Eels Come Out Of Stream For Snack

Eels Come Out Of Stream For Snack

Eels Come Out Of Stream For Snack

Posted by UNILAD April 13, 2018, 10:45 a.m.

'Just at the park, feeding the eels' 😂😳


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omg stewart anthony, absolute bigggest dear, savage duck,


  1. The duck was like f**k off c*nt, thats mine. 😂

  2. When you're down by the sea and an eel bites your knee, that's a Moray!

  3. why the duck🦆 didn't get electric shock?🤔🤔

  4. Look at them ducks!! Like no mate we were here first get your own food 😂😂😂🦆🦆🦆

  5. I was waiting for a chunk of meat or something then he throws a piece of bread....
    I’m disappointed with you, you scary black vegan snakes “eels”!

  6. Am I the only one waiting for that duck getting mauled to death?

  7. Alison omg what nightmares are made of 😭 remember when we used to crawl up your arm if I was more than ankle deep in waters 😂👏🏼 eels were my absolute bigggest dear 😬

  8. That's just all my friends from school guys, don't worry.

  9. Well at least those are freshwater eels cuz if they was dark brown with red stripes they would have electric eels and would have Zapped the hell out of that duck

  10. Omg Stewart Anthony!! I was scared enough when the swans came too close imagine what I'd be like here😂😂🙈🙈

  11. Saw eels, was like nah there are ducks they’re just weird seals, realized hes feeding eels John

  12. How does this not bother me but snakes do

  13. Its official now; ducks are the assholes of animal kingdom

  14. A cure for welniss movie be like...

  15. Though those were giant fricking leaches

  16. This is what nightmares are made of.

  17. Mike, the balls on that duck at the end.. 😂

  18. OMG I would die of fright if I saw these

  19. Tips your dad's dream but they be feeding him!😂😂😂

  20. Thats some wierd looking dog you have there...

  21. Björn da müssen wir hin und dann lecker geräuchert😂🤤

  22. Blerina oh them childhood memories. :D Megan

  23. King Wai this is scaryyy, also that duck haha

  24. For research purposes this makes me hungry

  25. Kristy 😲😳😳 well this is the next level 🤣

  26. Adrian Pope Does this make you as uncomfortable as it makes me 🙈😭 That's a brave ass duck.

  27. Hayley Watson I was obsolete, couldn't hear a beat, staggering around on me old man's feet

  28. Is that the bombs squad at melly 7s tomorow Blair Roden

  29. Kevin de paling is aant aze jo, wanneer zen we weg?

  30. Shelley Macdonald thats not you in the park feeding them eels is it...



  31. Sharif Ibrahim ich wunder mich nicht warum Enten da sind ... deren neues SEALS Team oder was?

  32. Kelly Be let’s go feed the eels next time 😱😍

  33. Caitlin Saykal these sent shivers down my spine imagine seeing them come @ u

  34. Yasin Cayli Aale füttern.... nichts ist mehr, wie es mal war! Damals war alles besser, als man noch Enten gefüttert hat!

  35. Teisa Tafolo HOW DISGUSTINF. Almost worse then a milliion worms

  36. Jenny Beaton, was the one you saw this big?! Flaming huge things 😖

  37. Susanne Brz bei unserem nächsten Spaziergang vllt ma des ausprobieren

  38. Cheryl Farnden either this is you......or you need to step your wildlife whispering game up 😂😂😂

  39. Taylor Porter if this ever happens at Discovery I’m never going back! 😂

  40. You could have a field day here Ally

  41. James eels. Eels, eels up inside ya, find a place where they can 😂

  42. Alex Evans you would love this when you go fishing 😂

  43. এগুলার নাম ঈল। মাছের মত। কারেন্ট শক লাগে টাচ লাগলে। হাসটা বাইচ্চা আছে কেম্নে বুঝতেসি না! 😒 Madhuri

  44. V St Clair that duck is like stop stealing my ducking bread

  45. Mond Mal and Ele Ri bet you are salivating

  46. Craig Richard Stevenson you still couldn't catch one lol 🎣🎣

  47. I’d have to grab one to take home and uh....keep it for a pet. Yeah, that’s it.

  48. Oh dear...where on Earth is this park? 0_o Pretty sure I'd freak if I saw that lol

  49. Lauren what kinda fucking park is this

  50. What the heck the ducks are fighting the eels to lol

  51. This appEELS to me on many levels.

  52. oh my god I have never seen anything like this

  53. Henry Riddle Matthew Gear these are nothing compared to the monster Finley Way caught

  54. Adam Wyatt like the ones from river monsters!

  55. Nathaniel Green I wanna feed eels at the park 😂😂😂
    Why're they so cute :3

  56. so sad what happened to the eels after they broke up

  57. Curtis Revell The duck is the real boss of the stream😂

  58. Željko Mišković my grandad would call that “ribbon fish - it’s not that bad”

  59. I didn't know ferrites eat bread.😜

  60. Michael Bui this is the video I was telling you about 😷

  61. When will someone make a thug life vid of that duck !

  62. Hannes Warning schön in den Park gehen uns Aale füttern

  63. Kieran Robyn honestly, it looks like my kinda day out.