Creme Egg Cupcakes

Creme Egg Cupcakes

Creme Egg Cupcakes

Posted by ChefClub UK March 16, 2018, 5:14 p.m.

Creme Egg cupcakes! How do you eat yours?!?

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squidgy cream tho, dislike coffee, defo maken, minus cream, fresh cream, omg leanne whitehouse,


  1. Michelle the risk of being like Ems Hepburn we need to make these in the last week of term!!!! Year 7-11? 不不不不不 without the cream and sprinkles though.....dont want to go overboard

  2. These last ok nice, I might try them but Ive none left. Now gone through 98 so far not all me eating them! Prizes at school and stuff

  3. Does anyone know if the coffee for the cake mix is a necessity for this recipe? (as in, do I need it for consistency or something or is it just for added taste, meaning I can remove it if I dislike coffee?) TIA!

  4. Keegan Jones Jade Giles David Wallis fuck the coffee and dark chocolate and put the eggs in the freezer so they melt in the middle. Easter is round the corner so best get baking

  5. Lauren Rawlingss after our Easter egg chat earlier I may have a bash at these! If only Easter eggs were just large creme eggs! Xxx

  6. Just wait Megan I will make the best easter Egg cup cakes ever! If u lick the whisk! (I will try & remember to turn it off first !)

  7. They ruined cupcakes by putting that cream shit egg in it.

  8. Luke....I know Ive been saying Ill bake for weeks now but these I will definitely do! X

  9. Charley Schrader something for you to make . And may I say I love creme eggs so I would like one of these when you've made some please

  10. Stacy Goldsmith Jordan Karie Jordan in a few years when we are double sure that Cadbury isnt contaminated anymore you guys can try this

  11. I eat mine with a defibrillator standing by

  12. Freeze the creme eggs first or they melt and better to use the mini creme eggs

  13. Rebecca Bartram might actually eat a cup cake if it was made like this without the coffee granules though xx

  14. Natasha now these are proper cupcakes 中xx

  15. Joanne Fulton imagine cupcakes with cream eggs in them

  16. Ethan Wilde its like heaven in a cupcake case

  17. Kerry Randall xx but without the coffee lol xx

  18. Lauren Adam youd snap your teeth when you bit into it

  19. Sara-Jane Hutchinson tell Emmie we want these cupcakes next x

  20. OMG Mairead Kyle. No need for the toppings Just as they come hot out the oven !!

  21. Kerry-Ann Pike to bake with the boys at easter ... and drop me round one

  22. Omg Leanne Whitehouse we need some for the easter crafts. I dont do cream eggs but i deffo would with these lol xx

  23. You do know you can buy mini cream eggs, slightly healthier I think 五

  24. Omg Sara you need to use some of your stash to make these let me know when you've made them

  25. Martin think Elaine should make some of these for little McD

  26. Stacy Bolton next cupcakes to make xx

  27. Katie Burnett can you do these but with icing instead of whipped cream

  28. Can i have mine with a caramel egg plz I don't like cream eggs Lisa Tarbotton x

  29. Josie Crawford!!!!! I need you to make me these!! My god dont want the whipped cream

  30. Rachael Avaa we need to make these to go with the mini egg cheesecake when we are away xx

  31. whipped cream Id use buttercream

  32. Crick Ponisi defo maken there with torrie she will love them xo

  33. Shona Ciara Ill need to deliver these to Gibsons after lent

  34. Kennedy Mills make these but without the coffe and vanilla cake mix lol

  35. Matt Freeman.... totally ruined by the squidgy cream tho but wow

  36. Andrew I wanna try this instant tooth ache lol xx

  37. Alex I migh thave to make these for you

  38. Yes please Sue even tho we're at the gym

  39. Zoe Howlett how nice do these look?? Without the coffee though xx

  40. Ellie Tweddle tell your teacher this is what your making next time xx

  41. Change the whipped cream to buttercream and this is my perfect thing Joanne Hanna!

  42. Zoe Cooper can you make these please but not with that fresh cream icing will be better lol xxx

  43. Sacha you know how you love baking and how Im your favourite neighbour....! xxx

  44. Jill Leeman I would love you and Ethan to make these 中不

  45. Bryony Crisp think the kids should make these minus cream and stuff x

  46. Anna! 突
    dont worry about the fancy toppings, Ill just have mine plain.. xxx

  47. Sam we need these minus the cream on top when u stay

  48. Dani, I might bake some of these tmw x

  49. What you should make next week for bake off Tom Wardle

  50. Lorna Gleave Mel wants to know if this will be too much for you?

  51. Sue Malone think Ill have to try and make a gluten free version for you!

  52. Scarlet just asked if this was my famous baker! Lisa Cooke 仄潑儭

  53. Laura, a cooking project for you and Chloe?! X

  54. Amy Pope We are so making these next time you are down OK

  55. Claire Watkins we need to make these in the holidays

  56. Karen Cat Kelli.... I need these! Xx

  57. If you go so far as to do all This, why use cream from a can?, why not use fresh cream?.

  58. Have to get cream egg tomorrow

  59. Looking so good, but I am on an everlasting diet !

  60. Rachel Bradshaw these look pretty easy for you to make and me and Su Oddjobz Barnfather to eat 不

  61. Would love one of these they look right tasty yummy...

  62. Give me a pack of chomps any day of the week! :-) xx

  63. Vicky, Victoria, Fran how yum do these look?

  64. That looks way too sickeningly sweet 丐

  65. Jaye Rogers Georgia has seen this and wants to get some creme eggs this weekend

  66. Beckie Dodd I'm make these for you passing your theory

  67. Kevin I'll make these for you

  68. Fern can you make me these next xx

  69. Rhonda Can you make these for me please?