Dog Gets Telling Off From Owner

Dog Gets Telling Off From Owner

Dog Gets Telling Off From Owner

Posted by UNILAD Feb. 28, 2018, 10:10 a.m.

'My dog got off his leash and ran in the middle of the road. This is how he reacted to me telling him off' 😂😂

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  1. All credit goes to Bobby Rodriguez!

  2. This is what copper looks like

  3. Daschunds are so damn stubborn and cute 😍😂

  4. Aidan Stewart this was sass when I told her off for eating my smokes, she refused to get in the car with me and when she did she had her back to me 😂😂

  5. Achil Mason if this doesn't accurately describe the personality/stubbornness of a dachshund, I don't know what does

  6. I am definitely... like that dog sometimes.. sorry 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Poor baby ...
    He doesn't know why your yelling at him...
    His pretty scared 😪

  8. Allegra Evelyn King He's like.."talk to the butt cause the face ain't listening!"

  9. "I'm mad that my dog was potentially put into an unsafe position, so watch me as i put myself and dog in an unsafe position from filiming while driving."

  10. My stubborn little nugget. People saying “ aww poor thing he doesn’t know” oh they know! My girl is cunning and she knows when she’s doing something she isn’t supposed too. My dog had tipped toed to get something she isn’t supposed too just so that i wouldn’t hear her. She has also given me her back when she’s mad. Full blown ignored me. Boy do I love her 😍

  11. I hope that you weren't holding your phone, filming and driving at the same time because if you were you're the same level of stupid as a drunk driver😡

  12. Ppl will either take this a funny good way or a bad way but all us dog owners will love this n know this is cute and funny haha cheeky
    Boy he is

  13. Daniel Phipps told koda off today for running away with my shoes " mate you dont even wear shoes oi oi oi oi dont act like you cant hear me have a go at your giant ears mate "

  14. Maryam Sabir Amna Sabir if it were our cats they wouldve probably done it again and not even feel sorry about it.
    Scratch us too

  15. Tiia ja Nea 😂 Kun eilen tuli mainittua Maukka vanhana herrana. Eiköhän se käyttäytyminen oo just tätä, tehdään mitä halutaan ja sit kun torutaan ni reaktio on tämä 😂

  16. Don’t do that to the poor dog! See he understands when u chuckle and speak, that’s how intelligent he is! U stupid hooman! 😜

  17. So on a Leash instead of a harness so he would be more secure , not tethered in the car either and it's the dogs fault ???!!! Why the hell would you yell at the dog, the poor dog is feeling scared and intimidated

  18. Omg HAHAHAHAHAHA this is jazz when she’s in trouble! She looks away from me and refuses to make any form of eye contact at all “jasmine! Naughty girl! You silly little girl don’t do that again! Not happy with you! Naughty girl” eyes are glued to the floor or the side LOL Rebecca Long Daniel Long Jessica Ann Buchanan

  19. I say this is proof of distracted driving and he should be charged! All the stupidity nowadays just to have their 15 minutes of fame!!! 😡

  20. Daniel Cervantes lol Toby got off his leash and all he did when I yelled at him was walk away and hide under the couch lol

  21. Tayeba Zafar Me and Rex have had these conversations. He tries an annual adventure escape about once a year, haha.

  22. Nate Jordan this gon be our dog or this is me when you tryna talk to me about straightening my life lmao jk

  23. Joseph MellorNick Ruddy hahahaha reminds me of when we are chilling at mine and we call Freddy and he blanks us

  24. Cloudia SkyZenobia SmithAniquah Stevenson, don’t think Princess would even care if she got into trouble😂

  25. As soon as I heard the guy speak, I was instantly reminded of "They turhk urh jurhbs!". 😂

  26. "I'm also an idiot for recording while driving."

  27. Dog? Looks like a well stuffed sausage with legs on it.

  28. Jared Kyle this will be me when my dog 😂

  29. Bev Smit this is jack when he escapes to the park

  30. Elise Cormier this is so Koi when you're upset with her 😂😂 won't even look at you

  31. "Eu já sou adulto entendeu, quero sair sozinho, fazer minhas coisas, vc não entende."
    Jefferson Donovan kk

  32. Poor... Hi looks scared. He doesn't know why you are yelling at him

  33. Priscila Rodriguez jajaja sabe que se mando una cagada y no lo quiere ni mirar jajajajajajajaaa

  34. They always know they did something bad

  35. Pero mira esa cara Marge,el ya entendió, Marcelo Nia Elu

  36. Matthew daisy when she knows she’s in trouble

  37. Rebecca is this Arnold in disguise 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  38. Quand Tina dit à Rapha qu'il faut rentrer parce qu'il a trop bu de cocktail chez XK Kokketel 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Christy Bella and Fennie this morning lol

  40. Marco quando non mi vuoi ascoltare mentre dico la realtà dei fatti

  41. Laura when I spend money and you tell me off

  42. Rafael us yelling at the boys every time they escape the yard.

  43. Katie Paglia i can see julius doing this to you after your cafe visit of he misbehaves 😂

  44. This is me when your telling me what I did when I was drunk 😂😂 Johnny Murphy

  45. We know somebody as moody as this don't we Ian Parry?

  46. Maddi Copper’s not having a bar of it hahah

  47. Mae Mae Liautaud I’m not the only one that turns my back when I’m getting yelled at!

  48. Eoin Olin if only Kaiser cared maybe he would react like this

  49. Tammy this is Candice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 xxxxx

  50. Emma, when we're telling the kids off 😂

  51. DineshNad nee kovam pattal ippedi tha irpe cute ah😂😂😂

  52. UglyBoy Laws that time Charlie jumped out of your car at seaspray

  53. Cute concept but the driving and videoing simultaneously....🤔

  54. That’s me when you tell me off Gareth

  55. Doggo gives no hecks Lourdes HAHAHAHA

  56. Bec Muratore copper gives zero shits right here 😂👏🏼

  57. Ally this is something Badger and Patrick would do

  58. Jayde Prosser it’s you when I tell you off for running into the road as well. 😂😂

  59. James Young George when we ask him how he got our socks 😂

  60. Felipe Jara Why does this make me think of you and Princess?

  61. Shannon I know some poochies like this