Donald Trump's address on the launch of attacks on Syria – the full text

Donald Trump's address on the launch of attacks on Syria – the full text
Image from: The Guardian

Trump on Syria air strikes: We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents.

Full Article: The Guardian


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  1. ...he will sustain the strikes as long as it takes to dominate the headlines away from his investigation... Obvioulsy.

  2. Since the US has been so frothing at the mouth recently about 'rule of law' perhaps now is a good time to discuss how the US has no legal recourse in Syria. . . Unless rule of law no longer applies.

  3. What does that even mean? We will continue bombing until Syria doesn't use chemical weapons? Well, they're not using them right now, so problem solved.

  4. Not sure this trio has any moral highground on / or against barbarism and brutality (espesically when you're current response ineviteble involves "collateral damage".

  5. Oh the wonderful morality of the US. Shall we head a bit south to Yemen?

  6. Last year this country where I still have to file taxes signed the biggest arms deal ever with Saudi, where 15/19 of the 9/11 hijackers came from and where they still stone and behead people in public.
    The war in Syria has been going on for 7 years.
    What is this actually about?

  7. Again, what I replied to your earlier article (and this reminds me of the rhetoric I heard growing up with Reagan in the 80s. But it's Trump. And we all know better).
    Point: When are we protesting in London?

    Crack of dawn tomorrow and for as long as it takes?

    I'll be there with my half American/half British son marching on behalf of both of his countries. After 7 years, three inept leaders suddenly develop a conscience and have to act urgently without consultation with the people's representatives or the people? The UK people will simply not take this after Blair and Iraq.

    May is done with after this.

  8. This is no way to conduct a solution to use of chemical weapons. Trump and May are bombing themselves out of their internal problems. Why has May acted without parliamentary consultation and why after all the years of conflict in Syria do they act with such haste?

  9. well done President Trump,Macron & PM May as I write this Putin will be doing cartwheels in the Kremlin's Great Hall to celebrate the fact he's got the winning ticket in the moral high ground lottery and my god he's going to exploit it to the max

  10. Then there was Obama:

    Obama: There's a red line here, Assad better not use chemical weapons.

    Assad uses chemical weapons.

    Obama: *mumbles incoherently*

  11. So funny. The White House King Kong against barbarism. Does King Kong don't know, that the US has a long list of barbarism acts they are accounted for in Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Chile, and a lot of other Countries. And what about the barbarism and brutality Israel get's away with ?

  12. War has nothing to do with moral high ground as so many people are commenting here.

    It is all a gross and hard grand strategic chess game, and most human beings on every side are just pawns.

  13. And there was me thinking that the USA never used agent orange in Vietnam. Good job they signed up to that treaty. Also good job david Cameron didn't deregulate nerve agents being sold in 2013 when they first defeated in the commons about going to Syria. Oh wait he did

  14. No point in sending in the specialist teams now is there, all the irrefutable proof just got conveniently blitzed.

  15. Meanwhile, Erdogan is bombing out kurdish safe spaces and killing civilians in the north of Syria, mainly to bomb out the last kurdish sanctuary areas and terminate the YPD militia operations, who helped defeat the IS, while Turkey did "nothing" (but supposedly supported the IS)?

  16. Hey Trump, you don't have to make excuses to declare war anymore, it's so clear to people that they have no reaction or no retreat at all :-)

  17. Is it North Korea next I very much doubt it China will tell Trump to wind his neck in . They have more finacial clout and that's Trumps mantra

  18. when the regimes are doing such ghastly crimes why the people of these countries are silent, have they also lost all conscience

  19. “Trump on Syria air strikes: We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents.” Or until he runs out of that orange chemical tanning goop he uses, whichever comes first.

  20. Guess a broken clock is right twice a day...

  21. Once again, the two superpowers testing their might in another country. Precision strikes on Syrians, no harm to each other. In the end, US and Russia will win. Syrians will lose.

  22. No evidence just strike strike n strike and destroy what ever left by western back terrorists.

  23. No, it's not World War (yet)..
    Trump and his partners in crime (England and France) decide to increase the count of bodies in the devastated Syria, bombarding #Damasco and ensuring that this wild imperialist conflict will continue reaping Syrian lives!

  24. He is sounding so Presidential. I am shocked.

  25. Como las "armas de destrucción masiva" en Irak? Cerdo hijo de puta y los maricones aliados!

  26. Distraction from a deranged liar with a lot to hide.

  27. How will you know they've "stopped" unless you stop bombing?

  28. Sooner or later, cos the US lives off wars.

  29. No way did he write that speech himself!

  30. Dog always barks and US president always wants war....there is no difference between US president and Dog.

  31. The US should strike Israel if that's the case.

  32. Iraq got new clear wepon....they attacked later no more new clear.. Afghanistan got laden they attacked ...later made drama ... until now proved ... they used stupid sense come like...they are worng headache in world ...gaved wrong blame and killed innocente people...👹👹👹👹 world Peace destroyer

  33. How much can there possibly be to bomb?

  34. The mission failed. 13 missiles have been exploded in the air.

  35. I hope his likeness was plastered on the side of that missile.

  36. It will be like him to brag about it once the smoke has cleared.

  37. Trump strikes only for life of isis,and for happiness of k.S.A.

  38. “I know more than the generals do. Believe me.” - trump July 2016.

    Those words above means one thing and one thing only, this counter attack, on very strategic targets, was planned solely by France and Great Britain generals, with some American war technology.

    Back to reality: thanks to our traditional intelligence entities, the same one which were telling us the true, all this time, about the Russian intervention in our 2016 presidential election, this precision attack on very specific targets has been a success. All those American intelligence institutions are the ones keeping us safe regardless of who is the president.

  39. 3 civilians killed! bravo terrorist № 1 - united states

  40. Yes Yes Yes. At last.. No one serious thinks that impotent Putin would dare take on Nato and start World War III, in defence of Assad.

    I mean they are only up against the US, UK and France, with a fleet of naval craft and submarines, attack aircraft, stealth bombers etc etc. Oh and they are all nuclear powers.

    Reports suggest that all the Hezbollah fighter have fled. The Iranians have taken their Aircraft and buggered off. Assad’s men have left their barracks in panic. If they keep running off at this rate, there will be no-one left to or kill.

    But best of all, the spineless, Anti-Semitic Kremlin stooge Jeremy Corbyn, is left holding little more than his bicycle clips.

    What a pathetic figure Jeremy Corbyn looks this morning. And to think that he used to brag that he’d be in Downing Street before Christmas. ( admittedly, he didn’t specify which Christmas he meant )

  41. So...International law does not apply to the USA,Britain and France..these strikes are completely illegal.. but WTF cares

  42. ... . : President Trump is a Mafia "Don" on steroids ~~~ ~

  43. I do not think so
    You are not serious.

  44. Read the small letters: DIVERSION.

  45. Is he going to be there? Coward.

  46. Bombs ok, gas not, I get it now!

  47. State of the usa: lost, passé.... Sad!

  48. Viva Syria.. Viva Syrian Arab Army

  49. America, Britain and France ... we will not forget your aggression.

  50. the face of war (without a plan) . ...

  51. Please go viral with NO
    NO! #NotInMyName
    Say NO to ILLEGAL war in Syria!
    Say NO to Israeli genocide apartheid murderous ethnic cleansing of Palestinians
    Say No to Saudi genocide and starvation of Yemenis
    Say NO to WW3 for Israel
    Call for social MEDIA STRIKE!

  52. No war.. solvment now at this minimum time.. stopwatch count..Scott..Rai..C7.. Autogenerate.. Raibahadur..Jeus..013999CS


  54. I am from Syria, I tell the British, France, and this misguided Trump stopped supporting terrorism. You support people who kill your children with explosive belts.

  55. So Putin threatens retaliation for US involvement in Syria. Trump threatens bomb strikes two days ago, giving the Syrian government time to move its equipment, bombs, nerve gas, etc. onto the Russian air force base ... then bombs Syrian civilians. It just seems scripted, doesn't it?