EU's Proposed Rules On Copyright Laws

EU's Proposed Rules On Copyright Laws

EU's Proposed Rules On Copyright Laws

Posted by UNILAD Tech June 12, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

Copyright law could put an end to internet memes 😢

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  2. Free Speech is already gone, thank you. This is just the next step in silencing the masses and controlling dissenters

  3. I also may dissappear from the Internet

  4. This isn't about free speech. This is about people taking other peoples work and using it for their personal reasons that were not intended for when that photo was taken. I love Memes but I also see a lot of media that is being stolen from the artist.

  5. F*** the EU. Time to flood every EU email with every meme in your inventory. The only reason this is even a thing is because they can't handle being made fun of.....which is REALLY easy to do.

  6. Boy the EU needs to take a second and make sure lawmakers understand the internet. Also LMAO if you think this would get rid of memes.

  7. I think you have really really missed the point. Meme and the right of make fun of copyrighted stuff will still remain.
    What is in danger is to steal material for business purpose.
    which is already forbidden but platforms are not responsible for it.

  8. ... So people draw their own and memes become even more unique.
    And those of us that draw them and want to be famous for it, say anyone can use it. Boom. No copyright

  9. There it is....the stupidest thing I've heard all day!

  10. They can only do this if people allow them. People seem to forget that the goverment is a body built to work for the people. Not the other way around. I dont know about everyone else, but I wont be happy if the internet is taken over

  11. hope this doesn't pass. This is draconian... It won't make memes and stuff go away, but it will create a very interesting underground. Or add to it I guess.

  12. All those in favour of black-market memes say Aye.

  13. So a bunch of people with no friends who sit in a big office all day are deciding weather or not you can keep your freedom to creativity

  14. I fear cartoons and talkshows will starting to be worthless starting the signing the new law. And anime will take the throne of king of memes very easily.

  15. Ohoho.. the internet is stupid.. while the phone is smart!. If got screenshot just take all the memes into your gallery. Simple right xD

  16. Camilo Sergio Diego malditos opresores siempre queriendo controlar los medios de comunicación. Los memes ya se arraigaron dentro de las raíces más profundas del internet, nunca nos silenciarán

  17. Thank God the government controls the British internet so things like this won't happen... OH wait. 😒

  18. That's if the companies actually enforce it. A lot of these companies know that memes exist and it's great marketing.

  19. Yup one step closer of taking our freedom away. Dems are getting mad that there are way to many memes agains them out there!!!!!!

  20. Have fun EU. Here in Canada, all is good. We still have Net Neutrality and memes.

  21. Net neutrality, monopolies and now memes? This is the end of the internet

  22. Won't the EU just die already. Myself and over 17 million other of my compatriots would be so happy if it did.

  23. The meme war is about to start folks.

  24. Great now I have to go to the dark web for some quality dank memes.

  25. This is what VPNs were made for.

  26. Farrah Renshaw
    We'll just send memes through A raven

  27. Mohammad Harb im gonna go with, 'dont believe everything u shee' and simply ignore🙂🙂🙂🙂

  28. Amy Ashley Emma Louise Ratcliffe oh.dear.god! The basis for our friendship is in jeopardy 😮

  29. Ryan this is what will die with net neutrality.

  30. Noor Natour the end of the world . I will become a dealer for real 🌚!

  31. You can’t take away memes. It’s a part of our language now... seriously.

  32. so they want to ban fun, open minds and really the reason internet exist Viéne Scheen

  33. Andy Cross make sure you’re using them all the time

  34. Why don't they try and deal with things that actually matter #FoolishOldPeople

  35. Roberto Mendoza John Sepulveda then what would even be the point of living

  36. Someone make a meme about this to piss them off

  37. I’ll miss this meme that’s waiting to happen.

  38. Even more reason for England to exit.

  39. Gurdit Singh yet another heartbreak :') 💔
    Not COOL

  40. Maybe now people need to post them on deep web instead lol

  41. So i guess we will print memes HAHAHA! And sell it

  42. Sanchali 😢

    I guess it’s only in the US, right ??? 😃

  43. Haha good luck with that one. Not a chance this article is ludicrous

  44. Shaun Allen if you needed a reason why we voted to leave the eu this is it

  45. Well time to post memes share with me your craziest meme

  46. Would also stop spoilers, which is a good thing....

  47. Going to set up a black market for memes. £5 per meme.

  48. They can erase it from the internet but not from our hearts ❤❤

  49. Ah don't worry after Brexit we will get them back .. hurrah

  50. Mehroz Chughtai inko bta khadim.rizvi ki to original speech bhi meme sy km.nai 😂😂😂

  51. This is what VPNs were made for.

  52. As if that would stop anyone from making memes.

  53. We'll create Creative Commons memes, lol.

  54. Ka Ori honestly no memes no digital me ok

  55. Clarenze Pangilinan there’s no way in hell this will happen. Surely the world would descend into certain chaos.

  56. Sefora Tu ich werd meme-dealer und verdiene s meinen lebensgehalt

  57. Peter Esters remixes!? Amk ich bring die EU persönlich um, wenn die das machen

  58. Marieme Sidi زاهية
    20 june none of u will have a life anymore

  59. Yay trends from memes will now die permanently 😁

  60. Well for Germany a little thing like stepping on free speech won't stop 'em!

  61. Chris Gomez the moment you been waiting for - the library of memes.

  62. good thing i live in a 3rd world country
    wait what i am i happy about

  63. What about the Parody law tho?

  64. Austin Baca how will you communicate with people on the internet?

  65. Thnx to the end of net neutrality. The internet may disappear

  66. They should filter any post related to politics too.