Celebs Go Dating: Dating Muggy Mike

Celebs Go Dating: Dating Muggy Mike

Celebs Go Dating: Dating Muggy Mike

Posted by Channel 4 March 13, 2018, 7:28 p.m.

Muggy Mike snatches victory from the jaws of defeat… Via E4

Intero Articolo: Channel 4


  1. He’s one of the worst guys 😑 don’t understand who he thinks he is, the way he spoke to women the whole way through this show was just beyond appalling 🙄 and this woman in this clip...why on earth would you have him speak to you like that and then kiss him at the end🤔

  2. wow, she's not as clever as she thinks she is...

  3. Does she even have self-respect ? Did not watch the whole show, tho. Can somebody explain this ?

  4. Jonathan Courtney Gareth Fox how did he manage that after the way he was chatting to her. respect 👏👏

  5. Jesus - when did we start thinking teeth like that looked good?

  6. Aoife Laffan check this fella out! My god! He broke the mould when it comes to complete wankers!

  7. Sophie Allen watch 10 seconds of this she annoys me so much she does everything really slowly ahahah

  8. She's an idiot if that the type she goes for. He must be riddled with clap. What a mug

  9. Holly Summers omfg don’t like her looool

  10. Stavri!!!!!!! Wait for the Greek part!

  11. Ashleigh Nicholson omg what a date not ha ha

  12. Aske Nord Raahauge Asbjørn Karlebjerg Broholm se den lige