Dig Into This Cheeky Peri Peri Chicken Feast With Your Mates

Dig Into This Cheeky Peri Peri Chicken Feast With Your Mates

Dig Into This Cheeky Peri Peri Chicken Feast With Your Mates

Posted by Proper Tasty Feb. 16, 2018, 10:02 a.m.

Dig into this cheeky peri peri chicken feast with your mates this weekend 🍗😋

RECIPE: https://tasty.co/recipe/peri-peri-chicken-feast

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  1. Why is it cheeky? Did it talk back to its mother?

  2. Why was he so lazy for marinating the chicken? The marinade should be deep inside and outside for maximum flavour

  3. Piri Piri is made from the finest blend of crushed up widowed vegan souls, binded with the blood of a virgin vegan

  4. The peri peri sauce doesn’t need to be mixed with all the condiments too.... there should be a contrast between tastes in a meal.

  5. Molly Elise I don't care about the chicken (although I'm sure you will love it ;)) BUT there is a potential homemade peri salted chips on this video which we HAVE to make!?

  6. Or just buy the Nando’s sauces, mayo and marinades from supermarket 🤔 I buy them in bulk when they’re on offer! 😋😋

  7. GuppyHinal I was going to suggest to do this at home but then I realised I fancy proper Nando’s. So that’s for one of the days when we’re down. Nando’s. Ok?Loueye? Nando’s. Ok.

  8. It looks yummmmy that's a great sauce...and for those that are lazy to make that sauce and wants to buy on the store ...do you head a shake...nothing tastes like home made

  9. Marc Crowther not good watching this whilst I'm starving waiting for my tyres to be changed but how good does this look.

  10. Rebekka Lung, Lena Thm, Mitja Herr Mann, Krzysztof Skupień, Ricardo Gms ......ich weiß nicht ob das so lecker schmeckt wie das aus Portugal?.....oder Krzy??? :D

  11. Such an unnecessary amount of onions wtf

  12. I’m half asleep and read this as cherry pie chicken and was so concerned for the tasty producers

  13. I'd be taking the skin off if I was marinating it how is it ment to penatrate into the meat

  14. Danielle Waller.. This is proper chicken! None of that deep fried rubbish!!

  15. Samantha Pollen that chicken looks dreadful when it's cooked

  16. Sam Sheridan I can't wait until I have a proper kitchen to play with

  17. Stirring the mayo dip with a chip WTF 😩

  18. Yasmeena سيبك من كل الفيديو
    انا فرطت دحك عليه كيف قعدهاا للجاجة 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Lee Head look shows u how to make peri peri chips x

  20. Simone Robb not how I would do it but still looks alright

  21. Jake Hobbs On a scale of one to cheeky, how nandos does this look?

  22. Erica Does this explain the copy of cheeky Nando’s yet?

  23. Fátima Dias dá pra gente tentar fazer isso com um galeto! hahahaha

  24. Ergun Dagilmis this made me feel physically sick when they cut the chicken 😷😷 lol

  25. Sophie Holmes Is it just me or does that chicken get real sassy when they squash it down? 😂

  26. Samuel Quinn homemade nandos 👌🏼 just needs a few more hot chilli’s 🌶

  27. Kelsey Brown I need nandos back in our lives next time I visit we’re doing this!!

  28. Fatima this is #3amazing check out the fries keef 3emluhon ma3 el spices 😍

  29. Lance without the oil though 😋

  30. Edouard Germain Monpetit Moi ce petit poulet revisité il me tenterait bien un jour. Un défi culinaire entre un frère et sa soeur à relever ?

  31. Amy Clapton let’s have s dinner date and make this please!!!!

  32. Sammy Ben I think they forgot the memo about 1 chicken per person.. surely

  33. Lea Se Anna Hedrich bitte lasst das mal machen! Ich sterbe😩😍

  34. Nicole Kerryn Scott can we have this next time we all have dinner

  35. Hannahmarie one for you, since Nandos won't deliver

  36. When was this chicken being cheeky?

  37. Phil Gray this will have to be our next recipe xx

  38. this type of chicken reminds me of mr. bean. no offence! it looks amazing

  39. But the real question I have is, does it taste like Nando’s?! Don’t have me wasting my time for this to taste like teriyaki chicken 🤦🏾‍♀️

  40. Ben Ebony Alex Nandos at home

  41. Chris Green you know anyone who I can share this with.

  42. Karo Linathis looks soooo yum ill make it 1 day :P

  43. Looks gorgeous. What would you recommend adding to make it slightly sweeter?

  44. Kirsten McFarland I think I might need to try this next time I cook 🤔

  45. Martin Bostock might try this with chicken breasts tho xxx

  46. Even easier Martin Gowen Call Deliveroo to go to Nando’s for you 👍🏻

  47. Tim Orthwein das können wir ja mal machen wenn du da bist :)

  48. Naymul Ayesha gopon shutre khobor pelam eta naki banai khawaccho amdr k 😌😌😌😌

  49. dont need you to take me to nandos anymore 😍 Ayman Akif

  50. Livy gonna make 4 u just not the dips

  51. Shannon Sawer tagging you for the sauce not the chicken, would be great on veggie burgers

  52. Nando’s it’s Nando’s , nothing to compare

  53. Ollie this is how you do it!!!

  54. Right Marlyn - get your apron on. Jack would love this!

  55. Beth Morgan. Let’s make a homemade Nando’s!!!!

  56. Stephan, have to go back to Nando’s, lad!

  57. Deixar salvo, pra gente tentar fazer em casa Mayara

  58. Lol “Here’s how to make some knock off Nandos”

  59. Sar Cassidy please can we do this when I'm out of hospital

  60. Day Thomas cheeky home made Nandos x