Does drill music encourage violence?

Does drill music encourage violence?

Does drill music encourage violence?

Posted by Sky News April 14, 2018, 6 a.m.

Does drill music really encourage violence, stabbings and murder?

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  1. Its true! Theresa May was listening to '67 - Lets Lurk' before she gave the order to attack Syria...

  2. I grew up listening to Eminem and I've never locked anyone in a trunk, punched a cop or been turned off of spaghetti, so I'd say it's more than the music.

  3. Why hate against people who are spitting about what they see on a daily basis.
    They are using the best weapons they have,their mouths!
    People only choose to say ‘it glamorises crime’
    It’s art,maybe we need to focus on why the world is so messed up and people killing each other rather than people’s music choices

  4. As a driver transporting young people to school I can definitely say that if that type of music is on they tend to be more excitable or fractious with each other. Out of the confines of a car I imagine it could get to the horseplay stage quite quickly. Fights may ensue .

  5. Rather than uplifting black youth story sky news now make all black youth a symbol of violence a bit to much and doesn't help the society too.
    Work for better society don't just bring violence news .

  6. What's Drill music. ? no music is not to blame. its the minds of these mindless thugs. they don't care about anything or life. and don't deserve to be on this earth.

  7. Music shouldn't glamorise violence or drive criminality. Also, there should be no apologists for those that commit appalling acts. Discipline is what people, especially the young of today need.

  8. You try to put a music underground you only make it better a thousand fold for the fans lol how dumb is she 😂😂😂

  9. What’s drill you mean rap...? Let’s just blame music, video games, movie & tv on violence and murder...

  10. Wouldn’t exactly call that shite “music”

  11. I'd rather listen to a hammer drill going into brick than listen to thst shite

  12. Nah sometimes I listen to Taylor swift and feel like robbing a bank and stabbing my ex.

  13. Drill music?
    Sounds like a party in a Black & Decker shop!

  14. Stop singing about violence in the area your from it's encouraging gun and knife crime.meanwhile the government go and drop bombs on Syria about right

  15. Pc nonsense and the race card being brandished and hamstringing the police are the reasons for the uptick in crime the rest is smoke and mirrors


  17. i have heard a bit of it is crap music and it is disgusting

  18. Only thing it’s assaulting is my ears

  19. Music has been fueling these wannabe gangstas since NWA.
    I used to love it!

  20. What is colour a the skin or music have to do with violence... specialy now days...

  21. Drill music! Nah I’m into hammer music!! What a load of shite 💩

  22. If by violence you mean throwing the hifi out the window then yes

  23. He sounds like an intelligent chap

  24. Drill music?? what a load of wank!

  25. Funny how the white people in the comment area are looking down on this type of music. A long time a go they said the same about Rap music....