borders and laws and cultural values. However over a couple of thousand years cultures have taken shape, morals and ethics have eveolved differently around the world. Thats what makes us British or Iranian or French or Somalian or where ever it is you hail from. Culture has been imported or instilled since man first travelled. In the UK we have been subject to invasion and conquest and we have been the invaders and the conquerers! Immigration means something else now and everyones knows this. We have different culture, different morals, different ways of life and some people don't want these differences, we are told to accept immigration and diversity as only a positive thing and to ignore the problems that come with it. Often the solution is to totally cave in and bow down, completely forget who we are, who we have been.

  19. This is total bollox - we have had more or less a homogenous culture in the UK for the last 1000 years. I don't mind careful managed measured immigration - but do we really have to erase our culture, history, and heritage to make foreigners feel more at home in the Britain than the British themselves.

  20. I think Channel 4 missing the point as usual and massaging facts to spin a politically correct narrative whilst causing racism a the same time as claiming to do be trying to somehow solve it. It's not where you're from it's where you're at. Fact is that people from other places don't behave the same or have the same values or morals or interests in the larger community or nation where they are moving to, they don't have an interest in the language and the more diverse a community is the less likely people are to interact on anything other than a highly superficial level and this is perfect for a totalitarian system. They sometimes don't even intend to stay so don't invest in any way in the culture they are meant to be part of instead sending money out of the country in fact. They just want to live a good life so importing loads of foreigners is going to change the nation that's importing them regardless of their appearance. This is simply auto-pilot industrial virtue signalling for the new population replaced Europe that somehow has to become the future whilst the rest of the world gets to largely maintain their cultural and demographic homogeneity as it grows at the same time as Europe's shrinks.

  21. I think ch4 fb commenters try too hard sometimes, to connect the dots ?...OK,so early British man was dark skinned ?..cool 👍
    ...but it has fa to do with modern Britain ?

  22. More Politically led PC Bull droppings. because of course not one other individual white or otherwise, was ever here before this one individual who luckily had his unique passport No 1 on him.

  23. I think you will find the Romans, Vikings and Normans were invaders. Most of our population are connected by ancestry, one way or the another.

  24. Why is this such a surprise and getting such attention. It didn't surprised me one bit. I thought everyone knew that Africans left Africa and populated the world. Duhhhh

  25. I'm so ashamed of my whiteness now, I was just getting my head round the fact that I may be British. Science says its fiction and science is science so where now?

  26. Can't we all just live our life. Everytime news is about Brown, Black and all shades in between. Please STFU with all this BS!!!! Is there no problems in this World. Please STFU!!!!!

  27. Just because something happened in the past, it does not provide an argument of what should happen in the present. What construed point of view she holds.

  28. They are assuming it wasn't a traveler, they are assuming it is the oldest to be found, could be older one's yet to find. All this hullabaloo is agenda riddled. Not that i care who is the first but the assumption every one is stupid and the topic being agenda driven is insulting.

  29. Only Brexiteers require confirmation of this. Poor bleak minded souls.

    Yup you didn't crawl from the sea white. The SILK ROAD brought you here

  30. more liberal brainwashing right here for you guys, just sit and laugh at her. never heard so much nonsense in all my life!

  31. The discovery believes belongs to an African Asylum seeker was coming to Britain to claim cave benefits.

  32. there wasn't even a Britain at one point. it was part of the europa continent until 40 million years ago when it broke off and moved towards carlsberg.

  33. Who cares!! At the end of the day, who built this nation? Who made it how it is today? We can claim all this and the other but who built Great Britain?

  34. Silly use of race, and colour..
    You live on what is currently an island, . . . Hello.
    Takes no genius to think about who lives there.
    Anyway, the Roman occupation, reported that Britons were blue..

  35. We know that the Celts were dark skinned and so were some of the Roman army, but we also know that Vikings, Saxons, Normans were fair skinned. The latter came after the former so what does that mean afua ? Work it out.

  36. People evolved to cope with the environment they lived in. Hot sun dark skin little sun white skin desert inhabitants eyes like slits etc etc. I did that in geography 50 years ago.

  37. I think this is being over blown. How do we know he wasn't brought there by others. Aleutians ??? Norse???

  38. Why do we give em air time just knock the chip off her shoulder ffs

  39. She's brilliant and utterly spot on about immigration!

  40. This women is one step short of becoming the next Dianne Abbott 😣

  41. Gotta love the pro whitey comments here, grabs popcorn...

  42. Triggered broflakes......INCOMING!!!


  43. I'm a indigenous knuckle dragger and facts won't prove otherwise

  44. It's not ground breaking at all, white skin did not evolve in Europe until about 8000 years ago, so logically Europeans older than 8000 years had much darker skin.
    Took me 30 seconds on Google to find that out.

  45. Channel 4 can’t get enough of this sheeeeiittt can it lol


  47. It must have been such a struggle growing up in upper-middle class Wimbledon 😂

  48. The interviewer is one of the most racially biased anti British Channel 4 Interveiwers

  49. Everyone's ancestors were cave men or as that canadian dude puts it cave people... move on