Cat Has One Blue Eye And One Green Eye

Cat Has One Blue Eye And One Green Eye

Cat Has One Blue Eye And One Green Eye

Posted by UNILAD March 19, 2018, 6:25 p.m.

This cat's eyes are so beautiful 😍😍

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  1. All credit goes to @kedialos! Make sure you check them out here -

  2. This is our cat Chole. Not deaf but just ignores us !

  3. Not a great pic of our cat but he too has one blue and one green

  4. I had a cat like this once. She was so beautiful. Her name was Princess and I still miss her.

  5. This cat is beautiful , and so are its eyes

  6. One eye looking at ya, one eye looking for ya

  7. Eye so lazy it’s claiming benefits

  8. I've found Barbara Streisand's cat!!😂😚❤️

  9. It looks like Barbara Streisand 😁

  10. It’s got a fucking bong eye man. Just cause there two different colours mean there beautiful. It looks like it’s been on a bender for 3 weeks with no sleep you daft cunts

  11. Obviously a stuffed toy with two kids marbles for eyes.
    The kid who made it could have at least matched the colours.

  12. My nala girls got one green and one blue eye too .. she's not deaf .. she does have selective hearing though 🤣🤣🤣

  13. This is my little heterochromia kitty Tank. Has some vision and hearing problems, but not fully deaf and only sort of meows. More just opens his mouth and nothing comes out, unless it is 3am.

  14. That's probably a Turkish Van Cat , their eyes are different colours and they tend to like water too

  15. Not saying there is anything wrong with being deaf! just saying my Granny had two and they were! I think I read it somewhere years ago also!

  16. Erin Draycott...this is like Errol... If he was white... And had different coloured eyes and if he was cross eyed 😂

  17. Lucy. Here’s a direct comparison of blue eyes (you) and green eyes (me) so you can see where you’re going wrong.

  18. Jennifer Loveland she’s deaf and blind in the blue eye side unfortunately but still pretty. And I know it’s a girl, because 95% of white cats with this genetic disorder are female

  19. I don’t know anything about this condition in humans or animals does it affect eyesight or anything or is just the colour and that is it??

  20. Looks like left eye is gold the other a blue so pretty.then seeing the next picture they both looked like they would change color. Very pretty.

  21. Bless it I had a white cat with one blue eye and the other green the only problem was he was deaf,but he just got on with it and enjoyed his life xx

  22. Nah fam that pussy’s eyes are a source of Witch craft, ya get me? Anyways those eyes r cock eyed in anyways wouldn’t know were da ting was looking at you!

  23. Beautiful Cat and the cats eyes r Amazing tht is cool iv never saw a cat with two different colors of eyes lucky cat lol

  24. Yes I had an all white cat with blue eyes and he was deaf. The vet Told me that only cats that are all white with blue eyes are deaf

  25. I once had a pure white cat with one eye blue and the other green. he was a beautiful cat and I still miss him.

  26. What a pretty baby, is this little one bilnd? Last kitty I saw with eyes like these was blind or partly blind

  27. We have a white cat named Gonso with one green eye and one blue eye . He is something else and we love him so .

  28. Without being unkind, I don't think the cat's eyes are beautiful, interesting, and different, but not beautiful.

  29. Rachel, we use to have a a kitty named Baz and he looked like this but with two of those blue eyes

  30. It would be even nicer if it wasn't cross-eyed, good kicking to the back of the head might straighten them out.

  31. Across eyed green and blue eyed cat, every time the cat sees a dog, it sees two!!! Terrifying!!! No wonder it looks a little worried!!!

  32. I hate guys who inbox girls, asking for their numbers. Ladies, if you agree with me, inbox me your numbers so we can discuss this matter in more details!!

  33. Usually white cats with two different coloured eyes are deaf!

  34. it's called a "Van cat" from Van, Turkey.

  35. One at looking at ya other looking for ya 😂😂😂

  36. Same colour as my kitty's eyes ,but mine ain't crossed 😂

  37. But it’s cross eyed, to quote Karl Pilkington “that cats cross eyed, Ive not seen that before!”
    Katie Schnabel

  38. Jessica Masa can we get it? Can we get it?Can we please please get it?

  39. One eye going to the shop the other coming back with change.

  40. Came for the Barbara Streisand and lazy/cross eyed comments....wasn't disappointed.

  41. Louis I need this cat in my life

  42. Looks like a feline Barbara Streisand!

  43. One eye is going to the shop, the other is coming back with the change! 😂

  44. Tammy one eye going to the shop, the other coming back with the change 😂

  45. Stephen please can we get this cat 🐈

  46. Giuliano Zarandi sieht das nur so aus oder schielt die hard as fuck😂😂😂

  47. Lea Matthies zu dumm nur dass man dem Vieh nicht in die Augen gucken kann weil es so krass schielt

  48. Vérane il a un léger strabisme ça le rend trop mimi

  49. looks like Bowie without the crosseyed problem

  50. Matthew Your two favourite things in one

  51. Cameron you if you were reincarnated as a cat Ryan

  52. We had the exact same car growing up. Her name was Crisco and she lived until she was 23. ☺️

  53. Charlotte, cool eyes and all that but are they cross eyed?

  54. Bry.. if you were a cat, this would be you 😂😂

  55. I knew a girl with eyes like that once...

  56. Its Called “Van kedisi”. “Van Cats”. Its a special kind you Can find in The City called “Van” in Turkey 👌🏿

  57. MoLeye now those are freaky eyes 😱😱 xx

  58. Ååtrå, those eyes yaaaar. Gems to be honest.....😍

  59. A part la couleur des yeux on dirai les chats consanguins de Guadeloup mdr 😂 Mehdi Solène Gaëlle

  60. That cat is cross eyed like a mofo.

  61. Dan Roytman if only you had 2 different colored eyes... haahahah

  62. Tin Lidija Anja boga pitaj gdje ona gleda 🙄

  63. Stevie Lewis why do I think of Lee Evans? X

  64. Oh merde il a un oeil qui dit merde à l’autre... Chris Sandy Alex Fabien Lauriane 😂😂😂

  65. Jada the eyes...

  66. Blue eyed white cats are more often than not deaf.

  67. There was a kid on my block growing up had a blue eye n green eye

  68. Holly BakerLee Eagling i May have just become a cat person! 😍

  69. Call him OB, my sister had a cat w diff eye color

  70. That's a form of heterochomia Iridium . I think it's beautiful

  71. Joseph Green so beautiful yet so derpy 😂😂💕

  72. I think this cat is so beautiful with those eyes!