Dog Clings To Owner's Leg In Street

Dog Clings To Owner's Leg In Street

Dog Clings To Owner's Leg In Street

Posted by UNILAD March 5, 2018, 9:32 a.m.

'Just witnessed the purest form of love ever' 😍🐶

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  1. Thanks to Talia for this adorable video! Shout out to the adorable dog in the video @louboutinanyc! Follow them here -

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  2. 😍😍😍😍Dogs are much nicer than people👌

  3. Looks like its a fear of something rather than love..

  4. I thought I would read the comments on this, just to see how many people would write negative statements, thinking, for once, it wouldn’t be possible. But no, of course not....’fear in the dogs eyes’ ...... ‘obvious anxiety behaviours’........’over attachment issues’.....’cruel owner taking the dog on a busy street’....FFS I give up! Surely It is just 2 best friends showing affection and reassuring each other that everything is ok....?????

  5. So much better than a 3 years old kid who might give you a heart attack while running away if you forgot to hold his hand

  6. He just donked it on the face with his camera

  7. Deepak Khelawan the dog doesn’t j-walk but u do that’s why u almost got done in Brighton lee sands hahahahaha imagine if we were animals will be smarter than humans lol

  8. Gavin Lennon how you hold your pal when you're out and remember that Easter weekend the bars close early cause the DUP are bastids

  9. That’s not pure love lol. Looks like it’s been freezing from cold 😅. Try standing on your bare feet and you will know!

  10. What does that have to do with love? That's pure anxiety.

  11. Looks overwhelmed and scared to me

  12. Looks like the doggo got a fear for something 🤔

  13. Looks like over anxious attachment poor dog needs help

  14. if only humans were dogs... oh wait..

  15. Omg i just love dogs. They are the best!

  16. So sweet a love between a man and his dog

  17. Tarah Day I’m done. This is the last thing I ever need to see

  18. Hannah Rumsey Hope you're not getting tired of all these dog videos 😂

  19. Samantha this is the love we need to experience 😍

  20. Tuyet Vu me is the dog now and its owner is u :)

  21. I think this is what our height difference looks like Harry Wilko

  22. He don’t want you to go for tomorrow tour ! Anshul Rai

  23. Chloe Hamill you to me when we’re standing somewhere, cause yer tiny

  24. Lee Adams I can picture Shilo doing that😂 (also soz if I spelt his name wrong)

  25. I just want someone to love me like this good boy loves his owner Tommy Kollosche

  26. Capucine, quand tu vois ton pote en soirée et que tu comptes sur lui pour te ramener.

  27. Débora Nunes ah lá amor igualzinho eu com você (eu sou o dog)

  28. Zac Leonard that’s Murphy with me, don’t see you getting that love from Sasha!!

  29. Don't think his got much choice with the harness around the tops of his legs??

  30. So much better and loyal than any chick! ❤️❤️

  31. Can't think of who this reminds me of Beth Annie? 🤔🐶😂😍

  32. Seán i still think harry's right, a pig is the same

  33. Joshua this is what bailey does to me 😭

  34. Thomas vui du und die Hex🐶😍🧙‍♀️❤️❤️❤️ wenns nid grad eure narrischen 5 Minuten habs😂

  35. Kira I need this type of love right now

  36. Nathan this is one of the many reasons why golden retrievers are my favorite😍

  37. Alex Hall I swear this is you and ur dog hahah😂💗

  38. Alex Hardman there’s no love greater ❤️

  39. Lauren et Sophy ont trouvé un air de ressemblance avec moi🤔 Benjamin Blondy

  40. Humping leg is called pure love nowadays??

  41. Its like a human child already..full of love..♥️♥️♥️

  42. Ricardo Lima eu sou o cachorro e vc o homem ontem no metro

  43. Cerys legit me when ever i go downstairs with you

  44. Bravo tako se cuvaju zivotinje one daju coveku puno duha i ljubavi prema svima da se ljudi vole i postuju

  45. Sam Payne This is what I love about dogs. 😍😍😍

  46. Looks a lil intimidated by everything! Awwww!

  47. Every day should start with a sight this positive.

  48. Callum Hodder why is this genuinely me n u ... (I’m the dog)

  49. "Purest form of love ever" ..... until he smacks it in the face with his camera!!! 🤦🤦🤦

  50. Patti Watson you in the shop when i attempt to move

  51. Lendrit Hoti te na nkosov grun se perqaf qishtu ne rrug ky dosti qenin mushu mend

  52. Lesley Thomas this was like Sparkle when I came home xx

  53. Rebecca Roberts this is what Eddie was doing with you yesterday 😂😂

  54. So beautiful l think dog was scared of traffic

  55. This is a sweet sight, dogs are so loving

  56. Jason it’s been almost a month since Zoey gave me a hug 😥

  57. Samy Mahmoudi "plus jamais tu me laisse tout seul devant le magasin hein"

  58. Lucas Salvino na próxima vez que a gente se ver, quando você falar que tem que ir embora eu vou grudar na sua perna igual esse dog

  59. Te lief doet me aan een hond denken Danielle en Marga

  60. Lilli Marquez. This is like me and bovril when we go to oke.

  61. Cat missing :P, I need one too :3

  62. Aww bless! He’s like, please get me away from all these humans! Keneti Lucie Callum 😭

  63. That dogs definitely you when it comes to me😏😂 Robyn Jade Peach