Department stores open for Black Friday sales in Plantation, F...

Department stores open for Black Friday sales in Plantation, F...

Department stores open for Black Friday sales in Plantation, F...

Posted by Metro Nov. 24, 2017, 12:51 p.m.

The wait is over for Black Friday shoppers as department stores open in Plantation, Florida

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  1. The Scots on the other hand, now they’d be say, hello and excuse me, I beg your pardon, thank you, your welcome. Very nice people we are!!!

  2. Really sad .... spesh as half of them are probs putting themselves in debt just to buy cheap stuff .... go figure !!

  3. The problem not rushing because the price is still too much laugh out loud down London or price drops so way down that people having to grab things because other people want it

  4. A LIVE STREAM of people walking into a shop. Is there really that little going on in the world that you're posting this?

  5. Spiritual leader is someone who tells you he or she knows all about peace and love and holiness and karma and whatnot

  6. What a bunch of animals 😂😂😂😂 , I don't believe I'm actually watching ppl browse and casually shop.... 🙈

  7. I have three words for Black Friday, COULDNT BE ARSED

  8. I don’t like going to stores period. On Black Friday, not in a million years!

  9. Wait until they come in killing one another

  10. It’s a very orderly Black Friday parade in that shop. I’m very surprised

  11. Call this Black Friday nop

  12. Who is recording the video

  13. Oh my God that man had three trolleys he won’t give it to know one

  14. Should be renamed Debt Friday

  15. everyone needs to calm down they usually bring out old stock anyway!

  16. Wt lol no one is coming lol

  17. I’m a spiritual reader if interested message me my loves

  18. They are well behaved. No rushing or pushing

  19. Can't stand the crowds neither the jostling 😳

  20. English? No way!!!! They’d be killing one another

  21. No wonder , you see the size of the trolleys!!!

  22. Yasmin Jackman a spiritual lead can lead you in a higher path of conciousness