Dog Sheet Trick

Dog Sheet Trick

Dog Sheet Trick

Posted by UNILAD May 2, 2018, 12:15 a.m.

'Tried to do the sheet trick with my dog and...' 😂😂

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  2. Did anyone notice that rat holding the sheets and then went flying?

  3. Stupid kid..Some kids should not have animals..It hurts when its bounced around like that..Where the hell are the parents and what have they taught him

  4. why people get irritated just because of this? it was an accident! come on! use your common sense more!

  5. I have a good sense of humor and I see nothing funny at all. I see a kid who shouldn't have a dog.

  6. I have never seen more idiots than I do now in this comment section. It wasn’t on purpose first of all. He was doing that challenge where you make it look like you’ve disappeared when the blanket falls. The dog happened to be biting/pulling on it and the kid didn’t see it. Get over your selves and grow up.

  7. That’s not funny can hurt the dog. Sad kid should be talked to and stop being mean

  8. you don't do that to animal little dog could have been hurt, shame on that little boy parents . he should have been using STUFF ANIMAL !!!

  9. So the kid couldn’t feel the puppy tugging on the sheets? (Before anyone says the puppy is too small to feel it tugging on the sheet, I’ve had dogs my whole life yes you can feel them tugging on sheets especially thin sheets like the one in the video) Or the person filming couldn’t tell the kid the puppy was tugging? Looks intentional to me.

  10. He didn’t disappear but the dog sure did. 😂

    I love animals. Still laughing. This was clearly an accident. He had no clue the dog was pulling on the sheet. It weighs as much as a biscuit. Don’t take it out on the poor kid. I’m sure the half pint is all well.

  11. Y’all sensitive arse people, the kid didn’t do it on purpose gtfo it was an accident. The kid didn’t look at the dog and THEN flip the blanket. Seriously grow up🙄🙄

  12. People want to believe that dogs are incredibly fragile but they can withstand a lot. They were wild once so they’re naturally strong, even the little guys. I know, blows your mind doesn’t it? This looks bad but the dog is probably fine.

  13. People people people! If a cat can fall two stories off a building and walk away unscathed a dog can walk away from a 1 foot fall. Geeeez some people.......

  14. I normally don’t say anything about animal abuse but...I realize this trick had no intention of hurting pup but don’t do this trick again with the pup. Yes it’s an accident. Next time parents make sure pup is safely not involved. 🤨

  15. I had to watch the video several times before I realized it was about the dog, didn’t even see the little dog. Meanwhile we got a full investigation in the comments debating if it was intentional or not. Come on people it’s a very clear accident.

  16. Guys chill. I do not even use that word but it was clearly an accident. I am sure the puppy is okay. The kid was just doing a magic trick for the dog

  17. I wish to do the same stunts to the kid infront of his parents ....n see whether if there is anyting funny about it😠

  18. This is what is wrong with the world, everybody is so fucking bitter! 🤣 it was clearly an accident, morons. Go pout yourselves to sleep.

  19. Some people need to get off their high horse. This was obviously an accident and they probably checked the dog afterwards. I doubt they'd share the video if the dog was injured

  20. Comments always reveal the retards. Animal abuse....You need to be abused if you think this was on purpose

  21. I don't think this funny at all the little dog could break his legs or hit his to hard and he would be dead

  22. At first I didn’t even see the cat.. I mean dog lol. Poor lil guy. I know it was an accident but I hope the dog is okay

  23. That poor pup bang his head on the floor yanked him nearly breaking his neck. stupid boy !!!! What’s wrong with the idiot parents

  24. I don’t get it people blaming this kid and it’s the dog mistake accidents happens everywhere everyday

  25. Abuso animal???? Es un niño y no se dio cuenta que el perro estaba ahí. Adultos ciegos del fanatismo con los animales enojandose con un nenito por un accidente...

  26. Well I saw him run off but that dog! I didn't have a clue where it went. Sod Dynamo we now welcome Doggymo

  27. Too all of u ppl here
    Accident or not dogs are meant to be strong if it's gonna die outta this small fly chuck it

  28. Idiot. It is animal abuse and NOT funny.

  29. Omg that's not funny. A small knock to a Chihuahua puppies skull can kill it !!

  30. This is not funny at all, the dog is so tiny that he cans be hurt!

  31. Well I hope poor tiny dog is not hurt

  32. and snapped his head on the floor 😂🤣

  33. Laurie-jade Marcoux il me fait penser à ton chien ahahhahaha je sais que je devrais pas rire mais c’est drôle 😂😂😂

  34. This was not good! Little dog could of got killed....

  35. Report this video as Violent so sites like UNILAD do a better job

  36. I’m not sure what the sheet trick is suppose to turn out like. I am sure this was not intended but shame on you for posting and now making like it is ok!

  37. Jen it’s funnier the more you watch it 🤣🤣🤣

  38. I don't think this videos funny at all you oughta be ashamed of yourself treating animal like that!

  39. Adam Diehl when we get our little pupppppiessss ! We gonnnnnna try this hahahhaa

  40. Danielle took me a sec then I laughed way too much 😂

  41. Lynch ッ Ross some say the dog is still rotating through the solar system

  42. Hopefully that tiny baby is ok.

  43. Not funny - stupid kid being careless with a pet

  44. Francine huahuahauhauahauahauahauhauahaahauahuahauahauahau meu coração diz que é errado, mas eu ri

  45. Brandon 😂😂😭😭😭 please watch the whole thing

  46. Oh my god Meg Taylor! I only realised what was wrong with this video the second time I saw it!

  47. Vesha watch til the slow mo ending

  48. Hya mag disappearing act sna sya sa aso nya kaso ung aso ung nawala xD

  49. Sasha Blanc Aalami JAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJA PM x esa razon necesitamos un perro del tamaño de un tanque minimo

  50. It's called an accident not an on purpose people...


  52. Amanpreet Sukhdeep I can imagine Aman doing something like this as a kid 😂😂😂 #ripkittens

  53. Jose Reyes babe hahaha 😂😂😂😂 me and Dani were laughing so hard

  54. Jasmin Zangara that would be kam and mooch

  55. He was fine. When you toss a dog in the air they always land on their feet. Try it

  56. I know he was trying to be goofy But He probably hurt that poor puppy

  57. Madison he do the loop de loop

  58. Kahlia Hollis 😂😂😂😂😂 gets funnier every time I watch it especially with sound

  59. Matt Bolks lmao the justice that little rat thing deserves

  60. This would be funny if it was a baby.

  61. I so hope the dog was okay but, it gets funnier everytime

  62. Julia Manfio Daniel Franco eu nao deveria estar rindo tanto disso

  63. I thought it was sphynx cat 😹😹😹

  64. Kimberly Moura era pra ser um truque , quase matou o dog hahahaha

  65. ohhhh sad, but i bet you the pup got icecream after that, didnt see the pup til the last second