Creepy Doll Never Stops Looking At You

Creepy Doll Never Stops Looking At You

Creepy Doll Never Stops Looking At You

Posted by UNILAD March 17, 2018, 10:55 a.m.

NOPE. I'm out.

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  2. I swear to God if that thing moved an arm or leg, my arsehole would just let go. 😵

  3. If you look really closely, you can tell that’s not a real baby

  4. Was expecting something to pop out the screen at the end. Thank fuck 😂😂

  5. I never ever thought I'd ever want to take a baseball bat to a baby, but here we are.

  6. This is a bit cruel really as I think the child is disabled so let's say nice things for him.

  7. Hold up. There is absolutely no way in hell that I would let my little creepy-eyed, vampire baby drink RED blood from their bottle while wearing all WHITE. You're just asking for a laundry nightmare. 😱

  8. Ok, the eyes are seriously creepy but vampire teeth too! Bye..🏃‍♀️

  9. The creepiest thing I’ve ever seen! Chucky, move over! We have a new terror in town! Yikes!!!

  10. That’s the stuff nightmares are made from. Creepy as all batshit!

  11. I watched this in a big wide screen and I thank dear God that at least it didn't move!! In that case I'd have needed clean pants!!! 😨😨😨

  12. Is this a doll cause I would fucking punt that thing

  13. Who the hell would buy that creepy thing for there kid 🤣

  14. Oh my gosh. I need one of these to guard my fridge door...I defo won't want munchies if this thing was sat there... best diet aid EVER!! Demon fridge baby 😁

  15. What I just saw was soooooooo disturbing and creepy 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 It's just wrong. Who would buy that doll??????? Wtf😨😨😨😨😨😨

  16. You should put this in a cemetery scare people out if someone's out there seeking out to do a "3 am scary challenge". This one would totally freak them out.
    The eyes....

    Fucking nopesville!

  17. I was getting all agitated thinking that it was going to jump at the screen and my phone was gonna go flying. Thank fuck it didn't 😂💯

  18. Unless you want your child still living at home at the age of 30 because he/she's traumatised from childhood due to this life like baby, then enjoy having your 30yr old sleep inbetween you & your mrs. Thank the makers of this life like baby for that lol

  19. I forgot I had my music blasting at max volume, I was watching this with no sound and went to put my headphones on.....

    Instantly regretted it

  20. Bec Jordan Trae Robin I just want to smack it over the head so it falls off but wouldn't do it because I'm too scared of what type of demon would come out of it and haunt me

  21. Kayleigh Howard this is the crap I put up with 😂 nana got me a doll with moving eyes when I was about 8 one xmas the creepy cunt watched me walk out the living room no wonder I didn't play with dolls

  22. It would be good if it’s eyes that moved were actually a security camera. Put it in your backyard of a nighttime with sensor lights installed.

  23. This should be at the front lawn of the White House, which has ben transform into a Horror House.😈👿👹!!

  24. I have seen this doing the reborn world rounds.....I’m not loving it! I think it’s disrespectful.
    That’s someone’s resting place. 😔🙏🏻
    Not cool, I’d love to find out who originally done this. They need a word.

  25. Matt This doll is nightmare fuel. 😂 I'd pop those eyes out and replace them with a new ones. Burn the glass ones until I can make a glass stake. Strike it through it's heart. Burn it in a burn barrel. Onces the fire is finally out. Roll it down a hill. I'm hoping all the ashes fly out. Then dump the barrel in the ocean with a bunch of rocks. Hopefully, to never see this again. Also, just never actually run into this type of thing because that's a lot of work.

  26. Nathalie Klemme ich versuche die ganze Zeit dich zu erreichen, leider klappt es nicht.
    Wahrscheinlich ist dein Handy wieder verloren gegangen oder kaputt.
    Weil du dann immer sagst, dass du nur noch über Facebook zu erreichen bist und du eher Markierungen als Nachrichten abcheckst probiere ich es jetzt mal so.

    Ich hab auf jeden fall rausgefunden, was du heute morgen von mir wissen wolltest. Das ganze heißt Pruritus ani oder auch Analer Juckreiz – das ist nicht ganz unüblich und eigentlich ungefährlich. Das kann passieren, wenn du dich nicht richtig abputzt. Es kann auch ein Zeichen von Hämorrhoiden sein, in oder an deiner Rosette, ich würde an deiner Stelle vielleicht doch mal einen Arzt draufschauen lassen. Denk auf jeden fall daran, dir die Hände zu waschen, bevor du dir die Augen reibst, sonst hast du wieder eine Bindehautentzündung, wie beim letzten Mal. Ich hoffe das hilft dir schon mal .

  27. Reminds me of the Wax movie where all people in the wax museum were real people, covered in wax while they were still alive...and their eyes were still able to move..

  28. They put a motion sensor behind the eyes. LOL!! That is, hilarious!! The fact that you can make scary and sweet reborns is why I like the art. You have a choice if it's going to be creepy, or not. HA!!

  29. Omar Saad Noor Noor Ahmad Britney here’s an even longer version than the one omar sent on groupme...and I didn’t realize it was in a cemetery! 😱

  30. Sheeeet, what's the difference the btw this and the regular dolls? They did this at my grandmother's house all the time just like at anybody else's houses right? No? Umm..just joking never did it at my grandmother's house either.......😐

  31. People, ever since Chucky I've learnt to accept that I'll never see these realistic dolls the same way again! Good luck with your demon possession, I wish you all the best...really! #DeucesImOut 👀✌ 🏃🏃🏃

  32. Jane dad’s thinking of getting you this for your birthday - what colour shirt do you want it to wear?

  33. Would you still love my baby if this is what she comes out like? Terri Karen 😯 I'll give her to you to keep!! Xxxxxxxx

  34. Freaky!! That doll looks so real. But the way those eyes were following you was freaky enough. I was kind of waiting for a arm or leg to move but did not thank goodness.

  35. Why would someone even create this?! Too creepy and weird..... 😳😳😖🤪 and the bottle with red “juice” (Lol) really tops it off..... 😳

  36. it's a technology by virtue of which eye movement is coordinated with some object and camera is moved simultaneously to create that effect

  37. Allright then....that thing gave me goosebumps!!! Three steps involved...First step-hit it with a shovel. Second step-cut it in half with the shovel. Third step ....bury it!

  38. Becca Coady bec I have ordered you this it’s getting delivered to yours today so stay in don’t wanna miss the delivery man

  39. Am I the only one wondering why they're on a graveyard-like place? Scaring people to death and while you're at it, bury them right away..?

  40. That’s creepy as hell... maybe I should get my wife one and when she is upset with me, I’ll put that little demon on her pillow... 😂

  41. I think this is soooo not cool! I mean, my heart breaks for the parents that lost their baby😢.
    This is just fn creepy as hell!!!! No way would I ever do something like this! Eva!!!!

  42. Andrew Guang Kevin Li Ada Wu Melissa Lee Victoria Long i literally want to die right now my heart hasn't beaten so fast since i ran for my train 3 days ago

  43. Logical explanation here. The material that they eyes are made of allow for a distortion of the shape of the iris of the dolls eyes at certain angles. This gives the illusion that the eyes are following you in motion

  44. Put your hands up if you didn’t play the video but looking through comments to see if someone revealed what the clip is about🙈 coz I’m not playing that clip

  45. Nadeen Katherine Daya Green I’m too afraid to watch in case of some sort of sick and twisted jump scare. Can you guys tell me what happens

  46. My eyesight might be tired, but I think I saw his left arm move a little? Maybe, is the effect of me focusing on his eyes, then change my view to the arm.

    It freaks me out! 😲

  47. Tori this is worse than clowns and porcelain dolls... I could only watch 10 seconds before closing it 😩😱

  48. Oh God no way that's well creepy no way if the legs and arms moved I would pass out I wouldn't dare touch it follows your moves NO WAY!😱😱😱😱xxx

  49. Someone definitely dropped their baby off at a #SafePlace 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and I see why! Get rid of the suma bit***

  50. Credit to Okie Babies out of Oklahoma for this doll! I know her personally and she isn't getting the proper credit for her creations. There are plenty more both cute and creepy!! Go look up Okie Babies!!

  51. Was waiting for it to move... don’t know why... would have thrown my phone half way across the room if it did 😂

    Ashlee Fieldus

  52. You can get this effect with a special glass for eyes and by placing the black iris way way back in the sphere. Done right it looks like it s moving but it s an illusion

  53. What happens if two persons standing infront of that baby and one moves to right and one moves to left what would happen to that baby’s eyes where would that baby look left or right 🤣🤣

  54. Hannah don't get any ideas of buying Ratty one of these, this evil thing ain't staying at my house! 😱

  55. If I see this at night. I'll be shitting my asshole right there and you won't see me never, ever and damn ever. Imagine how bloody creepy his dad will be!!!

  56. Love this doll I have a collection of horror dolls annabel chucky carryann freddie they are all on a shelf in my bedroom my kids won't go in my room lol 😂

  57. Some extremely stupid people around our world 😂😂😂 in a nice way of course for all you sensitive types 👍🏻👍🏻

  58. They are only one tiny step away from making his head turn when you are behind him. I'd be interested in making these.

  59. If I seen this in a cemetery.... that would more then likely be a big "NOPE" and I'd be walking out just as fast as I came in. Jillian

  60. Mariam Laroub Sema Mazlum Sucu Add for helvede!! I stedet for en hund vogter ens hjem skulle man bare købe sig sådan en 😂😂😂 jeg ville løbe skrigende væk

  61. The fact that it is a doll makes it more freaky how did they get the eyes to move think we have a new Chucky doll here 😂

  62. Nicole Flores I swear a white person would get a video of this and think nothing of it. A minority? Gone within 5miles of getting there.

  63. It’s an optical illusion. The eyes are made of magnified glass and you think is looking at you wherever you move 😂

  64. Holy Crap , Baby Mr. T was looking at me walking around. This is a great toy to put in your children's room at night !!!!!

  65. Lmao I read the comments for entertainment, consider me entertained 😂

    But really it is creepy... I need this on Halloween 🎃

  66. This is cool, but don’t let this distract you from the fact that cracker barrel fired brad's wife after years of faithful service. #JusticeForBradsWife

  67. Heck no I'm out that ain't no baby that's a evil scary vampire baby right there I'm out I don't know about you but I'm out I ain't playing screw this crap I'm out