Dementia patients left 'trapped' in hospital

Dementia patients left 'trapped' in hospital

Dementia patients left 'trapped' in hospital

Posted by ITV News Feb. 14, 2018, 5:44 p.m.

"She's always worked, paid her taxes and what does she get at the end of it? Unless you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth what do you get? Nothing."

Dementia patient Dotti Harman, 87, was admitted to hospital with pneumonia last September and - despite recovering quickly - was forced to stay in hospital for two months because of delays in finding her appropriate care at home.

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  1. this is so unfair the way our elderly are being the gates let the imigrants in and forget our elderly who fought and have paid into the system all there lives, not RACIST,but angry, lets look after our own first.

  2. Why don't we care for our own relatives at home anymore? Why do we expect other people/carers to? Not having a dig at anyone in particular, I'm just interested socially as in many other countries, as the older generations need more help, they move in with their younger families who care for them. It just doesn't seem to be the done thing in this country?

  3. The way we treat the elderly in this country is appalling. The way we treat human beings from any walk of life in this country is appalling. This is Tory Britain after all!

  4. There’s too much corruption, the billions sent for overseas aid, it isn’t checked where it going. It’s a fact that a massive portion goes on weapons to fight against allied troops and to feather nests of the wealthy.
    Brexit should have made government sit up and listen, they still do t care about the people.
    How many tower blocks have had their flammable cladding changed?
    How many homeless have died on the streets this winter?

  5. Carers just aren't paid enough to attract people in to jobs. It is nothing to do with giving aid to other counties or asylum seekers or work migrants. Carers need respect and a better wage. It is such an important job x

  6. The country which doesn't care for our elderly, disabled, homeless or poor families! This is what you get for voting in a party who only looks after the rich and corrupt!

  7. I always remember my grandma living with us when I was little. She used to share a room with me. I'm planning on doing this for my mum. My parents raised me, why should I put them in a nursing home and forget about them. It's not fair.

  8. Why has she spent all that time in hospital? I would have bought her home and cared for her myself . Don't care what people say or think we should care for our own parents they cared for us it's the least we can do .just to easy to dump them in a care home .

  9. Do the government not realise that the key to sorting out the NHS is to put better care in place for our aging population that they keep going on about. This would then free up hospital beds etc. I'm a bit sick of hearing about the fault being the old, they knew many years ago that people were living longer so it's no surprise there are more older people to care for. They could for forecast the numbers years ago. But also let's not forget the very people who now need help have paid towards the NHS in taxes etc for all their lives so deserve to be cared for now. They've paid for it over the years

  10. My Dad has been in hospital since 18/12/17 and is still there. He should have left weeks ago and its not all due to the lack of care home spaces its the red tape and box ticking of the authorities and hospital discharge and over all lack of communication. The hospital now has the noro virus and Dad is still stuck there, we just hope that the Care Home that we have chosen will keep the space for him. Its the whole system, its not the lack of care home beds.

  11. People are so selfish these days. There is no respect for anybody any more. Most parents sacrifice a great deal for the kids and they end up alone in a care home. Again, on a massive scale, those without the silver spoon may end up being abused towards the end of their life by someone claiming to be a carer. :-(

  12. And it's not down to the govement it's down to the family .I work in a care home .a good one our residents are very well cared for but even so my mum when the time comes will be cared for by us the family no matter what it takes.

  13. I looked after my Dad till he needed 24 hour care in a secure unit in a care home,after having a massive accident at home,which left him incapable of being left alone even for five minutes,having to agree to my dad going into care,broke my heart,and still does today, five years after his death, I feel so guilty that I couldn't have him home with me, so please people,don't say why can't there families look after them,you don't know the circumstances of these elderly people,or there family's

  14. this country does not look after the people who built it up. It is not fair we are treated like second class citizen

  15. Disgusting how the elderly are treated but others get it all our country is so wrong they have worked and paid their taxes all their lives they should come before others

  16. Shouldn't be happening in2018 this government Have a lot to answer for its money money money save save save at the expense of others hate the lot of them sooner there out the better

  17. It really is a sad affair here in this country..and even when you do find somewhere it .s so expensive and many times they are neglected anyhow..i ve already said i.ll top myself before i get stuck in some old wingback floral chair staring at a wall..

  18. We need more residential homes as like half way places between hospitals and care homes with a few staff to maintain safety, own rooms but not needing the staffing care homes and hospitals need. Would bring the cost down to a similar cost to living at home bar a bit of a contribution to the care staff bill

  19. It's not just the elderly being treated badly by this bed blocking. Lack of beds mean operation waiting times are getting longer, so many people having to be off work longer because of this. Patients also having long waits in A and E, and having to wait outside in ambulances. For hours on end. This problem affects all of us, irrespective of age. It was a huge mistake to reduce beds, also a huge mistake to close cottage hospitals, which would have had beds to care for these people. The NHS is a mess due to mismanagement, and failure to recognise the needs of the future. What madness it was to reduce beds while taking in so many foreign people, NHS and governments got their sums all wrong, now we are all being treated unfairly, and the ones being treated most unfairly are the poor nurses and NHS staff who at the front line have to deal with cramped conditions every day. No wonder they are leaving

  20. It's not right that people face a postcode lottery on this, some local authorities prioritise it while others still keeping funding the arts & culture. It needs to be removed from local to central government asap, yes they're just as bad but at least it'll be fairer.

  21. Same happened to my father inlaw.
    The hospital weren’t happy at all.
    Because of his condition he kept shouting help and didn’t know he was doing it.
    In the end they ignored him as if he wasn’t there by some of the nurses.
    1 nurse was told to tell him when shouting for his wife who died. Tell she’s dead that might stop him. So he grieved again. I know this because the nurse told me herself what she told to do.

  22. I cared for both my parents till they died....would not have had it any other way..I was widowed with a baby..had to work part time...we had little money but we had each thanks to thatcher and beyond ..I was the care in the community..people should look after there parents...not leave them to a rotten broken system...

  23. I looked after my dad with cancer, we had carers come in too but some dementia sufferers have real problems controlling their tempers and are quite violent. I witnessed this when dad had a short stay in hospital, some families can’t cope and their loved one can put not only their relatives in danger but, more importantly, themselves. I grant you though, some families do dump their elders

  24. Its so awful to think these old ppl work all their life but dont get the right care especially when they end up we dementia my mum had that & she ended up in a care home not the best of places not that im condoning them all but she worked all her life & had to pay for all her care to think when theyve worked all their & the way there treat is this government stinks totally disgusting !!

  25. It's a total waste of a hospital bed . When my Grandpa was old and sick his daughters took shifts going to the house to looking after him . These days it's pass on the problem to the State . Yet wife's and husbands claim Carers Money . What happened to in sickness and in health .

  26. Going to say this I think it’s disgusting how the elderly get treated just shoved in a home they’re family’s struggling to cope with no help more needs to be done we wouldn’t be here today if they didn’t give there life’s for ours 💔😞

  27. The problem is that they closed all the Geriatric Hospitals and mental hospitals a few years ago as a cost cutting exercise.Leaving nowhere for the vulnerable to go.I worked in one of these hospitals and there was no bed blocking then.Our hospitals were able to cope then for the proper traumas,operations etc they were meant for.

  28. This is very timely for me! My Dad has been in hospital for 5 weeks and in a special unit for, as my Mum describes it a 'shed for people who they don't know what to do with'. We have begged for him to be let home as there is a care package in place and all the equipment he needs!!! They still will not let him leave.....I feel he is being kept against everyone's will!! 😡😠

  29. Im sorry but i couldnt see my Mum in that situation i would have to make sacrifices ...i would care for her myself , i carnt judge her family as i dont know the full background ??...the only way i wouldnt be able to do it is if she showed serious aggressive behaviour ,which i know this can happen with Alzheimer's /dementia..but even then i would still try .Care homes are not always the solution they need more funding and checks to ensure they deliver an excellent standard of care.....also the pay needs to increase ,its hard work and low paid so most of them dont deliver as they should and struggle with lack of staff

  30. I can empathize with you and you are not alone. My Mom has worked all her life and is now in a Care home but we have had to put her home against it to pay for her care. Both my Mom and Dad worked hard to get their own home . It's disgusting. Can't complain about the home she is in as it's a good one with brilliant care but it's still not her own home !!

  31. They would be better cared for in prison, just look what a luxurious time offender's have fish n chips once a week TV medical care medication 24/7 someone there the list is huge but it's not right I'm a carer and it frustrates me seeing cuts cuts

  32. Sick, selfish and immorally wrong this country has turned into. Makes me mad. Our elderly should come first considering they worked and paid into our system for years. For godsake, turn the system back to how it used to be when we was able to afford to look after our own parents. Care homes were a last resort back in the day not a money making scheme like it is today. Makes me wonder how selfish and corrupt society is of today 😤

  33. Stop paying for foreign aid and the EU bill we might have some money for our social care and hospitals.
    Unfortunately many years ago we had time to care for our elderly but now most households need 2 incomes.

  34. Their generation did so much for this country and they get treated like this. Totally and utterly disgusting 😡😡

  35. How about spending foreign aid, money fir economic migrants, money given to people who hate us, and give it to people who have paid taxes for years and really need it when they are old and ill.

  36. My aunty ann has it,she knows me, go out the room,come back in,she doesn't know who i am,it's very sad to see once a beautiful lady brought down by this,more should be done to help these people.

  37. Why can't empty Hotels like the one Stockton and other empty building be converted to help in such case and to house the homeless to many empty buildings its obscene

  38. Not enough money to push it via the NHS and into the community, hardly any care homes, hardly by carers , hardly any respite places, hardly any funding for adaptions need I carry on! Money is seriously needed the most vulnerable have been severely hit it is disgusting and shameful! Money unfortunately is just for the rich to get richer!

  39. It's a shame, but she's not the only one. She's one on many thousands, left in hospital clogging up the system, all because social services cannot arrange appropriate care, as its no longer there

  40. I sorry but if this was my mum i would take her home with me i could not leave her in hospital if she was well !!!!! All of us look after my gran whom died at 98 it was hard but we didnt want her in a care home.

  41. Let’s keep that foreign aid budget at £13.3 billion funding wars that have nothing to do with us and housing economic migrants
    Dotti Harman you’ll have to wait

  42. Her daughter is right, the contribution she has made to society & financially has left her & others without long term care. We have over 600 MPs sat in parliament who we have put there, why have they not come up with a long term plan?. They know how desperate the situation is.

  43. They should move all the elderly who need care in with MPs and the members of the House of Lords and make those parasites look after them . They are the cause of this.