Crab Linguine | Jamie Oliver

Crab Linguine | Jamie Oliver

Crab Linguine | Jamie Oliver

Posted by Jamie Oliver April 22, 2018, noon

Crab linguine... but not as you know it. 🦀

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  1. Jamie, I just love your cooking videos! They simplify the process, making me feel like I can do it too!

  2. Today: Wild garlic (self picked) pesto, with arugula and tomatoes 😍

  3. Wery well...I also like sea food..Today i clean a small fisch haha...
    Have a nice day people and buon apetit...
    Big hugs from Istrien Croatia😘😍🤗💐

  4. Why do you use 🌶 chilli in everything
    Crab meat is a delicate flavour and doesn’t need the heat of the chilli to ruin it

  5. I ate this at your restaurant can I start by saying how hot and spicy it was that is all you tasted. Where was the crab if I order crab pasta I want to see and taste it. Extremely disappointed with dish and as a matter of fact all our table hated their food

  6. He didn't mention about removing the gills (aka dead man's fingers) from inside the body, nor did he mention the freshness of the crab nor the cooking time to weight. In fact, you could watch this and believe that you simply open up the crab and eat everything you find inside the shell (except the bits he suggests are discarded from the claws). Very poor. I hoped you'd show us how easy it really is, not the fairytale version!

  7. You always make it look so simple 😁☺️, which is good for average cooks like me, I don't have the time and knowledge to cook special or complicated dishes

  8. Please correct me if im wrong but isnt the mortar the bowl and the pestle the grindey thing? He says put it in the pestle and mortar?? Looks yum 😊

  9. Doreen Vincent another good one mum! Just had it for dinner 😋 cheated and bought ready shelled crab meat from publix, added some of the herbs etc to the pasta water but not sure necessary and otherwise followed the recipe. Really liked the bit of heat from the chili and the lemony flavor.

  10. Dear Jamie, please come to Joburg and fix the Jamie's Restaurant in Melrose. The food is very average...

  11. Joan Barbados,Jamie you are one of my best chef 👈whatever you cook i am ready to eat, i am your visual eater,lol.

  12. Hope you can feature your wild mushroom pasta recipe here. I saw it in you show before and i love it. ❤

  13. Katie Leila, I'm trying to watch this and you're both disrupting me. No cooking for you two then

  14. I feel happy every single time i wash ur videos

  15. and a little parmesan on top?😋

  16. I love Jamie Oliver, but this receipe is not one of the best.

  17. I'm a big seafood lover, but not good at all at cooking it, sad to say. :)

  18. The most tasty spaghetti 😱 "linguine".

  19. Abby this reminds me of Nikki ❤️ xx

  20. Vcs podiam colocar a legenda antes de colocar na pagina, amo o Oliver mais sem entender a metade do q ele fala fica dificil

  21. I don’t know the first ingredient like a onion , What is the name of that?

  22. This calls for a trip to Jamie's Italian 😊

  23. Luke Griffin, we should try this one day. Like... when we're on holidays. Haha.

  24. Tracy to try with your fresh caught Burrill beauties??

  25. Henrik you asked me what I would like for dinner 😉

  26. Ann Vincent can you make me this please?

  27. Please watch it and speak out Jamie. The hospital said Alfie Evans is brain dead and won’t breath a few minutes- it’s been 36hrs he’s still breathing not brain dead and now the hospital is starving him to death instead. Please speak out help save this boy blood will be on all of Britain’s hands if the population doesn’t do the right this STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH!!!!

  28. Can't do the brown meat yucky Is that common in Britain? We only eat the white on the West Coast here

  29. Jamie Oliver can you come over and make this for us?!?

  30. Howard Smith how can he make that crab look so easy 😂😂

  31. Oh my days Laurence....I want this! 🦀

  32. Next one Stevie your buying this time 😂 xxxxx does this look too hard for you to cook? Xxxxx

  33. Janet Singleton you like your fishy recipes... here's a lovely one. Can't beat fresh crab off our Fish Quay 😋

  34. Kirsti if you love me....... 😳

  35. Madeleine if you want to procrastinate watch this

  36. Yiya Zhou i can only imagine how good this is

  37. And this is why I love watching
    you cook. So simple and easy but delicious

  38. Without chilli and are zero Mr Jamie 😋😋😋

  39. You do the crab Kenneth Whyte, I’ll sort the rest

  40. Carl Stone, the 6th ingredient makes it! 👌

  41. Omg please come teach me how to cook.. .. I'm horrible at it and would love to be able to cook like this!

  42. Sip hie Beaumont this might be for you guys no onion

  43. I just ate breakfast and now you’ve got me thinking about dinner. This looks Delish!

  44. Maravilhoso, quem me dera degustar um dos teus pratos! Inspiras-me imenso! 😋

  45. I love the way you talk about food Jamie Oliver you make it come alive

  46. I just love you Jamie you lighten my days with your cute video’s and gorgeous food!

  47. I'll try to cooking, but so difficult

  48. I want to Lake Garda and they only had one place that did linguine 🤭

  49. Come and cook some for me Jamie please 🤞xx

  50. OMG a dish without onion or garlic so I can eat it and still have full flavour. Awesome!!

  51. We should go to Margate and smash some crabs up x

  52. Anders Behrmann detta såg sjukt gott ut! Får vi testa någon gång när krabba är billigt 😁

  53. mhmmm...this looks sooooo delicious...i also love your cook nice <3

  54. I love this recipe is my favorite 😍🤤

  55. Love food !!! from Chile South of the world, we have amazing crabs here ♡♡

  56. Decky Walsh - I think we need to arrange a crabbing trip.

  57. It looks delicious !!!! Thanks for sharing this videos

  58. Miguel Carolina acho que deviamos experimentar 😋

  59. Emma, I want to be that little bit happier :D

  60. Amazing man....amazing recipes I like it

  61. Hi Jamie
    I love all for you
    But I don’t speak english...
    can you traslate your Recipes for me ?

  62. So jealous of you Jimmie""
    My favourite!!!

  63. Shall we try this Graeme NG? Xxx

  64. Elena Clermont Dozier! Maybe not the fennel, but it looks yummy 😋

  65. Stephanie Williams can you make this for me please? 😘

  66. XianHui Ang crab meat pasta level up 😂😂