Dog Stuck Running In One Spot

Dog Stuck Running In One Spot

Dog Stuck Running In One Spot

Posted by UNILAD March 1, 2018, 10:47 a.m.

When your dog has lag 😂😂


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  1. Reminded me when I entered the university, I was enthusiastic and diligent and finally discovered that I was still in my place I did not progress 😂💔

  2. Maureen I was laughing at this way to much 😂😂xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❤💋🍄

  3. When you haven't unlocked that part of the map yet Lyla Cortese

  4. Cole its our two favourite things - dogs and laggy video games

  5. Rudy this is like me going to work

  6. Alex Wilson trying to play fortnite when everyone’s using the wifi

  7. James Kelly legend says he's still running

  8. Well, huskies are known to need long walks. This is just perfect.

  9. The dog is tied up how is this funny

  10. You can see the string it’s tied up by moving 😓 not so funny

  11. What so funny here girls..??? You kept on laughing while the dog is in this situation..??how could you do that.? And you just laughing and watching the dog tied up..tired for nothing..ITS NOT FUNNY YOU KNOW..YOU'RE ABUSING THE ANIMAL..

  12. der ist angebunden,gar nicht lustig. Kann sich mit seinen Krallen doch gar nicht auf dem Eis halten. Auch Tiere können böse stürzen. Menschen sind einfach nur ätzend. Thats not funny. For dogs it is also dangerous to run on ice llike for humans.He is tethered, so he does not get any further

  13. Natasha Sarah Durkee
    And also... just the comments on here, this is why I hate Facebook. It's just a dog enjoying its self on some ice while it's owner probably grabs a couple bits in a shop. People need to calm the fuck down about animal abuse lol zzzzzzzzz

  14. The amount of spastic's in the comment section, apparently it's now cruel to tie your dogs leash to something while you pop in the shop, in that case I must be a serial animal abuser because I do it all the time

  15. See that dog "Making the "run" for it!" :-D Kinda brings me back to childhood, watching my grand father doing the exact same run, but in front of the balcony door! Although minus the ice! :-D

  16. Fabiola Longo ecco come eliminare il problema della passeggiata. Inizia a buttare acqua vicino casa e appena ghiaccia ci leggiamo sopra skifino!

  17. You can see the dog has a very short lead on. I hope someone takes this dog from this abusive owner!! Sickening.

  18. Turbo your dog 🐶 Mitchell Goez maybe I'll have a chance to survive longer then a few seconds #givechuckylaaaaaagggg

  19. Tim Johnson if he ever gets a dog, can hear the “fucking Telstra!” Already

    Shane Abdilla Ayden Smith

  20. David poor doggo stuck on slippery surfaces

  21. David trying to get out of the map on COD MW2

  22. Vito Ollie Anthony Will Luke this tickled me harder than it should

  23. So it’s cute when a dog is tied up outside?! This dog not even able to sit or lay

  24. When your dog gets kicked from the PUBG game... Terry Liam Ian Andy

  25. .. *Doggo has disconnected* Shaswat Alex Eric

  26. I'll bet his paws are freezing.

  27. Kaneda, I think koda might need a firmware update XD

  28. The poor dog has a lead on and is trying it's best to get away.

  29. Jono he needs antilag 😂 taking ages to spool up

  30. Alexander der Hund passend zu deiner Internetverbindung.

  31. It’s funny until you realise the dogs tied up Ben Nairne

  32. Sheila This is what it’s like we’re going to FedEx LOL

  33. Poor dog using all that energy in the cold for no gain.

  34. Alec Miske ahhh, vidya game humour, incorporating doggo... that hits the sweet spot :P

  35. Jetzt weiß ich warum du dich immer verspätest Reza Mo

  36. Walter lmfao this is Ari when I say the floor is lava!! Lmfaooo.

  37. Derick Johnson damm Mannn!! Y’all put To much wax on the floor 😂 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  38. Ellie Crane Ana MB me tryna run away from responsibilities and life problems

  39. Jonny Price Winston waking up from his nightmare last night lol

  40. Parvana Sayed Den kommer ingen vegne, ligesom vores karriere på Carls HAHAHAHA

  41. My dog would break that lead in seconds be on the run 😂🐺

  42. Jay like your connection - Carl Alex Jack

  43. I watched this like 100x already it's fucking hilarious

  44. Janin Gabriel wenn man sich richtig hart konzentriert nicht auszurutschen

  45. Johnny was this you getting to work this morning! 😂😂

  46. Beth you when we walk to Tesco

  47. Andrea this is you getting out the drive lol xx

  48. Kay Zee can imagine mojo doing this ahaha

  49. Does this remind you of me outside Ferry Meadows Roger Binks

  50. Haha Heather Oconnell my gta get fro on an frozen pond he could run for hours not not AWAY HAHAHA

  51. Rachel Kearins mum this is me when you use the microwave when I play Fortnite

  52. Amy King you are going to be tagged in so many dog videos 😂😂😂

  53. Danny Knight this was pops this morning trying to pull me 😂 xx

  54. Jayson c'est cool ca pour que ton chien fasse du sport 😂😂

  55. Look Josh Eads! Kato lags every time he hits the kitchen floor 😂

  56. Dexter when you order food delivery on the NBN

  57. Kim van Toll deze doggo heeft ook een slechte internet verbinding, net als bij ons boven

  58. Äñel Shrestha and the moment after this the dog is 6 km away and u realize you were the one lagging

  59. How to burn off some off some of Coffee’s energy, Jen?

  60. Louis Caine that's like the boy on cod the other night haha

  61. Me at cambusavie last night Alan Young new tyres no even cut it 😂😂

  62. Bethany I don't know why this is so funny....maybe because of our early morning.

  63. Ashleigh gonna be like you moving on ice out there! 😉😅🙈🤐

  64. Richard de Graaf we hoeven helemaal geen dure loopband voor Ashly te kopen. Beetje ijs doet het ook ;)

  65. The dog is me. The frozen water are my bills

  66. Kobi Fawcett when u get dogs in bo1 and then mum pulls the internet

  67. Ben Crosby this is horrible but look at the little skater

  68. Deasy Lazy
    pote: alors ca avance avec la meuf ?
    moi : mais oui tqt ;)
    moi aussi : ⬆️

  69. Sao...sao chạy quá chạy mà nó hông di chuyển dì hết dị ta??? Nguyễn Duy

  70. Su that was Razz was like this morning...🤣🤣

  71. How about this coefficient of friction Lyndon Hill? Hahaha