Did last night's Coronation Street drop a huge clue to who Phelan's next victim will be?

Did last night's Coronation Street drop a huge clue to who Phelan's next victim will be?
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We thought exactly this!

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  1. Thought Mona was going to meet an ugly death last night, corrie is turning into Midsomer murders

  2. Maybe I'm wrong but anyone got away with so many murders in such a short time an not get any visits from police apart from 1 or 2 i can think off x

  3. Let's hope the bodies are not there and Andy and vinny come back to testify against phelan. But the writer as got no idea how to write. If she keeps killing everyone off there's going to be none of the original cast. Terrible writer worst ever.

  4. I think he may target Bethany next......and yes, who could get away with so many murders. To keep someone chained up for 9 months, rediculous story line.

  5. he has 3 options....1st Kill her, 2nd Kill himself, 3rd to ensure that no one ever knows....kill everybody in the whole world.....The Wise Woman has spoken....16m 30s in https://youtu.be/iRRDyaFMxfc?t=16m29s. classic

  6. I can't belive that coronation street has come to this!!!!what utter rubbish! !!! ITV get some decent writers in before the soap disappears for good! !!!!! I feel sad for the soap now

  7. IWe have always watched Coronation Street but feel they have gone to far with Phelans murders.We feel that they are sending out a message saying its alright to kill and you can get away with it. What does they tell young people, when we hear all this knife murders with tyoung and old. We feel its time to stop sporting and watching Coronation street.We know a lot of people feel the same as we do. The have lost the plot and it is their own fault SHAME ON THEM.

  8. He can have a field day killing mona and then one by one finish off the whole of coronation street. 😀

  9. Coronation Street is so nuts, it should be made into cartoon !

  10. This is getting stupid I know he is s good actor but this I'd stretching things too far

  11. It just going on to long now get rid of him how many more is he going to bump off 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  12. Ohhhh come on give it a rest now , silly silly silly 👎

  13. Let me no when it’s all over and he’s gone can go back to watching it then x??

  14. Let's just hope that Phelan turns the gun on himself. the saga has gone on way TOO LONG!

  15. Bored the only dead body I want to see his Phelans

  16. Why do people bother with such utter rubbish!

  17. Getting more & more stupid with every episode

  18. It's getting as bad as Midsummer Murders.

  19. killing the project manager wouldnt make a difference, the plans are through

  20. Never has Corrie been so bad

  21. And next month Martin back after the trauma of David’s rape