Dog And Deer

Dog And Deer

Dog And Deer

Posted by UNILAD April 14, 2018, 3:15 a.m.

This dog and deer playing together are so adorable 😍

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  1. Cutest thing is how the deer's tail is wagging happily too. A threatened deer's mannerisms and presentation would have been a lot different so chill out guys.

  2. Ok.. So the dog is playing but the deer is trying to stomp the shit out of a preadator it sees as a threat. I'm not seeing the cute =/

  3. I think this deer has some kind of a problem it has a hard time balancing if you look carefully the dog didn't do anything but the deer seem to have collapsed its rear end maybe it is malnutritioned or lost his mother and is not getting enough milk

  4. cute? that fawn was trying to protect itself by head-butting and kicking it's front legs out.

  5. Aawwwww sooo sweet there both beautiful xx

  6. Navigon Roy hope you're not allergic to deers

  7. Something is wrong with that deer. May have been hit by a car?

  8. Sara Decker, that is all Karma wants. Lol

  9. Michael Roy shall we get a deer?

  10. Alana Jones, maybe we should get 1

  11. Sylvia Aalbers Robertson just get My a deer

  12. Sarah Underwood aawww how cute!

  13. Sydney Pirruccello Christina Pirruccello

  14. Alison Macaulay Lauren Beattie