Dog Gets His Head Scratched...Or Does He?

Dog Gets His Head Scratched...Or Does He?

Dog Gets His Head Scratched...Or Does He?

Posted by UNILAD March 19, 2018, 1:45 a.m.

“Something isn't right here...” 🤔😂

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  1. All credit goes to @ruff.ranger! Make sure you check him out on Instagram here -

  2. This is animal abuse, he is confusing the dog and put im in stress

  3. Doggo's thinking 'this idiot thinks I can feel him scratching my head'... 😂😂😂

  4. Based on body language, this guy is not in any stress. He is just under a glass top table. It's a game they play. Please try not to judge to harshly.

  5. Something isn't right here. Does anyone else's Facebook do this?! Ahahahaha!

  6. Leona Schile-Plouffe Leonard Plouffe I feel like I could do this to dori and she’d end up licking the bottom of the table lol

  7. Kelsey Rogers this video gives me anxiety...TOUCH THE POOR DOG ALREADY!

  8. His little smile says he thinks his game is sooooo funny!!

  9. Kyla Britney I laughed way too hard at this !

  10. Ashley Joseph, when you tryna scritch a pupper through the phone.

  11. You have just got to love your pets ,

  12. Christopher you being grateful af whenever I pretend to give you affection

  13. Josué Puga así de engañada me sentí al querer agarrar la tortilla del papel

  14. Becca I think you'd pat Lenny more if we had a glass table 😂

  15. Madison. Nup Ava wouldnt be having a bar of that aha

  16. Joe Hamlyn LOL he still appreciates it he's like thanks Hooman this feels great

  17. Fábio Stella olha o olhinho rebaixado.. no coraçaozinho dele, ele ta recebendo o carinho huehhehe ❤❤❤

  18. Laura esa es tu mano y yo soy el perro 🐕 hahaha aaaiiiññ quierooooo maaaassss 😝 😋

  19. Chan Kim charlie figured it out way faster

  20. Amy something Fergus would do hehe

  21. Lol Sarah this would b frankie

  22. Am I the only one who didn't realise the glass table for the first 10 seconds Aston Hawkins

  23. John Hunter look at how happy he still is 😂

  24. José Arevalo yo tratando de sentirte junto Ami cuando hablamos por videollamada 😂😂😂😂

  25. Wendy you need a glass table for Hunter

  26. Matthew Ko omgggggg so cute omg. something skittles would totally do

  27. Allison Christine I feel like olive would be freaking out

  28. "Ohhh...that was so nice, why did you stop?" lol!

  29. Becky Christy. Awww He’s Broken 😍

  30. Strange dog, thinking his head is being scratched.

  31. Aaaaaw so adorable, i just wanna cuddle him Tony

  32. He feels the energy through the glass

  33. Just another example of how purebreds are.. lacking..

  34. This guy thought he was actually being pet! I'm dying of laughter rn 😂😂🤣🤣

  35. Sierra Irons I feel like this is something Dixon Bauer would do 😂

  36. He doesn't want to embarrass!

  37. Barb Hughes, how to pet a dog after having your nails done! Lol!

  38. Varför ser jag Charlie i detta läge Carolina och Ida?

  39. Does anybody know what breed is that dog, I love them.

  40. Georgia emotional support through phone

  41. Maybe the dog likes the vibration of the fingers on the table.

  42. Adrian Chauu dude 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m doing this to Oscar

  43. Kyle they are still feeling it. spiritually

  44. Anna Châu tội ghê em ơi. Bị lừa mà không biết gì hết trơn

  45. Lika try this with pugs and tell results 😂😂

  46. Dead, why can’t Charlie be this cute Lauren

  47. Stop teasing the gorgeous dog.

  48. I fucking love these creatures Adnan Shoukat 😍😍😍

  49. 😂😂 Jean-Dre honey, why do I imagine you doing this to reo?😂

  50. Noor Ahmedحبيبتي مسويج نصبه الحقراء مو اشتاقيتي لتاكاتي كتلج حتكرهيهه😂

  51. Caroline Joy we need to find a dog this dumb 😂

  52. Ruville give that good boy a well-deserved scratch! 😤

  53. Mackenzie Devlin when I’m sleepy trying to give you a back rub

  54. Omg babe this is so freaking cute 😂😂😭 Kendall Rose

  55. Lorraine, I feel sorry for the dog

  56. David Wakefield still so happy w/ the pseudo-pats bless

  57. Aaannng kyot putahaiqnausjsnajaus Carmela Alinso

  58. Robin I could see you doing this and giggling

  59. Yep...our life with the genius

  60. Rachel, the pupper looks like I'm enjoying it

  61. I have a yellow lab that would do that too...

  62. Esse me faz carinho agora... é muito Mig!
    Thiago Mig!

  63. Give the dog a real scratch ..for heaven 's sake!

  64. Tara South golden retriever master race

  65. Isabela me encanta que el bebé sigue la corriente y pretende que sí lo están acariciando